5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Mental Health

Mental Health

In the modern-day, technology is a double-edged sword. While it can help make us productive, it can also be incredibly distracting. With that said, the benefits of technology extend beyond just productivity and can even have a powerful impact on mental health.

Here are five unique benefits of technology for mental health:

  1. Online Therapeutic Platform
  2. Virtual Support Groups
  3. VR Headset Desensitization
  4. Stress Reduction and Meditation Apps
  5. Smartphone Apps Dedicated to Addiction Issues

1. Online Therapeutic Platforms

Like anything else, therapy is beginning to change with the introduction of new technologies. One of the more prominent benefits of technology concerning mental health has been the emergence of teletherapy.

From online schizophrenia test services to therapeutic talk platforms, receiving consultations for mental health has arguably never been easier. With quick sign-up processes, these platforms have made mental health resources more available to all and can assist when life gets challenging.

2. Virtual Support Groups

On the same line of thinking as therapeutic talk platforms, virtual support groups for a variety of mental health-related issues are abundant on the Internet. Sometimes, attending support group meetings in a person’s hometown can be daunting, and a virtual setting is much preferred.

For those with this inclination, attending virtual support group meetings is an excellent way to receive the help they may seek while also building genuine connections with others in similar situations.

3. VR Headset Desensitization

A relatively new technological advancement that is still being developed is virtual reality. Headsets from companies such as Oculus or Hive can be used with virtual reality calming apps such as Deep, which takes players under the ocean for a calming and meditative experience.

Other virtual reality apps are far more focused on the direct improvement of one’s mental health. For example, some therapeutic offices use virtual reality headsets to gradually introduce a patient to the stimulus that causes them anxiety or other emotions. Over time, confronting this stimulus through virtual reality can prepare a person to confront it in real life.

This can have the effect of preparing a person’s brain to handle the stimulus without launching an unwanted emotional reaction. These different types of therapy using virtual reality are only set to advance as the technology continues to develop.

4. Stress Reduction and Meditation Apps

Smartphone applications such as Calm or Headspace are specifically made to be meditative apps. Whether someone is seeking to improve their focus or all-around mindset, these apps are highly reviewed methods for improving mental health.

Certain apps walk you through guided meditation, or you can opt to download an app that focuses specifically on improving your breathing technique. This can help you cultivate a calm mind and improve mental health stress-related issues that a person may have.

5. Smartphone Apps Dedicated to Addiction Issues

Finally, one major way technology can benefit those living with mental health issues is through the use of specific apps. Addiction issues-focused apps emphasize connecting those with addiction issues to certified counselors and therapists.

Whether alcoholism or other substance abuse, these apps are dedicated to helping people stay sober. In times of crisis, a person living with addiction issues may access this app to seek professional support. Some apps also offer full multi-step programs that can help a person track their progress as they learn to overcome substance abuse and improve their mental, as well as physical, health.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and using the resources technology provides to improve your mental health can be beneficial. Take some of the above tips and add them to your daily routine whenever you feel like you require some positive energy.

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