A Multi-Language Business Website: Reasons and Benefits

Multi-Language Business Website

We live our lives both online and offline. These areas are intertwined so tightly that we would hardly separate them without losing an essential part of our being. The Web is the place for everything. Here we learn, work, and communicate.

Having an official website is the default requirement for any business. It must be convenient, informative, attractive, and as personalized as possible. You have to know your customers, who they are, where they come from, and what they want to find on the website. One of the most significant points is what language you will communicate with.

English is popular. Hundreds of millions all over the world speak it as their first or second language. If you target the global market, having a website in English is a must. However, to be successful, you’ll have to care about other audiences too. There are dozens of other significant languages – Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindu, Arabic, etc.

You may assume and hope that your international visitors know English or apply some transcribe software to read the contents. However, the assumption is a bad business foundation. On the contrary, providing your foreign visitors with the possibility to get all the necessary information and service in their native language is an immeasurable competitive advantage.

How a multi-language website makes your business more effective?

Different language versions of the website contents available for your visitors bring numerous pluses. First and foremost, this positions you as a person who cares about visitors. By giving them the most comfortable conditions from the first moment they land on your page, you build the background of trust. And there are lots of other practical benefits.

Larger audience

Naturally, people prefer consuming information in their native languages. When the customer comes to your website and gets the possibility to switch it to the preferred language version, you get a vote in your favor immediately. You have to care about the quality and provide an accurate grammar spelling context. Also, you set the visitor’s mind positive about your resource. We all know how important the first impression is.

Multi-language website contents reach more people by default. Your visitors might not speak English at all. Still, they will get the necessary information arranged properly for their needs. This way, they can catch difficult words that matter for each section. These people will become your loyal customers if you make it comfortable for them to deal with you.

Besides, don’t forget about Google’s recommendations to make your website personalized and targeted to the particular geographical region. An accurately translated website is your bridgehead on the foreign market where you collect the information and promote your brand.

The high-quality localization requires researching the region thoroughly. Besides the direct mechanical translation of the text, you learn about the culture and numerous local issues. It results in adjusting your business to that market better, getting more customers and more profit.

Quality Traffic

All businesses are interested in increasing traffic. However, the excessive number of hits does not bring much good if your visitors leave the page right after arrival. The website contents provided in unsuitable language are the most common and natural reason for quitting so quickly.

There is a grave problem if your visitors can’t read the page and understand what it is all about. It is not better if they can’t dig in detail. In both cases, it forces them to look for another resource that will provide the information conveniently. Of course, the technical progress brings automated online translators. Many Web surfers apply them, and modern browsers provide auto-translation functions. Still, the quality of such translations is far from perfect.

When it comes to financial issues, guarantees, official policies, and crucial details, most users prefer not to rely on robots. It is especially true when their knowledge of the particular language is insufficient. They won’t be able to detect mistakes in automated translation. Misunderstandings and miscommunication are never good for business.

However, when your visitors find the officially translated contents provided by the website owner, everything is different. It raises trust and appreciation. The visitors are encouraged to stay on the website, navigate to other pages and finally become returning customers. Online buyers claim that they would buy the product or service online if all the necessary information is provided in their language. Thus, many hits get significantly fewer bounces.

Overplaying the Rivals

Due to the pandemic limitations, lots of businesses had to migrate online. Those that were better prepared for this operational mode succeeded. One of the things that the current pandemic taught us all is that people quickly get used to the new conditions. Online remote services will only become more popular with time. And it opens countless new opportunities.

If your business was small and local, it is the best time to expand it globally. Your potential audience has already increased significantly because of the “stay home” principle. Even if you did not consider it before, think of it now. You may win thousands of new customers from other markets. Thus, get prepared beforehand and make your online resources personalized for those people.

Think of your competitors – they are most likely working on the same things already. So, do your best to outrun them and implement all the helpful means. The multi-language official contents are among the primary features to provide. This way, you cross the language barriers faster and get profit immediately.

SEO benefits

As we already mentioned, Google recommends personalization and localization. The success of your online business depends on the positions it gets in the local Google’s results. If you are doing SEO yourself, you already know this. You are surely familiar with the latest recommendations from Google. If you hire SEO experts, they will tell you the same.

Google always offers the “Local” results first for the searches coming from the particular region. Assume that you are a foreigner, but you also want to sell your products in that region. How can you outplay the local competition on Google? Provide the contents of excellent quality and expose them in the appropriate language on your official website. When someone in Rome searches for something, Google will return pages in Italian. If Italy is your market – provide the Italian translation and let the visitors get to your website and order the goods there.

It is not the only factor. International SEO is a complex area with numerous aspects to care about. However, by applying the online translation to your website, you ensure the most significant stage of the SEO process. To optimize the contents to the particular market, you need to have it in the appropriate language first of all. Without that, you can’t expect to get any success.

Cost-efficient brand improvement strategy

One of the best things about creating a multi-language website is that it always pays off. Your investments in the quality service of the website translation bring guarantees. You make your website better adjusted and more attractive to the customers from all the principal markets you target. It also prepares it for international SEO.

Content marketing is an efficient strategy these days. Google uses advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate the appreciation of pages by other users. It defines it by registering how long the visitors stay on the website.

Needless to say that your visitors will stick to the pages where they find the necessary and accessible information. When you deliver it in the most user-friendly way, in a convenient format, and the visitor’s native language, you win all the users.

Your brand promotion is crucial with this approach. An informative, well-designed, and multi-language official website proves your status. It demonstrates that your business is global and that you care about your guests. You are making the time they spend on the pages pleasantly and fruitful. This ranks your brand highly in your customers’ eyes.

How to make a multilingual website?

It is crucial to note that different language versions of your website must cover everything. You have to translate every word that your visitor sees on the pages. Also, you must translate meaningful words in metadata for search engines. By the way, if your pages include videos, podcasts, etc., they also require translations. At least, there must be video subtitles in the necessary languages.

Another helpful option is to transcribe the recording. Your visitors might experience problems with consuming the information by ear or simply prefer to read a transcript of audio content. Otherwise, this popular means won’t bring you anything good. It even can annoy your visitors if they can’t understand the words spoken and have no means to change that.

Thus, your primary goal is to obtain a high-quality translation. It is not a trifle.

Of course, there are automated translation tools. Many website owners apply them to accelerate task performance and reduce costs. Google Translate is powerful, and its creators constantly improve it. But the problem is, you still must check and proofread the results of this automated translation. The tool makes mistakes and is far from providing stylistic beauty.

To use the automated translation tool, you must have appropriate knowledge of the target language and have some writing skills. Otherwise, you can’t identify errors and awkward constructions, let alone fix them. The native speakers, on the contrary, will detect them again. And such issues will inevitably affect the overall impression.

A multi-language website version can be a crucial advantage in your business. You can’t afford to fail this challenge. So far, the 100% reliable solution is using human professionalism only. You can hire translators and editors. They will care about the precise and stylish interpretation of your website in all the necessary languages. Fortunately, there are professional agencies who can deliver this service and guarantee the proper performance.


Your website is a meeting point. Many users will come to it searching for a particular product or service or just for information. They know nothing about your business until they land on your page, and it depends on you only if you convince them to stay.

However, there is one recommendation that always works. You should talk to people in the language they understand. So, know their tongues and speak the same.

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