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Email Marketing

Digitization has made networking so easy, right from forming a community to capturing new opportunities, digital media has made it very effective. And it all hinges on one thing: information! Before we get down to discuss the ActiveCampaign alternatives, let us understand email marketing.

Digital marketing has two broad pillars;

  • Social media marketing: In social media marketing, the strategy is the main thing. It is all about using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to reach your target audience.
  • Digital media marketing: Digital marketing campaigns include various digital means such as internet advertising, mobile ads, TV commercials, or SMS to increase brand visibility with well-maintained databases of information about the customers and target audience.

Email marketing with CRM frameworks like Active Campaign or an alternative to ActiveCampaign is a subcategory that falls under digital media marketing. All of these promotional tools have their pros and cons, but email marketing will never grow old. This is undoubtedly one of the best methods of sales generations, and for converting leads. Hence, email marketing is better at driving sales. Strong email marketing software is a must in order to curate your target audience in an organized manner.

Email Marketing for Reach and Engagement

Email marketing happens when emails are circulated in bulk in order to promote products or services by developing a professional relationship with the client and the owner. This is done by using online portals rather than using the traditional postal mails.

Due to its digital nature, it becomes very easy to target a larger audience with ActiveCampaign alternatives. Not just that, email marketing helps leave an imprint in the minds of customers or audiences due to the constant presence in their mail inbox. Email marketing can include newsletters with updates about the company, or promotions of sales and exclusive deals for subscribers. Not only that, but it can also help notify its customers regarding any important event that occurred or any scandal that took place or about any awards the company won. Here are a few crucial points are taken care of:

  • It helps keep all its customers and prospects in the same loop and makes sure all are aware of everything.
  • The messages can be tailor-made depending upon what each and every client is supposed to know.
  • It makes sure that the interest of all the stakeholders is always considered.

The biggest advantage of email marketing is:

  • The Cost of investment
  • The Ease of execution

ActiveCampaign is a platform that converts audience insights into the personalized marketing campaign and presents it to them in an efficient manner. It provides a number of features, including email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools that one needs to create meaningful, data-driven customer experiences.

ActiveCampaign prefers using tailor-made customized messages for each of its customers based on what they would like. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. But Active Campaign is not the only software in the market. There are many email marketing software with marketing automation and CRM, that one needs to know before finalizing any software which can be used as an alternative to ActiveCampaign such as;


If we talk about head to head competition, one can’t ignore EngageBay, which gives a tough competition to Active Campaign and is easily one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign. EngageBay understands the importance of target marketing and sales generation. This works best when it comes to email marketing over social media marketing, and EngageBay has tapped into the market with many tools at an affordable price point. It provides its customers with the most optimal solution keeping in mind their interest and satisfaction. Their name makes sure that they are constantly engaged with their clients.

They have targeted “engagement” as their strategy and make sure to keep their clients in the loop at all times. They just don’t use emails as a promotional medium to provide details about new offers, but as a means to communicate. Here they keep providing their customers with new content regarding maybe a company story or customer story or just fresh content without any intent to sell.

As one of the fitting alternatives to ActiveCampaign, EngageBay comes across as a well-known platform that provides a number of award-winning features for its users. It helps brands and businesses in creating targeted campaigns that can generate and convert leads with much Ease. The best part is that Engage Bay manages to give you the best bang for the buck with affordable price points and constant support while you are installing and using your CRM and other marketing automation features.


Another alternative to ActiveCampaign is HubSpot. It offers a complete and comprehensive marketing tool with marketing, sales, and customer service. They are powerful individually but can be very resourceful and optimized productively when used together. HubSpot aims to provide a comprehensive package to every marketing team in order to function efficiently, but here is the catch, one needs to purchase all the resources individually in order to be productive.

It confidently talks about growing their customer’s traffic, converting leads, and providing assured returns. It provides its customers a one spot destination when it comes to marketing, where they can find everything they need at one spot, but the total expenditure on such tools becomes very high when compared with other software.


When we talk about alternatives to ActiveCampaign we cannot miss Omnisend. Their motto is all about converting visitors into customers and gives you the right tools to convert a first time customer so that a purchase is made. The various services that they customize and provide are channelizing, email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing, segmentation, Email strategizing, and many more.


Marketo is a little different from the above alternatives to ActiveCampaign as it provides marketing services and products which include SEO and content creation. They have come up with triggered campaigns and have provided ways in which triggered campaigns can be leveraged across the buyers’ journeys. They help transfer your digital marketing tools using product innovation.

This software mainly focuses on innovation and should be considered at the later stage. It claims to be one of the best platforms proving complete marketing ecosystem of trusted, highly competent technology providers and service experts in the world yet lacks many of the wider functions that you can find in a platform like EngageBay.

Icontact Pro

Icontact Pro another ActiveCampaign alternative that challenges the customer based on proving quality services at the best price. It is simple and comprehensive, providing cloud-based solutions that help penetrate the market competition and scale their business. It claims to be very affordable in comparison to other competitive email marketing software while proving at par services and products but has not picked up in popularity yet.

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