WeNumber Review: 5 Benefits of 0808 Numbers in Your Business

Business communication plays a very important part of the foundation, operations, and success of the business. As a business owner, seeking the perfectly relevant code for your business can be bewildering. There are many astounding choices available.

In such a scenario, choosing the number that suits your business best must be an informed choice you make. There are a plethora of codes with a plethora of benefits and quirks, and dithering its acceptance in your line of business and cost efficiency is important.

Here, we will discuss 0808 numbers, and how can you obtain them via WeNumber? What is more important is to know how these numbers help these organizations.

What Are 0808 Numbers?

We Number
We Number

These are non-geographic free phone number codes operational in the UK. Anyone, from any part of the UK, can call on these numbers and the caller would not be charged for the call made. It is a known fact that a lot of organizations use 0808 numbers.

The call charges for these numbers are met by the business that owns the code. Companies in the UK mostly hold these numbers for their customer care departments. As these numbers do not pose any strict usage requirements, their user base is large.

5 Benefits of 0808 Numbers in your business

As the business owner itself bears the calling cost, it is important to know the benefit of such numbers. There are many ways in which 0808 can add value to your business and its conduct. Below are the five main benefits of 0808 numbers:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Changing Client Perception
  3. Flexibility
  4. Professional Flair
  5. Additional Features

1. Customer Satisfaction

This number works well for customer service lines. If the customer is already facing some issue or concern with your product or service, charging them to complain about it will only escalate the problem.

Therefore, the customers can be at ease and comfortable with calling the customer service line without a second thought. This also helps them in relying on the product or service. Most businesses now provide round the clock customer service, and 0808 are a sought after code for that.

Apart from complaints and queries, customers are also often desirous of giving feedback or a suggestion. Through a freephone number, they can reach out to the business for rendering their piece of advice.

These numbers help a lot in developing a rapport with the clientele. With dependable customer care in line, customers like to engage in the product or service. They will perceive that the business is an established one and will offer them support when needed. Therefore, 0808 numbers ensure impeccable customer service. They ensure that the customers can reach out to the business for complaints, information, suggestions, or feedback without any inhibitions.

This also makes them comfortable with the wait time, and they hold on patiently because they are not being charged for it. When the monetary aspect is ruled out completely, customer diligence and patience is a given.

2. Changing Client Perception

Not all customers are happy customers. Sometimes, the customer is not pleased with the product or service of the business and wishes to reach out to the customer care for support. If you charge a customer further for such a call, the situation will only aggravate.

On the other hand, if an angry customer gets an opportunity to call on a freephone customer care number, things can change. The expression of gratitude, rendering of apology, and offering a workable solution can change customer perception.

It is an ideal marketing tool of a sort. It is also damage a negative way. An angry customer with nowhere to call is only likely to bad mouth the business in his/her circle. Even a bad review on social media can cause havoc in a business’s functionality. In such cases, where the business’s reputation is at stake, 0808 numbers can offer damage control. They allow a second chance to business to change customer perception and undo the damage. When efficient, these numbers can even increase patronage.

3. Flexibility

When it comes to landline numbers, a very big drawback is their immovability. Well, not with 0808 codes. These numbers offer flexibility to the callers. There are call forwarding and call redirecting options that negate the dependency on the physical location.

In case of emergency or even in a crisis, the employees can work remotely. Attending the office for their roles is an advantage and not dependability. The work can be rendered remotely and on location.

With flexibility in conduct, the employees and call professionals are pleased with additional facilities. They don’t have to be tied down to their location. Happy employees lead to happy calls and happy calls to more business.

4. Professional Flair

A business that offers free phone calling functionality and bears the cost of caller gives a perception of a sound business. It resonates a financial standing and professionalism in conduct. Thus, these things create a positive impression in the minds of the customers.

The customers feel at ease and confident about using a product or service that has a toll free service line. Their trust is reinstated and feels like they are being heard and catered to. A professional image helps in establishing patronage with customers.

5. Additional Features

0808 numbers do not just limit themselves to traditional calling roles. There are many other added features like email, voicemail, and call analytics other number codes do not provide.

Call analytics leads to better monitoring and control of the call systems. It also helps in formulating core strategies for the betterment of the business. Instead of approximations and assumptions, 0808 numbers can provide a real number of figures for decisions.


Organizations use 0808 numbers for a wide array of benefits that they tend to derive from them. When it comes to a code that offers a holistic calling solution, 0808 numbers emerge as a winner. Seeking these numbers via WeNumber makes the process more cost-efficient.

In a perfectly competitive market with the constant struggle at outperforming the competitors, 0808 numbers and free phone calls create a niche for the business. It helps in developing customer reliance and can even lead to immense patronage.

These numbers are not just something you buy; you invest in them. They also turn out to be the very investment in the company’s communication strategy. 0808 numbers also ensure internal coherence in addition to being a good customer service line.

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