PureVPN Kodi: How to Setup/Install PureVPN on Kodi in 2022?

Over the past few years, Kodi has become a leading streaming application among the cord-cutters. However, Kodi lets the user play and view a variety of media, and it is hard to access the geo-restricted addons. Hence, it is essential to run a virtual private network while accessing the Kodi application. PureVPN is one of the best virtual private networks with more than 6500 servers and provides an exclusive Kodi addon that is easily installed on Kodi software. 

After installing, you can verify that your real IP has been changed. Without connecting to a virtual private network, your real IP could be exposed, and your internet service provider could then send you legal notices to prevent you from using Kodi. Once you are caught, you may need to pay hefty fines as well. To avoid such issues, consider using PureVPN. In this blog, TechNinjaPro will discuss how to set up PureVPN on Kodi.

Best VPN for Kodi

PureVPN is one of the best VPNs for Kodi. However, many other virtual private network services are also capable enough to support Kodi. Some of the best VPN services for Kodi are:



Offers seamless streaming with ultimate protection



Best for geo-unlocking services

Surf Shark


Creates a virtual space full of privacy

How to Set up PureVPN on Kodi?

Using PureVPN for Kodi can be achieved through a simple technique where you are needed to install the PureVPN addon on Kodi. Once you do that, you can confirm that your IP on Kodi has been changed. If you are not following, let’s look at how the setup process for PureVPN Kodi.

Install PureVPN within Kodi

  • Go to the website of PureVPN and sign-up.
  • Download PureVPN for Kodi addon from the official website.
  • Now open the Kodi app and select the addon section.
  • Click on the package installer icon located in the top right corner.
  • Click install from Zip File.
  • Download the PureVPN Addon File and install the VPN on Kodi. 
  • Click Ok on the prompt.
  • Now, you have successfully installed PureVPN’s addon to Kodi. 

How to Use PureVPN for Kodi?

Now you know the setup process for PureVPN Kodi, let’s look at how you can use it once you have installed the application.

  • Open the dashboard of the Kodi and click Add-ons.
  • Click on the program addons tab.
  • Tick on the PureVPN application icon.
  • Enter your PureVPN username and password.
  • Choose the server, and you are done.

How to Check if PureVPN is Working on Kodi?

To check if PureVPN is working efficiently with Kodi and your IP is not leaking, you can use the following technique to run a quick test.

  • Launch the Kodi application and tick on the addon menu.
  • Scroll down and choose the download tab.
  • Tick on program addons from the list. 
  • Click on DNS leak test.
  • Tick on Install.
  • Click OK
  • Open DNS leak test addon.
  • Now, Kodi will show your current IP, and you can verify if your DNS is leaking or not. 

PureVPN for Kodi

PureVPN provides some compelling features for Kodi users. For beginners, PureVPN offers 256-bit encryption. Now, PureVPN is so perfect because it allows you to stream content pulled through torrent sources anonymously without getting caught.
Another reason why so many users prefer using PureVPN is that it provides a dedicated addon for Kodi. PureVPN also provides a dedicated streaming mode, which allows you to stream your content without experiencing annoying buffering.

What Other Advantages Does PureVPN Offer?

PureVPN covers a lot of bases and works perfectly well for multiple use cases. If you are a Netflix follower, then it provides smooth compatibility with Netflix. PureVPN is efficient for unblocking the US library of Netflix. Users that download torrents frequently but need better privacy to avoid receiving DMCA notices can take benefit of PureVPN’s IP leak/ DNS and kill switch features. These protective mechanisms, along with rapid speeds, make PureVPN a perfect option for torrenting as well.

PureVPN also has the unique ability to work in countries that monitor virtual private network traffic and apply anti-VPN mechanisms. For instance, more than 99% of VPN provides struggle in China, but PureVPN works well for Chinese citizens. Beginners can also try PureVPN with a risk-free trial option if they are unsure about getting this virtual private network. PureVPN is also known to offer a lifetime subscription plan from time to time, which is highly affordable for long-term subscribers. 

Other than its outstanding compatibility with Kodi, PureVPN supports Firestick and other devices. The popular streaming box, Roku, is supported by PureVPN, but you will need the help of a physical router to enable the virtual private network on the streaming console. If you set up the virtual private network on a router, you can use it for as many devices connected to your router without needing to install PureVPN on each device individually. 

Users may experience issues with PureVPN, but it is usually easy to resolve these issues with the help of a proper troubleshooting guide. However, if you are strongly disappointed for any reason, you can obtain a refund by canceling PureVPN within 31-day.


Kodi is one of the free streaming platforms. Users do not have to deal with reoccurring subscriptions, nor need to suffer from price discrimination. The only issue you might face is geo-restrictions. However, using PureVPN with Kodi, you can easily cover your IP and unblock all geo-restricted content. To know more about PureVPN, check out our complete PureVPN review.

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