Where to locate the steam screenshot folder?

If you have taken a screenshot in steam, then you must have had the difficulty regarding where to locate the steam screenshot folder? Each Steam user can easily take screenshots during the gameplay by pressing the F12 key. After that, a small notification pops up about the screenshot being saved on your computer. Then, he has to upload the created photos to his cloud, if necessary, to adjust the privacy settings. All images processed in this way will be available for viewing by all or specific circles of users. At the same time, the screenshots are saved on the hard drive. For quick images to get in its original form or if you accidentally cancel a download in Steam Cloud, you can always find them in one of The Steam’s local folders.

View Saved Steam Screenshots

As mentioned before, the process of creating screenshots consists of two steps: you create them, and they appear in one of the folders on the PC, and then upload to the cloud, and they become available for use through the Steam account. You don’t have to upload them to the cloud – sometimes, you can take a picture and save it on your computer for one-time use. Based on this, we’ll take a look at where the screenshots are on your computer and account.

Option 1: Screenshots in your account

Uploaded screenshots to the service become available through a separate section of the account. All you have to do is open your profile and go to Screenshots. There, you can do whatever you want with them.

  • Sort in different ways for easy viewing
  • Expose them to privacy
  • Copy direct links to respond to comments if left by other users.

We will not stop at the tools of working with screenshots, as this does not apply to the topic of the article.

Option 2: Screenshots on the Hard Drive

To see which images are saved on the hard drive, use one of the two ways below. 1. The most convenient way to use the client is to open the Library, click the right button on the game, and select “View Screenshots.” You can also get there through the “Screenshots” section from Option 1by clicking on “Download Screenshots.”

Screenshots on the Hard Drive
Screenshots on the Hard Drive

A universal manager window will open, where you can quickly see the right pictures or download what you accidentally did not do. This can be done very simply – choose the game, then the image itself, add a description for it, noting it as a spoiler, and click on “Download.”

You can also click on the Show on the Drive button to view the original files. They can be copied from here or deleted if necessary.

Without starting a client, it’s harder to find them. The fact that the folder with screenshots for each game is far away is not obvious to the user, so it will have to look. The shared user folder is on the way, where D is a disk section with the Steam folder, and 12345678 is a personal numeric ID. The default folder is. Inside it will be a few more numbered folders, where each number corresponds to a certain game in Steam.

  • D:\Steam\userdata\12345678
  • С:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\12345678
  • If you have more than one account on Steam, there will be a separate folder for each account.
  • Explore and locate the folder which you are looking for.
  • After that, locate the folder named “760”.
  • There you will see the “Remote” folder. This Remote folder is the one that have game’s screenshots in it.

When you go into this folder, you have to try to find a folder called “screenshots.” It can be as soon as you enter the main folder and be nested in some others. Or maybe not at all. As you can see, this method is inconvenient because it is not clear where the game is and how many folders to view before you find the right one.

  1. All the pictures in the folder are stored in 2 types. The main folder contains a full original version of the image, and “thumbnails” contains miniature screenshots, which are a preliminary version of the main ones in the Steam tape. By miniature, the user can quickly determine whether your picture is interesting to him or not.
  2. When you’re in screenshots, you can view the images and take away the extra, not loaded into the cloud. Also, each user can add their image to the folder and upload it to their profile, even if it wasn’t created through Steam. However, there is a certain limitation – you need to copy the name of the screenshot that you created while in the game, and which is not needed, run (or restart) the manager of screenshots and send the spoofed image to download to the cloud.

Set up a Screenshot Folder

Set up a Screenshot Folder
Set up a Screenshot Folder

You can assign a local folder for screenshots yourself by going to the “Settings” of the game client. Switch to the “In the Game” tab and click on the Screenshot Folder button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steam Screenshot Manager gives you the local access of the screenshots captured via Steam. You can click on the “View” button on the top left part of your screen, and then click on “Screenshots”.
  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on “View” and select “Settings.”
  3. A new pop-up window will open. Locate and click on “In-Game.”
  4. Under the screenshot shortcut key option, choose the “Screenshot Folder” listed there.
  5. From there you have the choice of selecting or creating new folder where you can save your “Steam Screenshots.”
Steam uses lossy-compression algorithms whenever you snap a screenshot in Steam. This is done to reduce the space occupied by screenshots on Steam servers. That is the reason that the quality of screenshots gets diminished.
Well, every Steam user is given the liberty whether to make their screenshots public to share Steam screenshots with their friends, or they can make their screenshots private if they want to keep them to their selves.
Open the “Settings” folder and locate “In-Game.” There you can Save an Uncompressed Copy. This will allow your image to be Saved as a PNG without any compression.


So, this is how you can locate the steam screenshot folder. You can also create the folder for every game by using the method above.

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