6 Best Web Design Tips to Create Outstanding Website

Design Tips to Create Outstanding Website

It’s well that- “When it comes to promoting your business’s online presence, there’s no better starting point than a professional, neat, and easy-to-navigate web design.”

If your website design is both appealing and trendy, then you can increase your visitors, speed up your loading speed, and rank higher on google.

Every element in your website owns the power to put your site on the right track. You will be astonished to know that 88% of the people not never return to a site having a bad experience. That’s why organizations join hands with the best web design agency to create responsive websites like a pro.
If you have a website but still it is not making conversions, then you should surely focus on its design.
Are you finding yourself stuck with what your website design is lacking? Are you facing challenges in figuring out what important things to tackle in your website to improve its design?
Need not fret!
Let’s dive into some of the web design tips that will help you in creating personalized and engaging websites.

6 Web Design Tips to create a killer website

Let’s begin…

Use ample white space

Always keep in mind that if your website is too cluttered, then it will be challenging for the visitors to understand the objective behind your website. Yes! Sharing ample content will leave a negative impression on the audience.
So, if your website is too heavy with the content, then it’s time to make it a little light. Try to use enough white space on your website. Many people think that empty or blank space makes the website boring. It’s not the case.
If your website is empty, just like a cloudless sky, then it will not only focus on the main subject but also improves legibility.

Pick appropriate colors

Colors play a huge role in making or breaking your website as they have emotional connotations. It has the power to catch visitors’ eyes and add an appealing effect to the page.
But sometimes, adding color to your website might not always be effective, like in the case of colorful buttons. This is the reason why most successful websites don’t have vibrant colors and mostly focus on simple colors.
If you also want to add the concept of good composition to your website, prefer choosing colors strategically. Try to contrast the colors of text, buttons, CTA’s, etc., with nearby elements on the page. Moreover, to create a consistent website, I would recommend you to firstly create brand guidelines for your website and try to follow them.
Appropriate color usage will surely make your website look appealing and highly clickable.

Another crucial element that takes your website design to the next level is organized navigation. If the navigation of your website is visually prominent, then the opportunity to convert visitors into leads increases.
Say if the navigation interface is confusing and disorganized, then it directly represents the poor design practices of your website. So, instead of overstuffing your website with navigation, give them a reason to stay on your website. If the users can easily find what they are looking for, the probability of staying on the site increases.
Thus, make sure you streamline the navigation of your website so that visitors can have an easy time moving on your site and make the right choice.

Keep it simple

To ensure that your website design stands out from the rest, apply a general tone to your website. As per the research conducted by Google, it is found that visitors do not like complex designs. The more complex your design is, the lesser visitors will stay on your site.
Thus, try to keep your website design as simple as possible. Try using simple words and fonts so that it’s easier for all the visitors to understand. As Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence, also says that-
“Keep it simple! “Cognitive fluency” is a measure of how easily your visitor’s brain processes what they are looking at. When something is difficult to read, we unconsciously find it riskier and/or time-consuming. So, to maximize conversion, use short text, simple fonts, and an easy-to-read design.”
Also, make sure your website design looks the same on all devices. Remember, responsive the website, better the results.

Avoid using Sliders/Carousels

If I am not wrong, then most of the website owners and clients request the features of carousels. But unfortunately, it is not productive and pretty useless. There are very few people who read the entire page that contains sliders and carousels, which further boot the bounce rate of the website.
So, if you want to make extra clicks on your content or website, avoid using sliders/Carousels. Instead, I would recommend you prioritize your scrolling over clicking. By putting everything on one long page, you can see a 30% boost in your conversions. Thus, remove distractions and make people feel overwhelmed with your website.

Use visual elements

Another tip that will surely help you in making your website design eye-catch is by using attractive and clear visual elements. By incorporating photos and graphics that are relevant to your content, you can easily inspire the audience to keep scrolling through your pages and land on purchasing your products/services.
Whenever you add photos, make sure you don’t use stock images. Instead, you can use pictures of your staff, products, services, or work. It will surely give visitors an authentic feel for your brand. So, start improving your website performance by making the best use of visual content.

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The Last Say

Well! Creating an awesome design for your website is not a cakewalk. But if you follow the best practices, then you can surely add an AWW factor to your site.
Hopefully, all the tips mentioned above will surely help you in designing a site that drives powerful results for your business. Still, if you have any problem or want to incorporate some other tip into the above list, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the section below!
Happy website designing!

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