5 best paraphrasing tools to use in 2021 (free & paid)

Paraphrasing Tools

Content is considered the strongest element in various fields. It helps you achieve your goals. For students, content may be several theses, for bloggers it can be any blog post to engage the audience.

People who are up to their established or new businesses need to provide their customers with original product and service information. Unique and comprehensive content is a vital part of any kind of writing, be it an article, blog, or any kind of academic report. This will help you improve your reputation as well as you will not be charged for plagiarism.

It doesn’t matter how good you can write, sometimes unintentionally your content gets matched to someone else’s text. This can damage your image. People would think of your work as copied and uninteresting. Don’t confuse copied and paraphrased content.

Copied and Plagiarized content is when you pick exact phrases of another person and place them on your site. But when you take the concept but write it in your own words it becomes unique.

Rewording tools are the best way to do this work. They are enough efficient and accurate to remove plagiarism and make your content exclusive. The work is being done in a matter of seconds, which saves your time.

What are paraphrasers or paraphrasing tools?

These paraphrasers are also known as article rewriter, sentence changer, rephrase, or content spinner. They are tools with guaranteed results. They provide you with 100% authentic content that you can use anywhere without any risk of getting penalized. These tools help you to make your content unique as well as keeps the original meaning in contact.

Paraphrasing tools offer you different categories to select for rewording the content. It provides you options for modes like fluency, creative and simple. Content is very crucial for building a trust relationship between you and the audience.
By providing you quality content for SEO these tools help you bring in quality web traffic. It will prove to be an essential part of your digital marketing.

These tools also convert your full-length articles into precise ones by using better expressions, words, and phrases. These tools help you remove errors from the content and increase your conversion rate.

How do these tools work?

It is not complex or difficult to use these tools. They just take content, process it, and reword it into entirely new and unique text. It removes plagiarism, word errors and improves the expressions. Many of these tools use AI or other processing algorithms to change expressions, synonyms, sentence structure, and much more.

Your task is just to enter or paste the content rest of the work is done by software. Where these tools are considered extremely important are mentioned below:

  • When you have less time but more content to create.
  • While working on SEO or SEM content to bring in quantity as well as quality web traffic.
  • To avoid getting penalized or charged for plagiarism.
  • To attract as many investors as you can.

Here is a list of some paid and some free paraphrasing tools:

  1. Prepostseo
  2. Check-Plagiarism paraphrasing tool
  3. QuillBot
  4. GoParaphrase
  5. Spinbot
  6. Editpad.org

1. Prepostseo


This is a highly effective tool, easy to use without any complications. It is also free of cost and doesn’t ask you to sign up. This processes your text and starts converting it into whole new content. Go to the website and enter your text, you can copy/paste or upload it. The file you want to upload can be in text, PDF, or DOCX. Then select the model you want your results in like fluency, creative or advanced.

  • In Simple mode, paraphrasing is done automatically. It has no additional content modifications.
  • Advanced mode changes the words and sentence. It gives you an option to make further changes manually.
  • Sentence structure is altered in Fluency mode.
  • The creative mode applies all modes from changing sentence structure to replacing words with the most effective synonyms.

It does the work by replacing words with the most accurate synonyms and also changes the sentence structure to make it plagiarism-free. It offers you to share your outcome on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Prepostseo not only gives you a paraphraser rather it provides you with many other features like plagiarism checker, grammar and readability checker, etc.

2. Check-Plagiarism paraphrasing tool

This rephrasing tool is used to change the phrases and synonyms of the content. It is also used to check if your content is plagiarized or not. This tool changes the expression of sentences of articles to make them more interesting. The Check-plagiarism paraphrasing tool will rephrase any kind of text be it a doctoral thesis, business reports, or email.

It makes your content unique as well as more creative without changing the meaning. It is free and user-friendly. It offers two modes:

  • Simple mode
  • AI mode

It is easy to use, enter your text in a textbox or just upload a file. The file can be in any format like DOCX, DOC, and PDF, etc. then just click the button of Paraphrase. It takes 4 steps to reach the final result. The final result will be plagiarism-free and exclusive.


Why this tool is to be considered?

  • It is user-friendly and provides you with results quickly.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Do not ask you for any sign-up or registration.
  • Your content is made unique and perfect for SEO.

3. QuillBot

It refines your text and provides you with good quality paraphrased content. It uses AI to do this work. It is one of the most famous tools among many writers and content creators. People have trusted over it as it rewords your sentences and articles efficiently using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.


Not only professionals and students can utilize this tool. Legal email generators and doctoral thesis makers can also get their hands on it to achieve quality results. This tool gives you an effective output that doesn’t require any further changes it.

It put forwards different modes for you to select.

  • Standard: It is a default mode that keeps the original meaning while paraphrasing into simple words.
  • Fluency: Very few changes are made in this mode, but the text looks natural and grammatically correct.

The above two modes are free to use.

  • Creative: This mode requires signing up to unlock. In this meaning and logicality of the content changes to some extent. It makes as many changes as it can.
  • Creative+: It is a mode that asks you to pay. It is a premium mode that you can use only after using your credit card. It understands the text you entered as common phrases and converts them into more understandable content conveniently.
  • Formal: a perfect choice for academic and professional papers. It paraphrases your text into very formal content. It is also a premium model.
  • Shorten: Depicted by the term that it shortens the content. It does not change the meaning and is best when you need less word count.
  • Expand: If your requirement is the higher word count and full-length article, this mode is for you. It expands by adding more words and sentences.

4. GoParaphrase


This is a free paraphrasing tool. It doesn’t ask you for any registration or any sign-ups. You can easily get benefitted from this tool. This tool is operated by Ciel Bleu consulting. It allows you to paraphrase as well as to check the plagiarism for free.

After going to the website, enter your text and click the paraphrase button to get your unmatched content. This tool increases the readability and comprehensiveness of the content because it simplifies complex words.

5. Spinbot


This tool automatically rewords your text into more comprehensive and readable content. For digital marketing and reaching out to the audience with unique and high-quality content is very important. This tool provides you with that kind of content.

The capacity of this tool to rewrite instantly is 1000 words or 10,000 characters. Without wasting time and money you can get your new original content by just clicking a single button. It provides you different and up-to-date ways to discuss and write your content.

It is free to use. It doesn’t require you to sign up or register for it. It doesn’t change the meaning of the text inserted but gives your content a whole new look.

Premium or paid plans are also offered by it.
A paid subscription allows you to reword content without a captcha. This package has payments of $10, $50, and $75 for one month, six months, and one year accordingly.

6. Editpad.org


Editpad will make you able to get plagiarism-free content.It will not change the meaning but the sentence structure will be new. It permits you to upload files in different formats like DOCS, TXT, and PDF. You can select the language you want your output in. You can remove any kind of copied text from it. Also, you can download your result file.

It is free of cost tool!

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