How Guest Posting Can Grow Up You Business?

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Today we will talk about backlinks, which lead from external resources to your site. They are essential for promoting your online store and impacting positions in search results. Accordingly, the more visitors to the web resource, the more chances you will have new customers.

Search engines must determine which pages and websites are more relevant to user queries. To do this, they take into account keyword matches and the number of backlinks. The more other sites link to a page, the more interesting, useful, and important it is for readers. In this way, search engines try to improve search results by showing the top lines of active links for the query with the greatest number of backlinks.

Guest posting is not only a way to get backlinks, but also to drive traffic, increase lead generation and improve the reputation of your site. Guest posting is an entirely safe method of getting backlinks.

Its essence is quite simple and consists of placing a post on a relevant site with a backlink to your site/blog/product. To avoid difficulties in finding these sites, you can use search engine placement, as well as special services and programs.

To boost your business (website, web project, online service, blog, or online store), you need to post unique articles on various sites. The articles should contain links to your web resource. The more such publications, the better the search engine will index the site.

How to Choose Guest Posting Sites?

For your business to grow, you need to follow clear rules for effective guest posting. Follow these criteria for proper guest posting with backlinks:

  • Content with backlinks to your site must be 100% unique (do not use one article to post on multiple blogs at once);
  • Sites for guest posting must have a high reputation (sites must have DA 50+, so guest posts bring more effect);
  • Articles with backlinks should be interesting and useful to readers. It is crucial to avoid spammy backlinks. Search engines know how to detect bad guest posting and deteriorate indexing of such web resources.

If you try to place free articles with links to your site in cheap directories, you will only worsen the web resource position.

Several other factors will hinder the growth of your business online.

For example, if you will post articles with backlinks with inappropriate topics. It would be best to avoid posting an article about cars with a link to your IT-blog. It will be a mistake if you post a guest post with a link to your online project that is not relevant to the topic of the article. Search engines define this as spam and attempts at aggressive marketing without benefiting your target audience.

Follow these terms to create effective and valuable guest posts that will grow your business.

Guest Posting Will Improve Your Site’s SEO

Guest posting improves your site’s SEO parameters. Without this tool, it’s harder to generate unique traffic and improve DA. Search engine optimization is not just about unique content with keywords and filled out data tags. External links are significant; however, given the last few years’ tendencies, it doesn’t make sense to buy links from directories. Search engines perceive only relevant and organic mentions of your site on external resources. This improves indexation. Practice shows that properly performed guest posting increases traffic by 20-30%. The main thing is to do it regularly and monitor the quality of posts with backlinks.

Guest Posting Boosts Your Brand’s Credibility

Guest posts are not just for search engine optimization and increasing traffic. Unique visitors aren’t worth a dime if the traffic isn’t monetized. Expert guest posts increase the authority of your site or online service. With quality articles, you need to build a good reputation so that users start to trust you. To do this, you need to develop a competent content plan. Write expert and interesting articles for friendly sites. The topics of the articles should 100% solve the reader’s problem or meet their needs. You don’t need to create guest posts just for the sake of SEO. As a rule, it will take from several months to one year of steady publication of posts to build a company’s sustainable reputation.

Guest Posting Saves Your Marketing Budget

Guest posting can save your marketing budget. Many online projects waste a lot of money by creating misconfigured Google Ads or social media ads. Targeting and contextual advertising can be very expensive if you make even one mistake when setting them up. If you’re inexperienced and don’t want to hire an expensive advertising expert, use guest posting. You can negotiate with friendly sites for reciprocal services or for a small fee post unique and engaging content with a backlink to your site. All it takes from you is time and effort to create useful posts. Paying for a guest post will cost less than search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns.

Guest Posting Attracts Paying Customers

Guest posting attracts a paying target audience. Readers look for answers to their questions and queries in helpful articles. Backlinks are the best tool for attracting interested users. To increase the authority and usefulness of posts, create a variety of content: step-by-step instructions, interviews, useful tips.

It is imperative to pay attention to finding friendly sites with stable traffic with a paying audience. On average, blog posts can have 500-2000 readers. Imagine your guest post is seen by that many people, some of whom will click on the backlink and become your client or regular reader.

The Secrets of Successful Guest Posting to Result in Your Business Growth

Secret #1: There is no universal secret

In fact, there is no magic formula that will bring you a stream of quality traffic and a huge conversion rate. Posing an informative text on the popular blog does not always lead to the desired result. Try to assess the characteristics of the audience, the specifics of the author, as well as constantly analyze mistakes and improve.

Secret #2: Guest posting should be regular

If you choose guest blogging as a method of promoting your resource, get ready to constantly look for new sites and topics for publications. A one-time posting and getting approval from users is not an indicator of the ineffectiveness of the method. Perhaps you’re just in the “wrong” place.

Secret #3. Your work doesn’t end after you publish it

Writing a good article is half the battle. The second half is to find a site to post it on. Is that all? Not quite. You need promotion of your post no less. Take the initiative, actively commenting, reporting on the material in social media, use email. Make every effort to engage your audience as much as possible!

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