Top 6 Advanced SEO Technologies for Higher Ranking in 2021

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through free, organic, editorial, and natural search results or search engines.

It is considered as the art of ranking high on a search engine in the unpaid section. The more the amount of traffic directed to your website, the higher the rank of your website. It is the absolute aim of any website owner to earn a good rank for his/her website. SEO techniques are the ones that aid you in this race.

Good Website Architecture

The architecture of a website has a great role to play when it comes to grabbing a high rank for your website. The structure of your website acts as the first impression of your website on your visitors. Keep the website less clumsy, with more relevant information in it. Use categories and subcategories to make it easier for people to access the information they need. Along with “Next” and “previous” keys, make sure to add the page numbers below the webpage, such that it becomes easier for people to travel through your website, in case it has many web pages in it. It is said that a convenient website needs less number of clicks. If you are a beginner, consult expert website designers, or you might go for digital marketing company australia, to get a good idea on how to design your website architecture.

Keywords are the Keys

When a user searches for a particular topic, it is the keyword that is entered first in the search bar, which corresponds to the information they are seeking. So, when making your website, make sure you use relevant keywords in your website that makes it easier for the search engine to locate your website and offer it as a search result to the one seeking information on the web. The use of the right keywords increases your chance of attracting huge traffic to your web page and hence gets your rank enhanced.

Social Media Attentions

It is not a clever decision to stick to one platform in order to get your website, a good rank. The use of platforms that are highly public-oriented can help in this run. Social media has high audience access and posting your web site content in brief, to give people a basic idea, can work wonders. It can grab the attention of a lot of audiences at once. Try to build a good brand image on social media. This might help you to direct traffic to your website. Remaining active on Quora, SlideShare, or other platforms that are generally used by people to get information can do a get promotional work for your website.

Loading Speed

Websites act as a handy information source for visitors. It is the source of quick and crisp and relevant information. If your website is unable to serve the audience in a short time, then it will become the prey of high bounce-back rates. In such cases, the visitors often tend to leave the website, even before the content is properly loaded. Your website might just be disregarded even before the content, which might have been good, is displayed to the visitor. Since Google bots keep continuous monitoring on the web activities, it will treat the websites with high bounce back rates, as disliked by the audience and will mark it with a bad rank. So, make sure you possess a website that does keep its visitor waiting for long.

For a better page load speed, you should have a better hosting provider. There are a number of hosting providers out there you should check out Godaddy compared to A2 Hosting.

Picture Rescue

One must have heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is absolutely relevant in this case. If your website is an informational one, assist your content with pictures, to make it easier for your visitors to understand the process or the topic being discussed. A picture accompanying a text always acts as a good reference since it becomes easy to link the content with the picture, instead of forming an absurd image in mind, which might not be correct. Moreover, it has been observed that websites with more images tend to attract more audience. Images make it more interesting for visitors and open for you, an opportunity to get ranked high.

But remember: never name the images randomly. Modify the file names of the image into relevant ones, so that it can be easily found by the search engine when a search result is being generated.

Long vs. Lengthy Blog Posts

With the increase in competition across the globe, the need for good quality information is also increasing exponentially. This is undoubtedly one of the most vital factors that affect the ranks of many websites. To get a good rank among the search engine results, you cannot compromise on the quality of content, even if it makes your posts long. Writing long posts does not mean you lose a good rank. Rather it helps you earn one if you cover all the relevant and required information and keep it organized in an easily accessible and presentable manner. Though the posts may be longer than certain other websites, it’s the quality that matters at the end of the day. Make sure to include all the points corresponding to the topic your website is about, give proper explanations and keep it interactive and fun for readers.

There exists a thin line between long and lengthy posts. Your long posts are welcomed unless they are huge and full of irrelevant and exaggerated information, which may not be very important.

Keep your website content to-the-point and understandable. Do not populate it with digressive information.


With the use of the advanced SEO techniques, it becomes easier for any website developer to get a good position among the search results. But, this isn’t a one-day process. You might require inculcating more than two SEO techniques for your websites. The rank optimization process does take time. You can also acquire some website optimization services from different platforms. After all, it’s a competition going around at a great pace on the World Wide Web, to secure recognition for websites. So, stay focussed and keep investing your effort, in order to manage the High rank that to aim for.

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