Windows Explorer Dark Theme Stopped – Quick Fixes

Windows explorer dark theme trend is high now. New Android software has also got a built-in dark mode. It is trending on every device now. I have been using Windows Explorer’s dark theme for a while, and I think it is best in a lot of ways. Well, we are not here to discuss the dark theme benefits, let’s don’t beat around the bush.

Microsoft released a system full dark mode that enveloped the majority of native apps, moreover lastly extended the performance to File Explorer with Windows 10’s October 2018 Update. While I did not encounter any problems with the dark form not in working order on File Explorer, several of my buddies were not as fortunate. And naturally, I was the person who must go around fixing the PCs of theirs!

If you’ve some problems with File Explorer as well, like the deep form failing showing up or maybe elements rendering incorrectly, then we need to find out what you can do to obtain it functioning normally.

Windows explorer dark themes can have problems, but there are some simple solutions to that.

How to fix the windows explorer dark theme?

There are a bunch of ways to solve the issues related to Windows 10, but in this article, we will talk about only the quick fixes.

  1. Update Windows 10
  2. Apply default Windows theme
  3. Disable Customization Apps
  4. Run System File Checker

1. Update Windows 10

Check for Updates
Check for Updates

For File Explorer to operate thoroughly, you have to get the Windows ten October 2018 Update (version 1809) running on your PC. While you almost certainly have it hooked up, which actually might not be the event. In reality, the update caused myriad issues for scores of owners at launch, along with Microsoft needing to push back. And then, the organization required to apply a gradual rollout as per hardware configurations.

To confirm, you are up to date, type winver into the Start menu, after which press Enter. The About Windows dialog box has to read’ Version 1809′ under Microsoft Windows. If it reads a figure of 1803 or even smaller, and then your method remains on the earlier update.

When you do not get the newest edition fitted, it is ideal you check out to find out whether the October 2018 Update exists for the PC of yours or maybe not. Even in case, you’re on the newest version of Windows ten, performing a scan for new updates is generally a great idea. The latest updates mostly have fixes for problems that are every day associated with the operating system.

Type windows upgrade into the Start menu, after which press Enter to get up the Windows Update configuration panel. Then, click Check for Updates.

If any upgrades are available, Windows ten should begin downloading them immediately. Remember those version revisions, for example, the October 2018 Update may have a substantial amount of bandwidth and time to obtain and install.

 Note: In case you do not look at the newest version for the PC of yours, there is nothing very much you can do except hold on to it until it becomes currently available to your PC.

Install Windows Updates
Install Windows Updates

After you’re kept updated, File Explorer is going to show up wearing the brand new dark theme by default. When you’re currently on the appropriate edition and also putting in any incremental updates did not help (or if there were not a), continue on the fixes below.

2. Apply Default Windows Theme

Apply Default Windows Theme
Apply Default Windows Theme

For situations where File Explorer shows up wearing the dark design, albeit with glaring visual problems such as, for instance, invisible text or even arbitrary colored blocks surrounding things on the pc user interface of its, subsequently message board chatter indicates changing over on the default Windows theme like a probable fix. Additionally, you can also do this out there if File Explorer doesn’t show in dark mode altogether.

  • Step one: Right-click on the pc and after that, select Personalize on the context menu. On the Personalization window, click on the side tab labeled themes.
  • Step two: Under Apply a Theme, click the design labeled Windows.

Re-apply dark mode. Does File Explorer look fine now? If it wasn’t, we need to continue.

Update Video Drivers

In case you still come across problems with particular features left out or any other visual issues with dark mode enabled on File Explorer, then you have to think about updating the video clip drivers on your PC. While Windows ten does apply drivers for nearly all hardware components automatically, it mainly relies on a generic display driver, which could be the leading cause behind the graphical issues on the File Explorer pc user interface.

If the problem does not resolve after updating the drivers, proceed with the techniques below.

3. Disable Customization Apps

You will find scores of third-party apps that can change the default Windows ten user interface, like modifying folder icon colors or even applying themes to the whole operating system. Regrettably, that is a different reason File Explorer may well not render in dark mode correctly (or fall short showing in place for that matter).

But you have got some installed, and then possibly turn off any customizations that you have done and, better yet, remove such apps out of your PC altogether. To do that here, style apps & attributes into the Start menu, press Enter, and also you need to be ready to recognize and uninstall UI customization apps from the PC of yours.

When accomplished, restart Windows ten, re-apply Dark Mode, and also you might have only just fixed File Explorer.

4. Run System File Checker

If you have not previously received the Windows ten October 2018 Update on the PC of yours, the troubleshooting tips mentioned above should work. Nevertheless, if dimly lit mode fails nonetheless to load and render correctly, and then it is some time to check and restore the PC of yours for bothersome system files that could stop the os from functioning normally. Fortunately, you can utilize the device File Checker to accomplish that quickly.

Start by loading a Command Prompt system with greater rights (type cmd into the Start menu, after which choose Run as Administrator). Type the following command into the Command Prompt console, then press Enter:

 sfc /scannow 

System File Checker
System File Checker

The Command Prompt system must have some time to browse and restore trouble on your PC. If problems have been found and fixed, you need to visit a Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and effectively repair them’ flash over the display screen.

In the long run, exit the Command Prompt system and, after that, reactivate your PC. If corrupted system files happened to be behind the problem, and then expect File Explorer to show in dark mode properly.


So here are the quick fixes for Windows explorer dark theme. Apply the fixes one by one. But if you are looking for solving it in a single shot, go for the first solution, and that is updating your Windows.

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