How to Watch Japanese Hulu Outside Japan?

Hulu is one of the well-known video streaming services that provides you access to thousands of series, anime, movies, TV shows, sports, channels, and many more. Another great strength of Hulu is that it allows you to watch the latest episodes of shows the day after they are released.

Like other streaming websites, Hulu is available all over the world, albeit in country-specific versions. Unfortunately, you cannot access the Japanese Hulu outside Japan. Therefore, if you are in any other country, Hulu Japan’s doors are closed to you. Luckily, TechNinjaPro has figured out a way in which you can go around the restriction.

In this blog, TechNinjaPro will explain how you can watch Hulu Japan even if you do not stay in Japan using a virtual private network service. However, before we proceed, let’s look at why Japan is restricted in locations outside the country.

Why is Japanese Hulu blocked outside Japan?

Japanese Hulu is only available within Japan because the website only has the right to show the specific content within Japan. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to the problem. It is possible for lovers of Japanese movies who live in other countries to use a virtual private network to watch Hulu Japan with zero stress.

Japanese Hulu limits its content to users within Japan by checking the IP addresses of the devices visiting their sites. So to have access to all Japanese Hulu content from outside Japan, you need a legal Japanese IP address.

A virtual private network develops a digital tunnel through which your system can access the internet. This VPN server can also reroute your connection through a designated server in the country of your choice. As a result, you get the IP address of that country and thus the permission to access all the content that was only available in Japan.

How can you get a valid IP address to access Japanese Hulu?

You can access Japanese Hulu from outside Japan with any of the best VPN services online. There are many free virtual private network services available out there. However, you should be wary of how they could be profiting from your use of their service. Instead, consider paying for your VPN service. Paid VPN services are also more likely to have server locations and IP addresses in various countries.

How to access Japanese Hulu Using a VPN?

Accessing streaming sites such as Japanese Hulu outside Japan can be a bit of pain, but a virtual private network can make all your troubles disappear. A virtual private network masks your real IP address and reroutes your connection through a designated server in the region of your choice. Here is how you can unblock Japanese Hulu using a VPN service:

  1. Sign up with a virtual service provider.
  2. Download and install the virtual private network service.
  3. Launch the application.
  4. Connect to a Japanese server to get a Japanese IP address.
  5. Enjoy streaming your favorite Japanese movies and shows outside Japan.

So, what are the best VPN providers to subscribe to access Hulu Japan on your device even if you are miles away from Japan? Dive in!

Best VPN services for accessing Japanese Hulu outside Japan

Although there are many VPN service providers in the market, we have listed the top three best VPN services for unblocking Japanese Hulu.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the popular VPN services. It offers a quality VPN service that has been the foundation of the market over the years. When it comes to unblocking geo-restricted websites, especially Japanese Hulu, there could not be a better fit than ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers in around 90 countries with generally excellent speeds that will allow you to stream high-definition content on Japanese Hulu without a problem.

ExpressVPN supports a wide range of platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. You can watch Japanese Hulu using ExpressVPN from any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It also has DNS features that unblock Japanese Hulu on devices with native VPN support native virtual private network support.



Express VPN offers 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection,  kill switch, and split tunneling. It also supports up to five devices simultaneously, ensuring that you can always access Japanese Hulu from anywhere.

Pricing Plans



Billed every month.



Free for 3-months



Billed every 6 months

2. NordVPN

NordVPN directly competes for head to head with both ExpressVPN and Surfshark. Why?

NordVPN is one of the popular giants in the VPN market by making your online information and browsing safe and secure behind the wall of top-notch encryptions. It has been trusted by security experts on the internet and has concluded that it is one of the best well-known VPNs in 2021 by beating ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

NordVPN is right up there for accessing Japanese Hulu outside Japan and streaming movies and videos on the site. It offers fast performance with the streaming speeds affected, even when several devices are connected to one account.

Hulu users will be pleased to know that NordVPN operates around 5500 servers in approximately 60 countries worldwide. It has custom apps for all the major platforms and devices with tutorials for manual setup. NordVPN uses the Smart Play feature to bypass the geo-blocks of many media streaming sites, including Hulu.



NordVPN uses military-grade encryption to encrypt your online activity and offers you 24/7 assistance via Chat or email.

Pricing Plans



Billed every month.



Billed annually.



Billed every 2 years

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the famous open-source VPN services and also has a free version that does not keep any caches like other free VPN services. Further, it does not support logs, has unlimited bandwidth, and does not block any IP addresses. ProtonVPN is integrated with both no0-logs policy and kill switch. It will not record your logs, so having your information leaked to a third party will not be an issue to worry about.

ProtonVPN offers security measures and support for both BitTorrent, Tor, and Hulu streaming. It also checks all the right boxes for privacy-intended users to ensure they get the best of the service. The free version of ProtonVPN does not have as many features as the paid version. Thus, you will have t upgrade the free version to the paid version to enjoy unlimited ProtonVPN services.



It is one of the best VPN service providers to access video content on Japanese Hulu from anywhere on the planet.

Pricing Plans



Billed every month.



Billed annually.



Billed every 2 years

Free and paid VPNs: Which is better for accessing Japanese Hulu in 2021?

There are various reasons you should consider using a virtual private network, and their ability to bypass geo-restrictions on any website is one of them. VPN services encrypt your internet traffic, offering your browsing layer of privacy from hackers, snooping internet service providers, and the government.

Although many businesses now offer basic VPNs that would not cost you anything, their services are not so perfect. Free VPN services have many restrictions and limitations, and in your case, the limits might be not being able to watch Japanese Hulu content outside Japan. However, paid VPN services provide a great deal of unlimited access to Hulu Japan content when you are hundreds of miles away from Japan.

Free products have usage limitations and restrictions. Many companies do not need you to soak up all their bandwidth on torrents, so you are left with small bandwidths to deal with often for a couple of days. This is different in paid virtual private network services, where you can enjoy fast connection and bandwidth without interruption.

Is it authorized to use a VPN?

Virtual private network services are authorized in many countries of the world. However, in some regions like Iraq and North Korea, they are not. VPN services are not illegal, but they can be misused.

There are various illegal ways of using VPN services include:


VPN services are not meant to be used t hack other networks and computers, but various people use them. The anonymity feature in VPN services makes this illegal act possible.

Trading on the dark web:

Many illegal materials like guns and drugs are sold and bought on the dark web. With a VPN service, these trades become more accessible because the actions of such people cannot be traced.


When people are given IP addresses of other regions, many people misuse them. One way of misusing this IP address is in Cyberbullying.


Virtual private network provides a way to stay connected to your best anime, sports, videos, and many more in Japanese Hulu. Do not let the geo-restrictions placed by Hulu stop you from enjoying your favorite Japanese movies and videos without interruptions. TechNinjaPro has simplifies that for you by cutting out the lard and showing you which VPN services are the best for streaming Japanese Hulu outside Japan.

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