How to Give Two Weeks’ Notice (Examples Included)?

Writing two week Notice

A two-week notice is a written statement of your intention to resign two weeks after the date you send it. It is the standard time frame for resignation in the U.S.

A letter of notice for two weeks is your chance to quit a job professionally and constructively. This letter is seen as a common courtesy and a prerequisite, in some instances, to resign from the position formally.

What is a notice for two weeks?

There are many explanations why you would want to leave your present job or need to. When you resign, it is customary to give your employer at least two weeks’ notice about your imminent departure.

This period gives you time to fulfill your current job duties, tell your executives and colleagues how to execute some of your job duties once you’re gone and say goodbye to your colleagues professionally and optimistically. It also allows the employer time to open up a place to fill the job or make other arrangements.

Notice for two weeks
Notice for two weeks

Before giving notice, it is necessary to check your employment contract if your business has other resignation guidelines. A two-week notice letter may be required to officially resign your position so you can access the sample at CocoSign.

CocoSign is indeed an resign solution that enables users to sign any documents electronically through all types of e-devices via smartphones, computers, Macs. It has 800+ templates for business as well as individual use. One can access them after merely signing up for an account.

How to write a quick two-week letter of notice?

Find the following instructions when you prepare to draft your letter of resignation:

  • Start by including the name, date, address, and subject line of your character.
  • State the resignation of yours
  • Have the date of the last day you were on
  • Provide a brief motive for resignation (optional)
  • Attach a declaration of appreciation
  • Wrap up with steps to take
  • Close with a signature for you

Although a letter of resignation is different, it is better to finish with appreciation on a positive note or something personal about your time with the company to leave a good impression. Instead of writing yourself, you can get ready to use a template from CocoSign’s library and customize them according to your needs.

Coco Sign
Coco Sign

Two Weeks Notice Samples

1. Simple Two Weeks’ Notice of Resignation Letter Sample

You can be at a loss on dealing with the topic with your boss while considering resigning from your job. But no matter what, you should write a resignation letter that outlines your departure specifics. To properly leave your work, you will need a letter containing all of the basics. This includes your name and address and the name of the organization, address, and name of the recipient. Don’t miss your letter to date!

A concise letter is suitable for circumstances where:

  1. Your boss is not very comfortable with you.
  2. You want to use a neutral tone.
  3. In your message, you do not feel the need to give a justification.

2. Study Sample Formal Two Weeks’ Notice of Resignation Letter

With a more sophisticated tone than a simple letter format, a formal resignation letter is designed for you to tender your resignation. If you work in more traditional work culture, use this type of message.

If your boss usually interacts formally with you and your colleagues, this type of letter works. However, a formal letter would be too stiff if you feel like you know your boss well.

Align the tone with the situation when writing a resignation letter. Include your name and address and the name of the organization, address, and character of the recipient. Even, don’t forget to date it!

A formal letter is suitable for circumstances in which:

  1. The work environment underlines formality and professionalism.
  2. With your boss, you’re formal but want to show respect.
  3. In your message, you do not feel the need to give a justification.

3. Skilled Note of Resignation Letter Sample for Two Weeks

If you are in an industry where your reputation is a deciding factor for potential jobs, or if you feel like you will work with your boss or organization again in a professional way, a professional resignation letter is ideal.

When you decide to quit a business, these letters demonstrate respect for your employer. Not only does the letter communicate clearly when you depart (giving the manager enough time), but it also helps you to express your appreciation for the opportunities you have been given.

Note that your name and address must be included, followed by the date, business name, address, and name of the addressee.

  1. A specialist letter is suitable for circumstances in which:
  2. You are in an environment in which your professional associations are central to your career.
  3. You feel somewhat relaxed showing your boss real positive feelings.
  4. In your message, you do not feel the need to give a justification.


Before leaving, some businesses financially penalize workers who refuse to send two weeks’ notice (or more, check the company handbook), but more frequently, it is just common courtesy.

Letting your employer know that you intend to quit your job in advance helps them to begin a systematic process of offboarding, establish a transition plan, and probably start looking for your replacement, all at a steady rate.

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