Introducing Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM Integration Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In various industries, companies use an enterprise resource management and planning system like Microsoft Dynamics AX. Though it is now named Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation, it is able to handle accounts, human resources, administration, accounting, production, and, in some cases, marketing as well as sales. It’s clearly and already a robust solution for many companies, bringing many diverse industries benefits of the planning software. And, a company like yours can enjoy more productivity by choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.

There are the initial questions to face down in the process. For example, you may be asking yourself whether you really require a fresh integration between siloed systems, whether a cloud-based integration suits your organization, and what kinds of information syncing are possible when you integrate an ERP like Dynamics AX with a CRM?

In this article, we explore the far-reaching and wide-ranging possibilities for your company when you choose Dynamics AX and CRM integration through tools like those available from We show the way to increased productivity and efficiency through the benefits that Dynamics AX integration brings. Once you’ve reviewed all these wonderful perks, you can make a more informed decision about whether you want to charge ahead with a preconfigured solution to integration challenges.

Inform better business decisions

Smart business choices and initiatives at their core start from the data that an ERP and CRM separately offer. Solving integration between these two systems means that you can enhance the visibility of your data and processes from each department, providing a dependable and accessible method for making key decisions as a leader or c-suite management.

If you need a demonstration of this power, consider the scenario in which you are trying to make a new important decision for your organization. Unfortunately, you have to weed through the gates and unique structures of individual, siloed systems. This makes it difficult to know whether you are making the right decision because your access to information is limited from the start. But, by design, there is more potential for collaborative and stand-alone decision making when all the information you need is centralized.

Boost efficiency beyond departments

Already, Dynamics AX and other ERPs reduce the costs of training and IT, and they can also cut the time needed for your team to complete the primary and central tasks of the everyday workflow. In short, by already using an ERP you are freeing up some time for your workers and employees to gain focus on profits and core business.

The advantages of integrating stretch this benefit even further because, through the integration of your ERP and CRM, you can reduce the time spent on manual and duplicate data entry that sinks time in the process. Again, you are freed up to focus on what matters to your business: revenues, not repetition. As you manage business actions like purchase orders or tracking production, you can also not lose sight of your contacts by combining and integrating their data as appropriate.

Improve the security of your data

It seems one can always improve your data security, and this is because the threats to your organization and to your customers only grow year after year. But, an advantage of Microsoft Dynamics and CRM integration is that you can control who can see and edit information in your centralized system. In addition, you finally can enter data inputs from a single point, meaning that you no longer need to introduce security risks and conflicts by needing multiple system entry points.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM integration with solutions like Salesforce are unlocked through preconfigured templates like RapidiOnline
Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM integration

Streamline data management

Once you integrate Dynamics AX with a CRM solution like Salesforce, you can immediately put an end to using many different technologies to manage the same data and processes. What does this mean? It means you can improve collaboration, create solid workflows, and enhance cross-company management (who will see all they need from a single source of truth). You will see the potential results of this in your newfound ability to meet customer needs, maintain quality, and aim for more scalability.

These are some of the highest order reasons you might choose to integrate your current ERP like Dynamics AX with a CRM like Salesforce. While many companies struggle to perform these integrations in-house because of their complexity, others have chosen the simplicity of a preconfigured template like RapidiOnline. You can thus integrate your systems without ever needing intervention from your IT department.

Explore more information on RapidiOnline and its preconfigured integrations for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRMs.

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