Best 4k Addons for Kodi Working in 2021

Best 4K Kodi Addons

If you want to stream 4k movies and videos on your Kodi, you need 4k supported addons, and we will provide you that right here. We have handpicked a lot of Best 4k Addons for Kodi working in 2021.

These days You’ll discover Working Best 4K Kodi Addons for Streaming Movies, TV shows, and Live Sports in the following mention list. A much more critical factor is that these are the best working Kodi addons. These top-rated add-ons provide every genre obtainable from across the site, from channels of the trending cinematic video releases to well-known sports content channels. Kodi TV addons come and go each morning, so keeping up-to-date typically appears entirely worthless. As is expected, any choice of the best Kodi addons can lead to healthy debate at very best, and so don’t believe that this subjective family is the end game. We’ve decided to bring you a summary of the absolute best 4K Kodi addons for films in 2021. We’ll be working with the excellent 4K Kodi addons in this post though we are going to go much more than that as well.

Apart from sharing fully working 4K Kodi addons and the means of their installation, we will try to help you realize what 4K means. Not every device has the possibility of playing high-resolution media files; that’s precisely why we are going to try to resolve some doubts. We understand the annoyance of yours in finding addons that still work. The truth is the fact that Kodi addons can be somewhat undependable, and it’s also an excellent option to have alternatives. We did our work and evaluated many Kodi addons as we wished to look for completely working addons as of January 2021.

Warning: Do not use Kodi Addon without VPN if your Country has a law about pirated content. Most countries do have that law. So if you watch pirated movies online, you commit a crime, and thus you can get into trouble. By using the best VPN, you can hide your IP address and location. Therefore your ISP will never get to know what you are watching.

Best 4k addons for Kodi 2021

Here is a list of all the best Kodi addons that support movies and streaming in 4k. Let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Pluto. TV

Pluto.TV - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Pluto.TV – Best 4K Kodi Addons

Pluto.TV has existed for many years now if those in the US have the means to enjoy free TV online. At the moment, Pluto.TV has over 100+ routes together with a significant library of on-demand movies. This’s made possible via partnerships with major TV networks and also movie studios. With this said, we think the platform will grow at a fast speed in the long term, and that helps make it among the must-haves on the planet of Kodi addons.

Additionally, you must understand that Pluto.TV does things somewhat differently. Rather than providing you with regular TV stations, you’ll get 24/7 live streams associated with particular genres and things (like action and horror movies, comedies, and) that are similar.

2. Exodus Redux

Repo URL Address: Link

Exodus Redux - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Exodus Redux – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via Exodus Redux Addons? Movies, TV shows, and Documentaries. We’re speaking about an addon known as Exodus Redux. It’s the latest and currently well-liked Exodus fork, as well as we believe you’re likely to appreciate it. The same as several other suggestions present in this guide, Exodus Redux is without having a 4K section. Although, as you tap on virtually any TV or film shows, the addon will check for 4K HD links. When there is a 4K title accessible, you will see soon enough one or perhaps others.

3. The Crew

Repo URL address: Link

The Crew - Best 4K Kodi Addons
The Crew – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via The Crew Addons? Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Live Sports, IPTV channels, Fitness Videos, Radio, Stand-up Comedy.

Beware of streaming copyrighted contents with The Crew. Almost all content readily available via Kodi addons can be copyrighted, which may be opposed to the laws of the nation of yours. To easily stream via Kodi, you ought to have a VPN to alter the IP address of yours and also to remain unidentified.

4. Venom

Repo URL address: Link

Venom - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Venom – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via Venom? Movies and TV shows.

We’ve seen Venom rising the ranks. It’s the copy of Exodus that uses the layer of the popular add on. It all depends on next-generation scrapers, includes numerous contents, and also combines with third party services. Far apart from various other Kodi addons on this List, Venom doesn’t possess your own 4K area, Although, when you tap on any film Title, the add on will browse the Web for accessible sources. Before participating in the film, you will get to choose between a few Resolutions with 4K included.

5. Nole Cinema

Repo URL address: Link

Nole Cinema - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Nole Cinema – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via Nole Cinema? Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Anime, and Stand-up Comedy Specials.

When you would like to enjoy films, we firmly believe that you’ll seldom find higher Kodi addons than Nole Cinema. When you decide to do this addon by yourself, you will see the root cause of its admiration. Nole Cinema comes with thirty plus many film categories, possible from its home screen. As you realize, there’s a completely devoted and dedicated area for 4K movies, too, known as 4K Community. At present, you will find 200 plus titles with these. Although, you discover you are going to need an excellent Debrid account to stream those.

6. Seren

Repo URL address: Link

Seren - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Seren – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via Seren? Movies and TV shows.

Seren in the List of ours probably the Best 4K Kodi addons is due to the dependency of its on high-quality Web scrapers. Different from other addons, this applies to services like Real Premiumize and Debrid. Hence prove, you’ll undoubtedly find lots of 4K Movies with these. If you’ve such an account, this’s the means to make use of its benefits. You must also realize that Seren is now in beta, so await a lot of changes. At present, you are going to find both TV and film shows here. Though there’s no specific 4K category, many titles out there here are available in 4K. After you tap on a name, Seren is going to show a summary of findings, and you’ll take a look at what you should expect even before the hunt is completed.

7. ReleaseBB

Repo URL address: Link

Release BB - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Release BB – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via ReleaseBB? Movies and TV shows.

ReleaseBB is a recently released Kodi addon that’s about films and TV shows. It is made by a developer whose name we today begin to see pointed out frequently. His present to the Kodi community is ReleaseBB that provides you with a method to enlarge your library. When you open the films section, you are going to find roundabout fourteen categories right now. These classified films rely on their video quality, and that means that 4K UHD is on the List too. Based on the potential of your Web link, you can furthermore view 1080p and 720p movies.

8. IT

Repo URL address: Link

IT - Best 4K Kodi Addons
IT – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via IT? Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, and YouTube Video Music.

It’s among the new Movie addons for Kodi, in addition to among the trending styles. It’s an immediate successor to 13Clowns Video and doesn’t available at this time. You can use it to watch films, documentaries, cartoons, TV shows, Netflix Series, and far more. Think about what we’re speaking about 4K content; you must understand IT has its own 4K list. At the same moment, you are going to find around 150 and many more titles are there. A lot of them can enjoy it without scratching it in case you have an accurate Debrid account.

9. Limitless

Repo URL address: Link

Limitless - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Limitless – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via Limitless? Movies, TV shows, cartoons, Live Sports, and IPTV channels.

Next, we have a currently released addon named Limitless. This Kodi addon originates from a repository called Luxury, which is entirely new. Even though its goal is providing IPTV channels, there is an extensive movie area as well. When you open the category with movies, you will see an excellent list of subcategories. It allows you to pin down your search to particular movie genres, dates of release, actors, etc. It’s also where you will find your own 4K segment that can be used by Real Debrid users. You will discover ninety-plus 4K movies here at this particular time, so there is considerably more to watch.

10. Scrubs v2

Repo URL address: Link

Scrubs V2 - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Scrubs V2 – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you stream via Scrubs v2? Movies and TV shows.

We needed to eat Scrubs v2 on our List of the very best 4K Kodi addons since it’s one AIO addon right now. It brings movies, documentaries, IPTV, TV shows, and a lot more. In terms of film, you won’t look for your own 4K library. Although you click any film title, plus Scrubs will start to browse the site for free resources. Therefore if there’s a 4K stream accessible, you will see it before you begin browsing the film.

11. The Magic Dragon

Repo URL address: Link

The Magic Dragon - Best 4K Kodi Addons
The Magic Dragon – Best 4K Kodi Addons

What can you browse via The Magic Dragon? Movies, TV shows, Music, Documentaries, Radio, and much more.

We hope that several of you’ve been going with The Pyramid addon. It was probably the most prominent Kodi addons until now, offering just about any content type possible. Nonetheless, it somehow vanished throughout the evening. Though the great news would be that so now we have the next great thing. The Magic Dragon is using the same code as The Pyramid. That’s why these two look the same. Actually, the List contained on the home screen is a lot more the same. You will find films, radio, music, documentaries, TV shows, cartoons so on. When you start the Movies section, you will see a separate segment for 4K films. Simultaneously, more than 150 plus titles await and ensure it is one of the most excellent libraries of high-resolution HD films.

12. Gaia

Gaia - Best 4K Kodi Addons
Gaia – Best 4K Kodi Addons

Gaia is among the earliest addons on Kodi, dating back to 2017, a fork of the first Bubble addon. At present, on its 5th major version, there are a few great reasons to come here to stream 4K films. Gaia is one of the best Kodi addons for 4k streaming.

Their Orion process that they introduced the year reduces streaming time and bandwidth, succeeding quicker to look at large-high-quality 4K content. Gaia is additionally suitable with 10+ premium host providers, and also Usenet. This means far more links, a lot more.

Naturally, best utilized with Real Debrid to obtain the very best backlinks, but also, without it, you’re sure to find the best quality HD link in case you cannot get 4K.


Watching 4k movies is the new normal now. You can enjoy much more details about 4k movies. You can enjoy 4k film using the best 4k addons for Kodi. It was the List of best 4k Kodi addons. If any link provided above is broken, you can ask in the comment section.

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