Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro: Which One is Better? (2021)

Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro

All of you who are interested in video editing might be thinking about the question about which one is better? “Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro,” Which one should be used?

Basing our arguments on our own experience of using both the software, i.e., Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Premiere Rush CC, we can help you in the motivation to use what software will be the best fit for you.

To decide which is the better video editing software, let’s discuss this chapter in detail.

Adobe’s History

Adobe is a SAAS (Software As a Service) company and is worth $95 Billion. It has been around since 1982.

Adobe has been a front runner for the past many years now for their media editing software. The Adobe Premiere Rush CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC started from Photoshop and various other products.

Based on its easy-to-use, user-friendly nature, future-proof design, modern features, and the consistent innovations Adobe introduces from time to time, it has become a giant that rules the video editing industry from Hollywood to freelance YouTuber’s.

Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro: Detailed Analysis

With the video editing software already leading the market like Sony Vegas, Windows Moviemaker, Fillmore, iMovie, etc., Adobe introduced Adobe Premiere Rush CC. The main purpose of Premiere Rush was to help small-time video editors and beginners to create and edit videos without any formal training or education.

This made Adobe Premiere (video editing software) overtake the market and beat the competition quickly. The main purpose of launching the Premiere Rush was to develop those kinds of Video Editors who can, later on, switch to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and become video professionals.

The main differences and variations between Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro are highlighted below.

    1. User Interface
    2. Workflow Comparison
    3. Accessibility
    4. Effects Integration
    5. Text Controls
    6. The LifeSpan of Rush vs Pro
    7. Portability Comparison
    8. Price

1. User Interface

The debate about Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro is mostly led by people like us who are beginners and want to get into the video editing line. Based on that, let’s discuss the first reflection you get when you start using either of the two video editing software, i.e., Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Rush CC.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC’s user interface are very alike, although they differ in the number of functions and in a number of tools both of these possess.

The Adobe Premiere Rush CC has a very basic, clean, and easy-to-use user interface. The Premiere Rush’s major focus is the playback screen, as you can also see in the image below. The rest of the tools, effects, and other panels surround the playback screen and shed more light on the playback screen.

Premier Rush - User Interface
Premier Rush – User Interface

The people at Adobe made the user interface of Premiere Rush CC like this because they didn’t want the user (who is a beginner btw) to get overwhelmed or overburdened due to seeing a bunch of features right away.

Almost all of the tools are available on the user interface side and are made readily available for the user. The Adobe Premiere Rush CC offers the tools such as color correction panels, cropping tools, cursor tools, preset transitions and texts, and audio tools.

This kind of user interface design allows any beginner and a starter in the video editing game to use the features, functions, effects, and tools at a fast and smooth pace.

On the contrary, Adobe Premiere Pro CC has an interface as big as a football field. When you first run it and get face to face with its interface, your head might start spinning because of not knowing where to start from. This kind of user interface is the purpose of Adobe Premiere Pro CC being built for Professional video editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - User interface
Adobe Premiere Pro CC – User interface

As you can glance upon the image of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC’s user interface, it can be seen that all the panels are equally spread across the screen. The video playback as the main panel is not the center of attention.

All of the panels carry an equal amount of value. That’s because, for professionals, everything is vital and has importance. Adobe knows this, and that’s why they have installed the Adobe Premiere Pro CC with this type and style of the user interface.

Premiere Pro’s user interface carries the effects panel, playback panel, timeline panel, and the source panel altogether.

You can look at both of them and decide which user interface you prefer. In our opinion, we think that it depends upon the purpose you want to edit the video for. If you are making a film or some top variant video, then without any doubt, you must go for the Adobe Premiere Pro CC. However, if you are somewhat of a YouTuber, Premiere Rush will be just enough for you as your target doesn’t require much depth.

2. Workflow Comparison

The video editing software workflow is defined as the pathway that describes how raw footage goes through something and gets processed. In short, workflow means how something goes from being undone to done.

Based upon Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro discussion, Premiere Pro’s workflow is far more enhanced than that of Premiere Rush.

 Adobe Premiere Pro CC has superior workflow technology embedded in it as it was meant for professional purposes. It allows you to import the videos in several ways, including using a media browser in the software to bring the raw video into the new/old project.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Workflow Comparison
Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Workflow Comparison

The workflow of Premiere Pro is customizable. Many of the interfaces come with a preset already, like color, effects, editing, and graphics. In addition to these already available presets, you are also allowed to create a custom interface following your needs and then save it to use as your primary editing method. This will help you develop a work-station that is aligned with your style and editing workflow.

Now comes the Adobe Premiere Rush CC; its design is pretty straightforward. You can add the clips you require for editing and place them in your video timeline as you chose via the playback video panel. The importing process determines the efficiency of the Premiere Rush it uses to import the raw footage. Premiere Rush CC will allow you to import the raw videos in the order you wish or want to edit. Thus, it will give you a straight and simple workflow without any complexities.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC - Workflow Comparison
Adobe Premiere Rush CC – Workflow Comparison

Premiere Rush CC workflow is not as complex and flexible as the Premiere Pro CC workflow. Although both have their own usages and benefits depending upon the user’s level is using this software.

3. Accessibility

When it comes to the accessibility of the Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro, there is a simple difference. Premiere Pro was made for professionals and has been refined over time. In contrast, the Premiere Rush has been recently made for people looking to step into the video editing field.

Adobe’s intention behind building the Premiere Rush CC was to build somewhat of a video editing software for first-time users. That’s why it has such an easy, refined, simple, and easy-to-use accessibility.

All of Premiere Rush CC’s installed features, like the user interface, effect presets, transitions, text, and audio, are very friendly and do not confuse the user. Although, if you go directly for the Premiere Pro CC, you will find the amped version of all of these features and tools, which can be overwhelming for a beginner.

Using the Premiere Rush CC, you will see that the integration of transition and text presets helps make high-quality videos with the simple text effects that you might see in the YouTube videos and other media channels across the internet. This simple accessibility allows you to produce videos of high quality with top production value.

On the contrary, when it comes to Premiere Pro CC, which has been made almost 30 years ago and has been refined and polished till now, it was initially intended for professional media video editors. As it grew in popularity, people wanted to use it more and more. Thus, they designed the accessibility of the Premiere Pro CC in such a manner so that normal consumers can access it and use it for industry-level production videos.

So, basing our arguments on Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro’s batter, we can safely say that both have very clean accessibility. However, the accessibility of the Pro version is a bit more amped up than the Rush.

4. Effects Integration

The association with effects integration in Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro CC’s debate is mostly linked with the Premiere Pro version of the Adobe video editing software.

Nevertheless, Premiere Rush CC has all of the integration of the basic effects installed in them. Still, the Premiere Pro CC holds the majority of the effect features compared to most of the video editing platforms.

A glance at the following image of the integration of the effects of Premiere Rush CC.

Effects Integration - Adobe Premiere Rush CC
Effects Integration – Adobe Premiere Rush CC

In contrast to the integration of Premiere Rush CC’s effects, Premiere Pro CC offers an entirely different version of the effects interface. Every effect has its own separate interface with the addition to preset effects offered on Premiere Pro.

Effects Integration - Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Effects Integration – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The Premiere Pro version has extensive control over the compositing and the professional audio engineering tools, color correction via Lumetri color effect, which also has its own separate interface with the integration of many minor tweaks that the user can go for.

Effects Integration - Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Effects Integration – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

If we have to say that the best software is based on effects integration, Premiere Pro beats the competition by a home run. It is integrated with advanced effects like warp stabilizers, and for montage editing, it has distortion tools. It contains dynamically linked Adobe’s compositing software, after effects, and complete animation controls.

5. Text Controls

When it comes to the discussion about the text controls offered by the Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro, we can clearly see that the Premiere Pro version’s variations give you far more selection from a wide variety of graphics.

You can access the Premiere Rush CC text effects from the Adobe Stock Tab. It contains the already adjusted presets and professional-looking titles, and text templates. You can click on the title to select it and then drag it later on to the timeline where you want to place it. This will open another panel on the right-hand side from where you can adjust and customize your text’s font and styling.

Again, when we observe the text controls of Premiere Rush CC’s big brother, we can clearly see that the graphic controls offered by the Premiere Pro CC have such a wide control over text manipulation via the graphic preset interface Premiere Pro has to offer.

A few things you can apply to the texts are adjusting each character’s size and height, changing the threading and spacing, adding keyframes to texts, color and font control, strokes, drop shadows, and many others.

Text Controls - Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Text Controls – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The keyframe feature allows you to create a title with adjustments and animations, which sets the Premiere Pro CC apart from the rest of the competition out there, including Premiere Rush CC.

So, based on our reasoning for which one is better? Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro? We can safely say that if text orientation and control are important to you, then Premiere Pro CC is the one you should definitely go for.

Otherwise, if text control holds little to no importance in your approach, Premiere Rush CC can also become a viable option.

6. LifeSpan of Rush vs Pro

Every software’s lifespan is based upon whether it can help you grow or not in that field any longer. If it lets you grow, then the software has a longer lifespan, and if it stays the same and does not get updated, it will never let you grow.

With the continuous stream of new specifications, bug patches, and many additions of new features, the Premier Pro CC beats the Premiere Rush CC by a long run. Although the Premiere Rush CC also gets updates, new features do not give you much room to grow as a video editor.

The Premiere Pro CC is future-proof with an increased lifespan because it has been around for more than 30 years. It has handled the pressure of time and has been at the top of the industry for a long time now.

What we can suggest to you is that you should start from Premiere Rush CC and then move on to Premiere Pro CC, where you can grow and become a professional video editor in the coming years.

7. Portability Comparison

When it comes to the portability comparison of Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro, we can safely say that the Premier Rush CC is much better when it comes to the software’s portable usage.

You can even use the mobile phone application of Premiere Rush CC to edit videos with high production quality from anywhere in the world while you are traveling. It is easy to use and easily accessible.

Using the mobile phone app of Premiere Rush, you need to import your raw video footage, edit it in the app’s magnetic timeline, and then export the finished video afterward. It’s as simple as baking a cake.

8. Price

Adobe Premiere Price
Adobe Premiere Price

The pricing of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Premiere Rush CC is as follows:

Product Price Latest Price
Adobe Premiere Pro CC US $20.99/month

Buy on Adobe

Adobe Premiere Rush CC US $9.99/month Buy on Adobe

You can check the complete list of products offered by Adobe by clicking here. So, do browse and see what the best plan that suits you is.


Finally, when we have to conclude the debate about the Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro, we can safely say that both of them have their own usages.

The Premiere Rush CC is the best platform for editing for a beginner in the editing world. You will get to know and familiarize yourself with the professional terms of the editing industry.

Whereas the Premiere Pro CC is the next level video editing platform. You can move onto this platform after you have had the experience of using Premiere Rush CC properly. The Pro version is obviously used in the industry to the highest level as it is equipped with a compelling set of features.

The long-term lifespan of the Premiere Pro CC enables it to stand the test of time.

Concluding the entire debate about the Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro: which one is better? We can securely say that if you want to become the master of the field of video editing, then Premier Pro is the software for you, or if you want to develop videos for YouTube or other social media platforms, then Premiere Rush is an easy and quick fix for you.

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