Is Tor Safe?

For many users, Tor has become a household name. Over the past years, it has become apparent on multiple occasions that Tor’s security suffers from some severe problems. So is Tor safe? The answer is yes, you can use Tor to surf anonymously. However, TechNinjaPro strongly discourage you from using Tor for online protection. Tor browser works perfect when used in conjunction with other tools like a virtual private network. It is a guaranteed safe approach to stay anonymous on the internet.

What is Tor?

Tor is open-source, free software that helps you stay anonymous online. It is known as the Onion Router. Its name is a nod to a real onion, comprised of layers akin to the layers of encryption used in Tor. Tor browser was initially created by the United States to protect private communications but has evolved substantially since then. Tor is an internet browser that enables any internet user to improve their online privacy. Tor is also known for offering access to the deep web.

Tor was developed by the Tor Project, a non-profit firm in the US. They conducted research surrounding online privacy and anonymity and developed their free, open-source software for internet users worldwide. Users turn to Tor for many reasons, and the Tor project advertises their browser does the following:

  • Stops surveillance and prying eyes.
  • Blocks trackers by clearing internet history and cookies after each session.
  • Stops fingerprinting or identification based on browser or device.
  • Encrypts Internet traffic to protect it.
  • Offers access to unrestricted internet to browse freely.

The Tor browser provides users an improved level of privacy by utilizing encryption and a broad network of servers owned by volunteers worldwide. The Tor browser relays your internet traffic or passes it through various servers before delivering it to its final destination.

How Tor Works

Tor is a particular internet browser that anonymizes your internet traffic. Your information is sent past multiple Tor computers. With this method, the internet browser makes sure that outsiders cannot see where that data came from and where it is going. In other words, it makes it difficult for sites and governments to link your internet browsing behavior back to you. At every stop Tor uses to cloak your data, an additional layer of encryption is added or removed, depending on how the internet traffic goes. Therefore, using Tor should result in a secure and anonymous internet experience.

Using Tor is not illegal. Many users use Tor to speak freely about political issues without having to fear getting prosecuted for it.

Why Do People Use the Tor Browser?

Why Use TOR

People select to use Tor for many reasons. Most of these reasons center on getting a better internet experience and may include:

  • Enhance online privacy
  • Protect their connection, data, and information.
  • Bypass censorship, blocks, or firewalls
  • Send private files
  • Access the deep web or even the dark web.
  • Use Tor hidden services.

It can be combined with other popular security programs to guard private information being transmitted across the internet. Tor can be used to access illegal internet markets and other illegal activities.

How To Use Tor Browser to Access the Dark Web

The dark web is an underground part of the internet where you can access data anonymously. It permits you to browse the dark web, including websites created specifically for it. The dark web is often thought of as a haven for illegal activities. The best way to guard yourself against dangers is by using Tor with a virtual private network.

To find the websites you are looking for and avoid falling into a scam, you need to do some basic research. Onion websites are not indexed by Google, but you can find directories of them online. Once you have identified and verified the URLs of the website you need to visit, using the Tor to access the dark web is simple.

Is Tor Safe? Strengths and weaknesses of the Onion Router

Is Tor Safe

Tor promotes privacy and security but is Tor safe to use? To answer this query, we need to step and simplify what is meant by the word “safe.” The Tor browser is itself is safe and often listed among the most protected browsers. In several instances, US organizations have identified sources of traffic or traced activity back to specific individuals on the Tor network.

NSA owned several Tor nodes, which means they had access to the internet traffic passing through the nodes and could easily see who was using them. Bad nodes can be exposed and compromise the Tor browser’s security, and people owning those nodes have been known to sell the internet traffic going through them.

As Tor is an open-source browser, most problems are fixed up as soon as they are identified. When accessing the Tor browser, it is essential to note that one significant use for Tor is to access the dark web.

Best VPNs for Tor

Many VPNs are available in the market, claiming that they can provide excellent quality in Tor. However, a small number of virtual private network services can protect you from malicious Onion exit nodes while covering your Tor activities from your local ISP. You can use the below listed best VPNs for safely operating the Tor browser:


Like all internet browser, Tor has its fair share of weaknesses that needs constant enhancement. However, no other internet browser available can offer you the protection and encryption you need to browse the dark web.


While Tor does a lot to make sure your anonymity, it is not 100% protected. There are a few errors in the system that could expose your IP address and other data to unknown parties, and the fact that you are using Tor would not be hidden. You can evade these security issues by using Tor in combination with a virtual private network. A reliable VPN works smoothly with Tor and offers excellent connection speeds.

To install the Tor browser, all you have to do is go to Tor’s official website and download the updated version for your OS. Tor is currently available for OS X, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Yes, the Tor browser is free to download and use. Tor browser is free to distribute without specific permission, as long as you follow Tor’s license. The US government partially funds it, and its servers are completely volunteer-operated.

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