Best Ways To Watch Game of Thrones Online Free (All Seasons)

Game of Thrones is one of those seasons that has gone down in history like a legend. That’s why you need to know right now the best ways to watch Game of Thrones online for free. You cannot just leave it now; you will have to watch it again and again until the day you die, as per the addictive nature of GOT.

From time to time, all of us come to the internet in search of our favorite shows to watch online for free. However, it’s not always a surprise that our search turns into a deadly hunt as we are not that familiar with watching TV shows online for free. So, the rewatching and marathons of our beloved TV shows all go down the drain because of this unfortunate turn of events.

GOT Fandom

Being a fan of Game of Thrones, you must know that it is among the most popular TV shows in the world. If you do not watch the entire Game of Thrones series, you may be missing out on different character growth and character development that will directly affect the storyline and plot. In any case, not knowing something could end up backfiring on you when it comes to your goals for watching the series online. Thus, there are plenty of ways to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 free online.

However, we at TechNinjaPro recommend using a VPN service for this purpose. Using an anonymous IP address such as IPVanish to stream free movies in a safe and private environment is the best way to enjoy movies online for free.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Watching Games of Thrones Online for FREE


Following are a few benefits of Watching GOT Online for free:

Exploration of New TV Shows One of the biggest benefits of watching Game of Thrones free online is, you will get the chance to explore new TV shows that were a hit during their times. With access to watch Games of Thrones online free, you can go on to revisit and re-watch all of your favorite movies that you never had the time to watch again.
Availability On having the access and availability of watching GOT free, you can utilize that accessibility to start watching your all-time favorite hits one by one from the comfort of your own home.
Satisfaction Your satisfaction after watching Game of Thrones online free on the platforms of your computer, desktop, and mobile devices will make your satisfaction level grow as you will be watching your favorite TV shows online by laying in your bed thus giving you massive satisfaction and comfort level. You can even download it on your computer (it can be an episode or the entire season of your beloved TV show) and stay satisfied.


Let us enlist a few drawbacks of the topic under discussion i.e. watching movies online for free.

Spam Websites It is not a surprise to all of us that streaming sites are full of spam ratings and high spam scores. This means that going on these streaming sites to watch TV shows online for free can present an invite to computer viruses. So, you have to make sure that you are connecting via a secure network to avoid getting your devices hacked or blocked by malware.
Piracy One of the great drawbacks of watching or downloading anything from the internet especially TV shows and movies which is copyrighted content. What you will see during your browsing scenario is that some of the websites do restrict content that has copyright issues. So, in the end, you can approach an online streaming pathway at your own risk.
Internet Will Get Slow/More Data Usage If you watch Game of Thrones online free, you must be ready to face the slow internet speed as per the reason that streaming high-quality videos requires a lot of data to perform smoothly and give you a streamlined output.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Game of Thrones

To watch this hit show, you need a VPN to watch Game of Thrones. This is especially true if you are traveling abroad and want to keep up with the latest episodes.

If you have ever watched Game of Thrones, you know how frustrating it can be when you have to wait an entire week between episodes. And since it often seems like every person on the planet is turning into the same episode simultaneously, it can also be challenging to find a working stream that actually loads.

But imagine if you lived in a country where HBO was not even available. How would you keep up with your favorite characters? The answer could be a virtual private network.

A VPN helps you mask your true IP address and location by routing your Internet traffic through a remote server of your choice. So, even though your actual IP address might tie you back to your home country, a VPN allows you to use one from another country so that streaming service thinks that is where you are located.

Of course, not every streaming service will work with every VPN provider. Some are more successful than others at bypassing geo-restrictions, so it is essential to do your research before signing up for one.

How to Watch Game of Thrones With a VPN From Anywhere

You can use virtual private network services to bypass geo-restrictions by connecting to a server located in a particular country. In this situation, you will need a VPN service to connect to a US server to watch HBO Max. Using a virtual private network service is simple. But if you are new to VPN services, TechNinjaPro have you covered.

Step-By-Step Guide to Watch Game of Thrones with a VPN

  1. Download and install a virtual private network. Once you have signed up with a virtual private network.
  2. Connect to a US server. Your VPN app will have a list of server locations you can pick from. You will have to connect to a US server to use HBO Max.
  3. Access HBO Max. Get your streaming credentials and open the HBO Max site to stream Game of Thrones.

Best VPNs to Watch Game of Thrones Online

A virtual private network with excellent connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions imposed by streaming services makes for a perfect streaming experience. TechNinjaPro has an in-depth blog covering the best VPNs for streaming, where you will find more about the streaming features you should look for and VPN services that have them. 

Top Sites To Watch Games of Thrones Free

According to what we have discussed above, we have top sites you can use to watch Game of Thrones free online. These options will allow you to watch GOT free. Go through all of these options thoroughly and see what will be the best option for you.


The weight that Game of Thrones holds, i.e. the sheer size of this pop-culture legendary TV show is pretty heavy. Not all of us can download and keep this massive series on our computer all the time because of the storage space issues.

Thus, in this case, online streaming is the best-case scenario for the majority of us where we can quench our GOT thirst. This makes streaming online TV shows one of the most popular options for ‘Thronies’ to watch their most adored TV shows.

Now coming to the other side of the wall of watching movies online for free, the majority of the streaming websites are streaming copyrighted content without the proper licenses and thus, illegally. This puts you in a place where you might become a moral culprit of breaking the law.

In addition to illegal content getting streamed online, another issue that you might face while being online at a streaming site is the risk of getting your computer affected by viruses. You should install antivirus software on your devices before going on these sites. Also, install an ad blocker as most of the streaming sites create a mess by bombarding your computer with ads.

Another way you could go to take some protective measures while using the online streaming platform is by hiding your IP address (Internet Protocol) by using a simple VPN (Virtual Primary Network).

You will not have to worry about your online privacy as VPN is made to hide your actions. Thus, you will not be detected online easily while streaming movies or your favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones online for free.

  1. WatchSeries
  2. FMovies
  3. YesMovies
  4. TVBox
  5. SeeHD

1. WatchSeries


You are going to be familiar with this online streaming site called WatchSeries.

You just need to register by signing up and getting access to several open links for all of the episodes of Game of Thrones. Furthermore, you will see that their library is made up of a massive collection of movies and TV shows available online completely for free for you.

There is a very minor chance that you are not going to find what you are looking for on this website.

2. FMovies


If you are still wondering where to watch Game of Thrones free? Then, FMovies is the best platform for you to go for. It has a very smooth and smart interface where everything is organized in a proper fashion of library and categories. They have all the genres available and even suggest trending TV shows and movies to you based upon your location.

Another beautiful feature that FMovies have is that it allows you to filter the movie options following their IMDb. So, if you do not hold an HBO subscription, FMovies is the best option for you.

3. YesMovies


While hunting for the best available ways for you to watch Game of Thrones online free we found YesMovies to be a very trustworthy online streaming site.

Just like its competitors, YesMovies also have a very massive collection of movies and TV shows to choose from. It holds all the seasons of Game of Thrones on its website that you can watch online laying on your bed.

The update of TV shows is consistent and the recent episodes are continuously added. Besides, if you subscribe to their notification, they will send you a notification once a new episode is released of your favorite TV show.

4. TvBox

TvBox is another popular online streaming website where you can watch all the latest episodes of Games of Thrones for free in HD. Also, you do not need to do any registration. To watch Games of Thrones on TvBox, click on the thumbnail, and it will display you the list of all the episodes. TvBox also shows you a list of servers where you can watch an episode of Games of Thrones for free. Like other streaming sites, you can also watch some of the latest and favorite shows and movies on this website.

5. SeeHD

SeeHD is also another tv show and movie streaming website to watch Game of Thrones for free. This is the website to view all the favorite episodes of Games of Thrones and other performances in HD. The best thing about the streaming site is that all the content is available in high-quality, and you can watch for free. You also do not have to register to watch tv shows and movies online for free.

As a free video streaming website, you will find some ads and popups on this website. But, the quality of content will make you stick and watch the episodes of Game of Thrones on this website.


If you are one of those people who have a lot of space on your computers and you don’t mind getting your storage filled up, then you can simply download the episode of GOT for free via Torrents.

The best thing about downloading Movies and TV Shows through Torrents is this, you will always get the chance of downloading your favorite content in the highest quality possible. Additionally, it is the best category to watch movies online as told by the experts.

This method is preferred by some of the users instead of online streaming as you wouldn’t have to face the issue of continuous buffering. The best way according to some users to Watch Game of Thrones Online Free is to download full episodes so you can have a streamlined experience like the GOT show itself.

Here are a few best torrent websites that you can go to and download your favorite movies and TV Shows:

  1. LimeTorrents
  2. Kickass Torrents
  3. The Pirate Bay

1. LimeTorrents


This website has a very wide range of torrent collections of Movies and TV Shows. It contains a massive library of digital media, containing TV shows, movies, games, and music.

Lime Torrents is blocked in some of the countries although it is not a problem as we can use VPN to access this website.

2. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents
Kickass Torrents

Almost everyone in the world is familiar with Kickass Torrents also referred to as KAT. It is one of the original torrent websites that was initially launched in 2008, and in 2016 the owner of Kickass Torrents was arrested as downloading the pirated content online is still considered illegal.

Even after this incident, Kickass Torrent has maintained its status as one of the best torrent sites out there. The large database of Kickass Torrents makes it a top contender among all of the torrent sites.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

One torrent website that has always faced shutdowns and hurdles, is The Pirate Bay. It is also referred to as TPB and has a massive selection of torrents that you can use to watch Game of Thrones online for free.

Is Downloading Torrent Safe?

Good torrent sites are very easy to find and similar to online streaming, torrent is not completely legal. Therefore, people recommend dealing with caution whenever you are downloading any kind of torrents from anywhere.

You can use a VPN for the protection of your internet access when it comes to downloading a torrent. Besides, several of these torrent websites do not have access to some countries thus, you can use mirror sites that act as alternatives and give you access to certain torrent websites.

If you think that we are done after telling you about the two most popular ways of watching movies online for free, i.e. via online streaming and torrents, then you are wrong. There is a third way that you can go to watch Game of Thrones online for free.

Telegram. It is a messaging app and has features similar to social media platforms. It is majorly used for conducting chats, conferences, etc, and is considered as an alternative to WhatsApp. In addition to all of this, Telegram is a beautiful resource for movies, music, and video media as well. This makes it very outstanding in comparison to Whatsapp.

Join any of the Telegram channels/groups to get the latest news and episode of Game of Thrones:

  • Quality Movies
  • Game of Thrones (GOT) @cc_Go
  • Movie Walker
  • I Love GOT
  • Vikings Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Torrent Sites Safe?

Good Torrent websites are easy enough to find. Just like streaming sites, torrenting is not necessarily a valid means of legally accessing digital media. So, it is recommended to step with caution when downloading any media through torrents. Similarly, TechNinjaPro suggests using a virtual private network to protect your internet access regarding torrenting.

Is there any way to watch Game of Thrones for free?

Yes, there are many ways to watch Game of Thrones for free. TechNinjaPro has listed many websites and torrents where all the seasons of Game of Thrones are available.

Where to watch all seasons of Games of Thrones for free?

You can watch all seasons of Games of Thrones for free online on:

  • WatchSeries
  • FMovies
  • YesMovies
  • TVBox
  • SeeHD
On which app can I watch Games of Thrones for free?

You can watch Games of Thrones on the following applications for free:

  • HBO GO
  • BuzzFeed
  • Caviar
  • Audible
  • Reddit
Does Amazon Prime stream Games of Thrones on their platform?

You cannot watch GoT on Amazon Prime as the platform does not have the license to stream Games of Thrones. You’ll need access to HBO for the streaming of GoT.

Where can I watch Games of Thrones online for free in the cheapest way possible?

Well, the cheapest way to watch GoT online free is on HBO platforms. HBO NOW is the best way to go for Apple users and HBO GO is the best option for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.


So, concluding the debate of best ways to watch Game of Thrones online free, we can safely say that there are multiple ways that we can adapt to watch GOT free online. It can Online Streaming, Torrents Download, or even on social media apps like Telegram.

Just be careful as watching pirated content online can cause issues for you if your country strictly adheres to the laws of streaming copyrighted content.

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