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Images are a great way to represent things, and color images can do that even better. You can not always make new images for use, and you can simply recolor them using different tools. You don’t have to master complicated tools like photoshop. You also don’t have to download the software. Yes, you read that right. You can now recolor images online.

Pictures are attractive, in addition to that is what can make them much more fascinating as compared to text. The colors that appear in the image increases the glamour of theirs. Often, the color contained in a picture does not suit the whole aura of the photo. At times like these, you can recolor the images of yours. Thankfully, many sites are available that allow you to change the color of a picture for free. Updating the color in a picture could be applied to alter the background of different colors for products.

You can also make use of the idea of recoloring images for adjusting the color of the heavens, eyes, clothes, and items that are related. The following are some online tools that you can use to recolor images online.

  1. IMGonline
  2. Many Tools
  3. LunaPic
  4. Phixr
  5. PIXLR
  6. Pine Tools

1. IMGonline

Think of any picture manipulation task, and even IMGonline would be all set with its capabilities like color replacement. When it concerns transforming the color, though it does not provide an immediate tool to decide on the color from the picture, it offers numerous choices for the same. You can often select a neighborhood rainbow color, create in hex format, and choose from the color palette. Precisely the same options are out there for the last color.

Unfortunately, you can’t preview or make some changes to the image. If the latest styles are not in your liking, you are going to have to begin from zero and change the intensity and also transitions on the very first site only.

Establish the picture on your telephone or pc, choose the colors you wish to change, click OK button at the bottom part of the page, hold out a couple of seconds as well as download the completed result.

If everything gets one color, replaced an excessive amount, and impacts other colors, then you have to decrease the “Color replacement intensity”. Alternatively, in case you don’t experience changes or maybe the color isn’t totally changed, then you definitely have to boost the “Color replacement intensity”, as well as also ensure you’ve chosen the correct colors. For a proper selection of colors, you can use HEX format. For the various photos, the options may be unique. Also, they rely on the shades and measurements in pixels.

Do note that it’s not feasible to change the dark, grey, or white color on any saturated color, though it’s likely to switch the saturated color by nearly gray, grey, or black color. To put it simply, you can change some rainbow colors or even close to the shades which are offered in the drop-down lists in the options. The reason behind this’s that the algorithm for changing the color is linked with a difference in the hue of its, and that doesn’t impact the grayscale or even white and black image. Should you have to process a large picture for more than fourteen megapixels (≈4592×3048), now transmit this particular picture to email with needed settings – it’ll be performed totally free of cost throughout the morning.

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2. Many Tools

Many Tools - Recolor Images Online
Many Tools – Recolor Images Online

Many tools are a set of instruments to automate the repeated jobs included in web development (or maybe some other task). I would love to extend this toolbox to create a helpful collection for those kinds of visitors.

Unlike the site mentioned above, which enables you to alter a single color, the many Tools site lets you change the color tone of the whole picture. It is a simple site where you have to upload the photo and choose the color. You can test colors that are various before saving the last image. Additionally, you find the capability to alter the contrast of the photo.

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3. LunaPic

LunaPic - Recolor Images Online
LunaPic – Recolor Images Online

One of the better online image editors, Lunapic, does not disappoint with regards to performing the job of changing colors in images. It permits you to choose the target color by clicking on it within the picture, and that tends to make the complete job easy. As soon as the last image generates, you can then correct the threshold of the other color. Really for that, you can wear this site to alter the eye color.

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4. Phixr

PHIXR - Recolor Images Online
PHIXR – Recolor Images Online

Another site that allows you to change the color of the whole picture is Phixr. Interestingly, you can also select a location for changing its other color. Regrettably, the website does not provide an adequate selection of specific tools for the exact collection. You simply get yourself a rectangular/square range.

Further, you don’t get adequate color for the last color. You are going to have to adjust many color sliders for the previous color.

Phixr is a totally free online picture editor, something for editing pictures of yours in the web browser of yours. It’s all of the advanced and basic photo editing features you would actually need and also the most enjoyable ones, like adding clipart or text, adding speech bubbles, and many others. Phixr provides hundreds of high-quality filters, other unique options, and consequences.

Phixr is useful for desktops, tablets or maybe camera phones (like the iPhone) or perhaps the iPad: Upload the photo of yours (or probably fetch it from among so many supported any other internet platforms), alter it in your liking, and also mail it on its approach to friends, family unit or even one of the numerous supported image sharing/storage sites. You can also publish it to your picture library, for immediate access in the blog of yours.

Phixr’s tool palette is almost limitless: Of course, it includes simple resources like resize (shrink, crop, enlarge), rotate, and also flip (mirror). The crop tool comes with an avatar generator.

Phixr’s sophisticated resources, on the other hand, include high-quality expert color as well as levels correction, color balance feature, along with a white eye remover, just to name just a few. Color Filters plus Lens and Camera Tools.

Phixr Online Photo Editor can shape photo colors in incredibly numerous ways. The real fun is Phixr’s 60+ color filters and 60+ camera & lens filters. While the color filters cope with colors only (including auto-correcting contrast, white balance, and color balance), the latter modifies not just styles but also various other characteristics;

Phixr can produce Lomography effects or tilt-shift, include a middle focus or maybe a vignette, as well as merge color and even lens filters producing extraordinary results with just one or maybe two clicks. For the innovative, there’s obviously something for improving brightness, exposure, contrast, shadows & highlights, temperature, saturation, hue, and vibrancy, along with a color balance along with a histogram-based level tool.


PIXLR - Recolor Images Online
PIXLR – Recolor Images Online

The earlier model of Pixlr supports color replacement. It provides a separate tool for it, which works well with objects getting an outline. Rather than picking out a color, you’ve to paint the brand new color over the current color. The device detects the framework, always keeping the color inside it only.

6. Pine Tools

Pine Tools
Pine Tools

Pine Tools works with local images. You can simply upload your image there and change its color. This is another image editing tool where you can easily recolor your images online.

With its lightening and darkening feature you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, hue, gamma, and exposure of your images.

Furthermore, you can perform the basic image editing tasks like blurring your images, cropping, resizing, merging them together, and applying other variety of effects.

All in all, it is a simple yet strong tool that you can use to edit your images online without any hassle to deal with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can recolor images in several ways. You can do that with offline and online tools. If you want to recolor pictures online, then the best tools are Lunapics, pixlr, and some other mentioned above.
The tools we have mentioned above can help you change the color of a PNG image. You just have to use one of the above tools, and you are good to go.
The method to change the color of the JPEG image is also the same. You can use any of the over tools to change the color of the text in JPEG.

You can brighten a picture online by following the steps below.

  • Open image converter plus editor by pressing START.
  • Drop the image that you would like to create brighter.
  • Click Edit on the left to open up the editing tool.
  • Find Brightness/Contrast in the board of tools on the right.
  • Move the Brightness slider to create your picture brighter.


The sites mentioned above provide basic techniques to replace color. Nevertheless, in case you would like to plunge deep into recoloring the photographs of yours, you ought to use Photopea. It offers all the functions of Photoshop in an internet browser. Finally, in case you wish to try out something high quality, do look at the recolor feature in BeFunky.

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