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Password Security in 2020

The Internet has long since moved into our homes, our workplaces, our leisure, only biological processes today are not conditioned by the use of the Internet. At least not most. However, the more present, convenient, necessary, the more dangerous the Internet is, because a surprisingly large percentage of users do not think about internet security and, accordingly, do not protect themselves against various cyber threats.

The consequences of a casual attitude towards internet security are felt not only by individuals but also by businesses. By insecure use of the Internet and digital technologies, an individual can compromise his or her information (endanger his or her identity) but also cause material harm to himself or his family. On the other hand, businesses can damage not only their own but also their partners’ businesses.

To put it merely, cybercrime is an act of crime perpetrated by computers and the Internet, and the methods and objectives of such attacks are very different, as are the attackers, malicious individuals, and organized hacking groups. For some of the most common cyber threats, many internet users have undoubtedly heard. (It’s better to listen to them than experience them on your skin, that is, your hardware/software). Many attacks are aimed at stealing passwords to access online services, retrieve user identities (email and chat accounts, social media profiles), take control of a user’s device (computer, home router), and misuse of hardware for further hacking activities. A huge threat not only to business but also to private Internet users is the “hijacking” of the domain name, which can then be misused in various ways.

It is extremely important for employees to keep an eye on the codes they use, to be unique to each service, and to change them frequently, and above all, multifactor authentication is more than desirable. The company needs to control access to systems and devices, the laptop can easily be stolen, and access to business data or applications should not go with it. Each employee should have his / her user credentials and his / her access to the system and information should be restricted to the activity he/she performs. The highest level of system access authorization should only be given to a trusted IT staff. It is not enough to reduce the risk of the human factor alone, it is necessary to protect the machine and the system with current versions of security software, to keep constant updates on the latest versions of all software, including operating systems and browsers. A continuous backup of at least the most important data is required, preferably every week.

Password Upgrade With Password Managers
Password Upgrade With Password Managers

One way to protect and secure the Internet is to use a password manager that has several benefits. The service does not need to use the same password in every place, they do not have to make mistakes in the set or accidentally send someone a combination. The prime example of this kind of password manager is Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault. This security tool provides its users with dark web protection, apps for mobile, web and desktop, browser extension, and even an encrypted chat service for your business or personal use. Find out more about this tool reading this review from an expert. A manager allows you to lock important information when you think you have been hacked and better motivated to take care of your security. Security, simplicity, authorization, auto-completion of forms on websites and work with online shopping. Two authentication factors, the ability to share passwords if a user has lost access to their accounts and, most importantly, a function, through which you can change several passwords in ten localities with just a few clicks. It also notifies the user if one of the resources used by them has been hacked and can install new unique passwords independently.

For comparison, the probability of guessing a typical 4-digit password is from 1 to. You must enter an access code or password for additional security checks. To increase security, you can choose a long and complex alphanumeric password. The database can be configured to access multiple users as well as export as text. The manager has a built-in password generator that can check the uniqueness and security of each of the combinations used. It also allows you to use the car kit in applications, dialogues, and other forms where you previously had to copy or copy manually. Users have noted their interface and ease of use: it is merely nice to work with a manager.

A good password manager not only does the whole job for the user but puts the user at the beginning of password management. Password managers are a good choice for those who need flexible access. It is possible to generate random passwords, create specific passwords, create passwords automatically. Passwords can be grouped by self-created categories such as finance, social networks, sports, games, mail, etc. Data can be synchronized across platforms. Main features: complex password encryption; multiplatform support, multi-layer password management; savings and import functions; security monitoring; mobile and web autocomplete.

Prevent Your Devices From Intruders Using Password Managers
Prevent Your Devices From Intruders Using Password Managers

Above all, the most important thing is that users are not light-hearted and take “where they click” accounts. A staggering number of people are still getting caught up in a scam called “Nigerian Prince” (which is a classic phishing attack), that is, a story about good credit, an inheritance from abroad, an emergency cash transaction to help an old friend and the like. Also, individuals very unhappily publish personal information, photos, address, location, and can easily fall victim to an attack called “social engineering.” Although we live in a world where oversharing is online, we need to be at least aware that such behavior carries certain risks.

Online shopping is slowly becoming commonplace; however, having more successful purchases from trusted sites does not mean that the user is forever safe from fraud. Before embarking on a new transaction, you need to make sure that the e-commerce company is registered, which is quickly done by querying the Business Registers Agency. Particular caution should be exercised with websites in “exotic” domains. Domain names that register for free or with minimal fees are often misused for spamming or phishing attacks. These are just a few guidelines that can help both private and business users use the Internet more securely and maximize their presence on the Internet.

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