Google Correlate Closed? What are the alternatives?

DISCLAIMER: Google Correlate was shut down on December 15th, 2019, as a result of low usage. Google rolled away, Google Correlate, again in 2011.

It’s sort of a robust SEO application like Google Trends, though it operates with a reverse algorithm.

Among the causes for its non-popularity is Google did not market it effectively love some other tools such for instance Google Search Console or maybe Google Trends. Additionally, its reviews stated folks found it hard to know how it works.

How is Google Correlate ideal for SEO Campaigns?

It’s a powerful instrument for headlining SEO campaigns. Although it has never become recommended for its capabilities by the marketers because it might have changed the outcome of held SEO campaigns positively, let us have a glimpse at just how.

Discovering Keywords

It was framed to provide potential and ease in finding keywords associated with the core terms. You can see critical terms excluding or including keywords based on region and time. It might have been used for discovering impending keywords, the pillars of any SEO campaign.

Web site content Strategy

Reflecting the phases of the classic marketing funnel (Followed as Awareness, Desire, Interest, in addition to Action) through information is a manifested aspect of advertising methods. Google’s Correlate Time Series Shift could be applied to acquire a report of wants and fascination in your product or service through pertinent terms. Business involves it to sort the gross sales period cycle.

Google’s Correlate might have arrived at the success bars in case it will have got accepted the way by the online marketers. Considering the shallow usage, Google had chosen to place an end to it. Consequently, they’re hinting to save or even download your CSV data file, in case you had been using it for the SEO campaigns. Or else, it will not be for sale after December 15th, 2019.

Let’s see some of the alternatives to Google Correlate.

1. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker

To locate the best adequate list of keyword variations and assess their SEO profitability.

When to use: Your better SEO keywords are usually not the most obvious ones. To find actual keyword gems, you have to seek out all the possible types from several data sources. And also this is exactly where Rank Tracker is packaged in particularly handy with twenty-three unique keyword research tools inside it:

  • Suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Amazon;
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Search Console integration;
  • Collection of all SEO keywords your competitors rank for;
  • Long-tail search term and also question generator;
  • Popular misspellings and even permutations;

And other things. Utilizing the resources one by one, you find the best adequate list of keyword ideas. Much more to that in this article, you can evaluate the keywords’ traffic possibilities and also examine just how fierce their SEO competition is. This allows you to concentrate the SEO efforts on what takes the very least attempt to make most visitors.

No-cost version: Although the device features a far more feature-rich paid version, the 100% free version is sufficient for keyword research. It enables you to wear all of the analysis programs and evaluate the keywords’ traffic potential.

2. Google Search Console

To discover “low hanging fruit” traffic development opportunities for your present search phrases.

When to use: Google Search Console is the best place to assess your present SEO keywords with their normal Google positions, CTRs, plus images. Looking through this information is an excellent way to find sudden SEO shortcuts.

For instance, in case your URL presently ranks on page 2 or perhaps 3, Google probably considers it very pertinent for any search term. And also, the URL may you need only just a bit of SEO boost to storm onto the first page and begin bringing you a great deal more visitors.

Or maybe you may observe that several of your page one ranking keywords underperform in the terminology of clicks (have very low CTRs). A bit of tweaking of the SERP snippets or even adding the Schema markup can work wonders here.

No-cost version:  Google Search Console costs nothing to make use of.

Google Ads Keyword Planner
Google Ads Keyword Planner

To choose which keywords to target with PPC and SEO.

When to use: For many phrases, low ad bids allow it to be sensible to buy keyword clicks with PPC merely. For other people, extremely costly clicks necessarily mean you have to win over the visitors with SEO.

Thus, before getting started with any online search engine advertising plan, you have to split your search term list between PPC and SEO targeting. And also, the ideal spot to search for any necessary information is, clearly, Google Ads Keyword Planner.

The equipment displays look volumes, cost-per-click data, seasonal traffic, and also advertiser competition changes, all in a single spot. And it lets you calculate the prospective PPC you usually spend in the niche market of yours.

No-cost version: The device is a free body. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that unless you’re currently investing cash that is enough in Google Ads campaigns, your search volume analysis is restricted to ranges (slightly compared to precise search volumes). And also, you may want an additional device (like Rank Tracker) for even more accurate search volume analytics.

4. AnswerThePublic


To find trendy questions for featured voice and answers search optimization.

When to use: With Google’s potential to better comprehend pure language, searchers got used to phrasing the queries of theirs as questions rather than individual words. And also, with the rise of voice search, the pattern got a lot more.

Making your content answer the exact searcher’s questions is among the first critical features of your voice search results. And, inquiry-based information features a more significant possibility of squeezing into Google’s featured information or maybe the so-called “position 0” results.

The easiest and quickest method to look for widely used questions associated with your company niche is AnswerThePublic – a no brainer application that merges the primary keywords of yours with many question words (like who, why, what, etc.).

Along with questions, you’ll additionally obtain a couple of “preposition” keywords (when your seed keyword is coupled with an additional word via a preposition) and “comparisons” (like “your keyword vs. some other keyword”).

No-cost version: AnswerThePublic costs nothing to make use of.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

To locate keywords from Amazon, eBay as well as Etsy.

When to use: How your client’s search Google differs from how they search Amazon. In reality, they Google for locations to shop at, and also hunt Amazon for the products they buy for. Thus, for you as an Amazon seller, it is not likely to be quite sufficient to study SEO phrases for Google merely. You have to get your listing enhanced for Amazon search and Amazon keywords as well.

High equipment to dig through the Amazon database is Keyword Tool Dominator. The one thing to bear in mind is there is absolutely no right way to find out Amazon’s search volumes. What you will get is an essential keyword suggestions list.

No-cost version: Without a paid license, you can just do three requests to every one of the sources (eBay, Amazon, Etsy) one day.

Google Trends
Google Trends

To find the correct keywords for the neighborhood company of yours.

When to use: Rather clearly, user search patterns differ between countries. Nevertheless, more amazingly, the general trends likewise vary quite from region to region. Google Trends will be here to support you determine city/location certain search volume variation. Simply have the tool compare 2 synonymic queries to find out how misleading a nation level keyword analysis might be for a nearby biz.

For example, based on Google Trends, even though “personal injury lawyer” is regarded as the common search request throughout the majority of the US states, in Tennessee along with New Mexico you are way better off when optimizing for “personal injury attorney”.

One more no less vital use case is tracking down your keywords’ seasonal fluctuation plus having the ability to reliably predict exactly how this or maybe that keyword will do in it is low and high months.

No-cost version: Google Trends costs nothing to make use of.

Conclusion for Google Correlate

If you were a regular user of Google Correlate, you can still use its alternatives for keyword research. Most of the keyword research tools mentioned in this article does not cost a dime to do almost any type of research.

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