Top UFC Streaming Sites to Watch Fights Securely

Are you looking for UFC Streaming Sites where you can get unlimited access to all types of MMA fights from all around the world? If you are one of those MMA lovers from UFC content, then you are in the right place.

The problem with fulfilling this query a person might face is that you don’t always get the best quality of UFC fights to watch, and most of the time, you miss a lot of those fights you have been looking forward to for a long time.

The majority of the UFC streaming sites are full of malware and viruses and bombardment of ads with an intent to phish the streamers. We have listed the best sport streaming sites that you can use to stream the best UFC fights without any hurdle. However, with growing internet restrictions, everyone must have a VPN integrated into their devices to stay secure and enjoy anonymous streaming benefits.

How can a VPN help you in Streaming UFC Fights?

Virtual Private Network or VPN for short can be really helpful when you are streaming videos online. Here are the following aspects which a VPN can help you with:

  1. Internet Throttling: Many internet service providers (ISPs) throttle the internet speed of their users if they are streaming content online (whether live or uploaded videos). A VPN helps you avoid low loading speeds and offers you a constant supply of streaming and streamlined buffering by encrypting your internet activity, i.e., hide your internet activity from your ISP.
  2. Block Ads and Malware: A VPN blocks Ads & Malware on a website as most websites are infected with malware, malicious ads and have phishing intent invested in their sites. You can use AdBlockers or install a VPN on your device to block all types of malicious ads & malware from all the sites you visit online.
  3. Anonymity: Your VPN will hide your IP address, identity, and location from all sites you visit, including your ISP. VPN works by encrypting your internet traffic by sending it through a secure tunnel to make you undetectable.
  4. Unblocking Region Locked Content: Geo-restriction means that online content is blocked for a certain region of users based on their location. A VPN will get you over that restriction and unblock all types of streaming content otherwise not available in your country.

Best VPN for Sports Streaming Sites

A VPN is essential when it comes to streaming content online for free. Not only does a VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions, but also it will secure your internet traffic by sending it through an encrypted tunnel. You can use the following best VPN services for safely streaming sports online:

Best Sites for Streaming UFC Fights

1. Stream2Watch

UFC Streaming Sites

You might have heard about Stream2Watch. It is one of the most popular free online streaming sites, which covers all types of live events of various sports worldwide.

They provide access to their users of live feeds, streams, and broadcasts of almost all televised sports events. You can use Stream2Watch on both mobile and desktops, where you can stream your favourite sports events in HD quality.

Major sports covered by Stream2Watch are UFC Fights, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball. This brings huge value as millions of users’ log in to their site to watch live streams of their favourite sports events. However, getting access to something free on a website comes at a price and is the bombardment of ads in this site’s case.

Even though it is a free site that offers HD quality streaming along with great audio, your streaming experience gets distorted because of the ads they continuously show to their users. That’s why we recommend using a VPN while streaming sports events online so your streaming experience do not disturb you in any way whatsoever.

Also, Stream2Watch offers multiple streams of the same live event so that the users don’t face issues while gaining access to the live feeds.

Stream2Watch comes with a feature of live group chat also. Viewers from all around the world get a chance of communicating with one another and discuss their favourite sports while enjoying live events.

2. UFC Streams

UFC Streaming Sites

The site’s name says it all; this is a dedicated site to UFC and boxing, which covers all types of fighting events concerning MMA from all around the world. It is completely free, and there is no need to register yourself as an official user to gain access to HD quality live streams.

UFC Streams developers have optimized their website only to show live streams to the audience, and it does not create a library of its sport streams. Also, the website’s layout is not as attractive as Sky Sports of ESPN, but it does get the job done.

Since it does not record or place recorded live streams on their website, they offer their audience the feature of notifications where users can set notifications regarding the next upcoming fights with necessary details. If you subscribe or set notifications from their site, you will get informed about the upcoming events, their details, timings, and dates. The UFC Streams community exists on Reddit and discord. They do not have a forum on their site.

3. YouTube Official UFC Channel

UFC Streaming Sites

If you are one of those people who loves YouTube and want your UFC streaming needs to be fulfilled there, then you can visit the official UFC channel on YouTube, where they cover all live events and also keep a recording of those HD events if you miss out on some.

The official UFC channel on YouTube holds an entire library of full fights along with several short clips (if you are one of those highlights watching people). They also show you the previews of all the upcoming fights, press conferences, and behind the scene plays.

You can also subscribe to other MMA channels on YouTube that stream live UFC fights on YouTube TV. The best part about YouTube TV is this and you’ll be able to watch High-Definition content without any hurdle and will remain protected from all types of online threats.

4. First Row Sports

UFC Streaming Sites

You are only required to perform a simple sign up and log in on First Row Sports to access free MMA streams and various other sports. They offer a simple search bar to search for the sports event you are looking to watch; this makes First Row Sports a pretty straightforward live sports streaming platform.

Since the website of First Row Sports is free and everyone can access it, it is not safe to access this site or watch streaming videos there without the protective shield of a VPN. The site itself is filled up to the brim with several ads that will pop up with every click.

If you are not aware of what these Ads can do to you and your device, we can assure you that these Ads practices are mostly practised by hackers and cybercriminals where they embed malicious files into the Ads and pop-ups a user encounters. So, to avoid getting hacked or becoming a victim online, use a VPN as it will make you anonymous and block all types of Ads and malware content over the internet to ensure a safe browsing experience.

First Row Sports continuously adds new content by covering live sports events from all around the globe so that their users or viewers do not miss out on any of the latest live sports streaming events.

The site is compatible with both mobile and desktops.

5. Join Reddit

UFC Streaming Sites

Reddit is a community where people from all around the world get together to vote, talk, discuss, and enjoy their online lives by watching and looking at interesting content developed by people from all around the world. They upvote and downvote content based on their likings.

If you are a UFC lover, you can join various communities of Reddit dedicated to MMA boxing & UFC. People are always posting links to streaming sites to watch live sports events online completely for free. Based on the authentic links people post there, users give upvotes and downvotes to the links that work the best. Based on those stats, you can always find the best UFC streaming site instantly.

However, free UFC streaming sites are not completely secure to access. We urge you to protect your online presence by using a VPN and hiding your location so no one can trace or track your activity (in case there is malware on those free streaming sites).

People always recommend HD quality UFC streaming sites on Reddit, so there is no need to be afraid. However, a hacker might post a harmful link somewhere and get upvotes by spamming. In such a case, only a VPN shield will help you from getting harmed by those bad links.


Undoubtedly, you can stream sports events on websites like Sky Sports or ESPN by paying heavy subscriptions fees if you want quick and unlimited access to all sports events streamed live online. However, most of us cannot afford their subscriptions and even for some who can afford, these websites do not stream live events in our region/location as per the licensing agreement issues.

So, one only has access to free sports streaming sites where we can go to quench our thirst for UFC fighting. Not all of these free streaming sites are secure, and that’s why it is a carnival for online hackers and cybercriminals to extract data from millions of users who do not have their devices optimized with VPN protection or security shields.

Get yourself a VPN and roam freely over the internet without any fear. Watch your favourite MMA fights on UFC streaming sites and treat yourself to an enjoyable experience.

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