Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome Browser?

Google Chrome Security

According to the latest statistics, Google Chrome has almost 3 billion active users. That makes it one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. However, this popularity might provide a false sense of security. There are some serious safety issues when it comes to using Google Chrome daily. As much as people praise it for its functionality and many features, Google Chrome is far from being the most secure browser out there.

Google Chrome and the Common Security Risks

Google’s Chrome browser might seem secure on the surface. For instance, Chrome is known as one of the most convenient browsers out there. That is because it allows the integration of thousands of different extensions. Yet, some deep-rooted issues could lead to potential data exposure.

The latest data shows that there are over 188 620 extensions available on the Google Chrome Web Store. Even though Google puts its best effort into updating the web store and keeping it clean from potential threats, they cannot account for all of these extensions. In other words, chances are you will come across harmful extensions. These extensions might extract personal data and record online activities for malicious purposes.

A report from Reuters states that people have already downloaded malicious Chrome extensions over 32 million times. Those are over 32 million compromised accounts that contribute to cybercriminals’ vast database of stolen content. The number of security threats goes to show how difficult it is to keep information safe online.

Google cannot guarantee that all the extensions available in the Chrome Web Store are entirely safe. This can be viewed as a significant security problem that allows hackers to spy on millions of users. Also, spying on your online activities is not the only problem. A malicious extension can record your login details and forward the information to hackers and third parties.

We suggest setting up a virtual private network before using the internet. A VPN will ensure all your data and traffic are entirely encrypted. That way, even if an extension ends up recording your information, the third party that receives your data won’t be able to decipher it. For more information on how this level of encryption works, learn what a VPN is and how it can help you boost online security.

Another way to keep your data safe is to avoid using extensions altogether. However, by taking away this functionality, you are left with a direct browser that’s just as good as any other Alternative. At this point, you might even consider using one of the more secure browser alternatives we’ve listed in the following section.

Best Google Chrome Alternatives

  • #1 Brave: Brave is one of the best Google Chrome alternatives. It is built on the same browser engine and thus provides similar functionalities. How is Brave different from Chrome? It offers better ad-tracking protection and provides a faster and more secure browsing experience.
  • #2 Safari: Safari is a popular browser used on most Apple devices. You can also install it on Windows devices if needed. The best thing about Safari is its advanced security structure. For example, the browser prevents third party cookies that track your online activities. This way, it keeps your online traces inaccessible to any prying eyes.
  • #3 Firefox: Mozilla created the Firefox browser. It is a much more private alternative to Google Chrome that gives you more control over your online activities. Why should you consider using Firefox? This browser offers better security features. It is also a much faster alternative, especially when you’ve got many tabs up and running.
  • #4 Microsoft Edge: Last but not least, the Microsoft Edge browser has by far the best privacy settings on this list. Compared to Google Chrome, it uses less of your computer’s resources, such as battery power and memory. Not only is it much lighter, but it also offers a fine selection of convenient extensions that are safe and easy to use.

Protect Your Online Data

Not a lot of users take cybersecurity seriously. That explains why the number of online security threats in 2020 is still growing. Are you also one of those users who settled for Google Chrome simply because it is convenient and popular? It might be time to reconsider your decision. Those who don’t feel like making a shift to an alternative browser can still boost their online security. One of the best ways for that is setting up a virtual private network and deleting any old extensions that are no longer in use.

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