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Undertale Free Downlaod

Undertale is a role-playing video game developed by music composer and game designer Toby Fox. This project was the first of the 26-year-old designer. In his own words, he was inspired by the popular Nintendo game Mother. Game Maker Studios has released the game on various Windows, GNU/Linux, Android, and Mac OS platforms. Toby Fox is currently in the process of developing the second part, Undertale 2.

Since it was released in September 2015, Undertale has achieved positive successes and reviews. In fact, three months after it was released, it won the Award for Best Independent Video Game. By early February 2016, a million copies had already been sold.

The great acceptance of the game is due to the deep interaction of the player with all the characters involved, so that his personality, his ability to dialogue, his level of aggression or respectability will determine the development of the protagonist’s story, the attitude that the characters adopt in front of him and even the end that is reached. It is a game that is hooked by the different experiences you can have. Finishing a game does not mean knowing the game because more variables condition the experiences and the different levels.

How to Free Download Undertale and install it?

As you click the “Download,” you should be routed to Upload Haven.

Wait for 5 seconds and then press on the “Download Now” Now let the download begin. /Allow the installation to begin. /and wait for it to be completed.

Once the update is complete, right-click the .zip file and choose “Extract to Application”.

Open the Applications folder, double-click the “Undertale.exe”, and start the game.

Go and have a great day! Be sure to run the game as Administrator and check for missing DLLs in the _Redist and redist/CommonRedist folder.

Free Download Undertale

Here you can download Undertale latest version. Just click the link below and download Undertale. You can follow the instructions from above to install Undertale.

Download Undertale

Undertale Game argument

Many years ago, two races coexisted on earth, humans, and monsters. These seconds were more powerful, and humans feared they would reveal themselves against them, so they started a war to annihilate them. Humans overcome the last battle, and the monsters were banished underground. They could not return to the surface; humans had a magic barrier, which cannot be crossed. There is only one entry point to the subsoil found on Mount Ebbot, but it is one direction, from the surface to the earth’s depths.

The game begins with our protagonist, a boy, who decides to climb Mount Ebbot, despite knowing the cursed legend that ensures that whoever climbs that mountain never returns. When he reaches the summit, he falls through a hole and wakes up in the subsoil. At first, you will meet the flower-shaped monster Flowery, and secondly, Toriel, a goat-headed human, both will provide you with the information you need to start playing. In this way, the player receives in the first moments of the game the tutorial to know how to face the monsters and choose to dialogue, defend himself or attack and gain security, getting involved in the plot and taking different paths in his ascent through the levels until reaching his goal.

Undertale Game argument
Undertale Game argument

The most striking thing about this game is the possibility to take three ways of acting (neutral, pacifist, or genocidal) that will take you to three possible endings.

To reach all three in succession, it is necessary to know the different characters and their participation in the game. In front of each enemy, the combat system develops in two phases, in one of them, the player will have to defend the child’s heart from the attacks that the enemy sends him in the form of projectiles and another negotiating with the monster, either by dialogue, offering gifts, showing mercy, etc.

The amalgam of monsters and their personalities is very variable; there are comic, funny, depressive, liar, cynical, and as many personalities as you can imagine. Also, in the successive stages of the game, your personality will vary. In different battles, the player will be able to earn gold to buy items and tools from secondary characters who will also provide him with details of the story of the first human who fell into the underworld and how to return to the surface.

Platforms on which Undertale is available

As mentioned in the first few paragraphs, Undertale is available for Windows, Mac Os, GNU/Linux, Android, and Portable platforms.

Now also available Undertale for Nintendo Switch, you can find very well priced in Eshop, ideally, see a price history to see when you can get cheaper on the link we have left you before.

On our website, you can find all the necessary links to download the version you need depending on your device, as well as a step-by-step manual on how to download each one. All downloads are free, and most importantly, the game is translated, and the conversations on each screen are in Spanish.

Concerning the Android version, we only have to warn that sometimes the game closes without warning on some mobile devices. It happens with some devices and with others not, and at the moment, the solution is unknown.

Platforms on which Undertale is available
Platforms on which Undertale is available

You will check that we have included a complete manual of the game where the list of characters is included and the guidelines that you must follow to reach the different endings. Still, we advise you to try to discover the possibilities of the game for yourself. It’s like reading a book and a “bad friend” telling you the plot or the ending. Please do not fall into the temptation to know all the details of the characters without having previously spoken to them, let the story envelop you, intrigue you, force you to think about how to act, you will see that there is even a moment in the game where the monster will stop talking to the child and will communicate directly with you because he knows that the force that moves the little character is in you.

Enjoy Undertale, and if at any time you want to send us a comment, it will be wonderful for us to know your thoughts and opinions.


  • Possibility to change the course of the plot
  • Ingenious and humorous dialogue
  • Characters will remember the player’s actions in previous games
  • Matches with a different ending each time


  • Pretty short

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