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In case you’ve Realtek Audio drivers installed on the program of yours well, then you’ll additionally have Realtek Audio Manager on the product of yours also. Realtek Audio Manager offers different choices for changing the audio settings. Nevertheless, you will find instances in which you will not be ready to start the Realtek Audio Manager. This may happen to anybody, and you do not need to make an inevitable shift to cause this.

Owners that purchased a brand new pc or even fitted the Windows (and installed Realtek Drivers) are generally the target of this particular issue. However, it is not specific to that specific set of drivers. In this particular problem, you will not have the ability to locate the Realtek Audio Manager. It will not appear on the method tray or even in the Control Panel or even in the job Manager.

For many, it may appear in one of those places, but they will not be ready to open it. Even in case, you visit the site where Realtek Audio Manager executable file is situated, double-clicking the data won’t open anything. Thus, the main point here is the fact that you will not notice the Realtek Audio Manager somewhere on the device, and also, in case you do see Realtek Audio Manager, opening it (double-clicking) won’t do anything.

The most popular reason behind this is the drivers. In case your owners did not mount effectively or maybe your drivers got corrupted, then your Realtek Audio Manager could act this way. In many instances, a driver update or perhaps a Windows update can try to have prompted this particular problem.

Quick Fix

Here is a Quick fix for the Realtek Audio Manager:

Often, the problem could be together with the Windows plus Microsoft releases new updates each month with assorted small fixes. Therefore, make sure you’ve installed all of the Windows updates. When your system has installed all of the Windows Updates, check and reboot in case the situation is repaired or not.

In case you merely can’t locate the Realtek Audio Manager and wondering just how to open it then perform the following:

  • Hold Windows magic formula and press R
  • Press and type C: Program FilesRealtekAudioHDA Enter Locate and double click on the file.exe
  • This could start the Realtek Audio Manager for you. In case this works next just right click on the exe file and choose to Create shortcut.
  • Move the shortcut on the desktop.
  • This can allow it to be easier for you to operate it.

Recover the Missing

To fix the Realtek Audio manager, you have to follow this.

On earlier versions of the Windows OS (Windows seven, Windows eight, and Windows 8.1), the Realtek HD Audio Manager functions just great. The sound problems with Windows ten build 1903 have been more rampant than ever.

The Realtek HD Audio Driver boasts of assistance for Dolby sound, Dolby’s Digital Theater Systems (DTS), Surround Sound, six-channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), and some to enhance your PC’s audio performance set up a notch.

In the hunt for a fix, I learned that many really a selection of Windows ten customers are also going through the very same dilemma. Digging much more in-depth, it seems that the newest version (v2.82) on the Realtek HD Audio Driver is buggy on the Windows ten platform. That triggers HD Audio Manager to hide out from the taskbar. On several PCs, it does not launch/open the HD Audio Manager at all.

The key to resolving the missing Realtek HD Audio Manager would be to uninstall the newest edition (v 2.82). Next, you’ve two options – reinstall a reduced variation or maybe the latest version by fetching it from Realtek’s site.

1. Uninstall the Older Version

You can do this directly from the Device Manager. You can find the Realtek Audio manager under the Sound, video, and game controllers section.

Uninstall Older Version - Device Manager
Uninstall Older Version – Device Manager

After uninstalling the older version, this time to install the new version. Here is how you can do that.

2. Install the Fresh Version

The next thing is installing the bug-free version (v2.81) on the Realtek HD Audio Driver, which will come with a purposeful Audio Manager. The edition is not offered on Realtek’s official site, though I managed to download the assembly from Filehippo, a reliable place for application downloads.

We endorse you to check out your computer’s motherboard maker’s website for the newest sound owners for your motherboard’s model. The very same thing is right for laptop models also.

Uninstall drivers

In case you began going through this problem once you updated the drivers and then the issue may be the newest version of the car owner. A great deal of the times, the more recent version has some bug that triggers these kinds of problems. There’s an alternative in the device manager, which allows you to roll to the prior version of the car owner. The measures for turning back your owners are given below.

  • Hold Windows magic formula and press R Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
  • Locate and double click Sound, video & game controllers Double click your sound card driver Choose the Driver tab and ensure that it stays open.
  • Click on the button Roll Back Driver… and also stick to the on-screen steps.
  • In case this choice is greyed out, and then there is not anything that you can do.
  • The sole option you’ve would be to uninstall the drivers and allow the Windows to get the drivers automatically.

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Now Install Drivers from Microsoft Update Catalog

Install from Windows Update Catalog
Install from Windows Update Catalog

In case you started to go through the issue after adding the Windows update, then this process will repair the problem. There are plenty of situations in which a Windows Update introduces a bug that triggers a problem with additional apps or maybe individuals. And so, using the drivers from the Microsoft Update Catalog will correct this particular issue.

  • Click and obtain the version most ideal for you. Just click the Download button before the choice, which is designed for you.
  • A brand new window will open. Click on the hyperlink provided in that window and help save the file.
  • Navigate towards the location in which you wish to acquire the items in the file.
  • Right-click somewhere in the empty room and choose New, then select Folder. Name this folder anything you like and press Enter.
  • Right-click the downloaded file and select Extract files…
  • Click Browse and choose the spot in which you wish to acquire the items in the file. This could be the Folder that you created in phase three.
  • Click Ok Today, you have to disconnect the web. This’s since we are going to uninstall the existing drivers, and we do not wish for Windows to reinstall the drivers for us. We want to set up the drivers we downloaded manually.
  • Hold Windows magic formula and press R Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
  • Right-click the online connection of yours and select Disable or perhaps Connect/Disconnect option. Hold Windows magic formula and press R Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter to start the unit Manager.
  • Locate and double click Sound, video & game controllers Right-click your Realtek HD sound device Select Uninstall and verify any more prompts Reboot Hold out for all the Windows to start up once again.
  • Hold Windows magic formula and press R Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter Locate and double click Sound, video & game controllers
  • Right-click your Realtek HD sound device Select Update Driver Software…
  • Select Browse the pc of mine for driver software.
  • Click Browse and navigate on the place of the Folder, which has the items in the downloaded driver.
  • Select this particular Folder and also click Open Click Next as well as follow any more on-screen instructions.
  • After the owners are installed, restart the device, and you ought to be all set. You can enable the web, and everything must be working regularly.


So this is how you fix the Realtek Audio Manager. Just follow the steps, and you are good to go. Moreover, for the future, you must have antivirus in your PC installed to prevent such situations.

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