What is a search engine for e-commerce?

Search Engine for Ecommerce

Layout and presentation are aspects that users appreciate when they visit a web page. But many also take loading speed and interface into account. The online world is often an impatient one, and having an internal search engine within the website can make you stand out from the competition.

Thanks to Doofinder, it’s easy to explain why thinking about internal search engines is so important. As well as tidying up the page, they will greatly improve the user’s experience while browsing the website, and this can have a direct impact on sales.

In addition to the benefits to these potential customers, they can also be a crucial source of information for the company. It provides information on the keywords that users most frequently search for, their intentions, and navigation efficiency. All this analytical data can be collected using a single tool, and it can be used to inform future strategies.

Internal search engines provide the user with a useful service, and the company with interesting data.

Information such as the number of people using the internal search engine, keywords entered, the pages where the search is performed, how many pages are subsequently visited, how many people abandon the search, and how many searches lead to a purchase.

Various experts agree that having an internal search engine is a factor highly valued by users, above all in terms of time optimisation as it means that they don’t need to search through categories and subcategories, or through a mass of products. A rapid response to customer requests will always improve that feedback.

Implementation is strongly recommended for all websites but becomes pretty much a must when that website is an online shop. It would act as a virtual shop assistant, providing answers to customer queries when they enter the shop. As in physical shops, first impressions are key.

Doofinder provides customers with a number of advantages when it comes to an internal search engine. One of them is the autocomplete function, which delivers fast results with no need to leave the homepage. Another is promotional, ensuring that the products that you are most interested in selling are the ones that appear first.

Customise the internal search engine to suit your needs

For people who, for a variety of reasons, prefer not to type, audio search is becoming increasingly popular, especially on mobile phones, and this experience will be an equally satisfying one. Lastly, you can also include banners and promotions based on the search carried out and the use of filters. All in line with your company’s needs.

We’ve already talked about this, but we think it’s definitely worth another mention – the analysis of the results. Having statistics in real time will be an extra tool for converting visits into sales in the long run. By offering them a service, you gain a way of monitoring your users.

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