The 3 Mobile Apps That You Should Keep During the Pandemic

Many people got affected by the pandemic. Most business owners experience significant challenges to cope with their profit loss. Various industries suffer from any situation of a puzzle. The authorities continue to encourage everyone to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Most importantly, the pandemic left a drastic change to many people’s lifestyles.

Most people love to go out for fun. It could be going to the beach to relax. It might be playing sports as an everyday outdoor activity for sports enthusiasts. Watching movies on the big screen and shopping are everyone’s favorite to do with their free time. These activities bring joy to people. However, the pandemic constrained them to stay at home.

Understandably, staying at home for a couple of months is somewhat boring, but you need to due to the virus. However, you still have options to make your stay worth your time. You have your smartphone with you that can help you a lot. Read the details below to see how these mobile apps can help you during the pandemic that you should keep on your phone.

Document Reader App

The document reader app is an app used to read any electronic documents and files. It’s for people who have a hobby of reading. Book reading has been proven as a stimulating and fun activity that’s worth your time. These are called electronic books or eBooks that are usually in pdf format.

Files in pdf format don’t consume much of your device storage. That’s why it’s easy and convenient to download using your smartphone. If you have a personal laptop, you can also convert pdf to word if you find it more convenient. You can then download your favorite genres to read, such as horror, suspense, love story, and many others. You’ll surely enjoy your stay at home, and reading will help you fight against the virus and your boredom at the same time.

Entertainment App

Besides reading books, watching movies is another activity that’s worth your stay at home. It’s usually an everyday activity for family bonding in the living room before bedtime. With the advancement of technology, many apps will give you access to thousands of movies and shows. You can try Hulu, HBO Max, Yidio, SnagFilms, and many others.

There are apps for free, but others need you to subscribe for a monthly payment. You can choose whichever suits your interest and budget. One good thing about these apps is that you can access them not only on your phone but also on your smart tv or computer.

Hence, you have options to watch your favorite movies on your favorite streaming device. It’ll surely help you survive and fight against the boredom during the pandemic.

Fantasy Sports App

Many sports enthusiasts are so excited to end what the pandemic has caused to everyone. They miss playing their sports, or even watching a live play of their favorite players. Thanks to the advancement of technology, many available and downloadable fantasy sports apps on the internet that will let users play their favorite sports in a virtual setting.

You only need to download a particular app. Create a personal account, and you’re now ready to play. You have to create your virtual teams of players to fight against each other. Whichever team earns more points will be the winner. These fantasy sports apps can also be played online where you can compete with other players from other countries. It’s a very popular platform used by most sports enthusiasts around the world.


COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat to everyone’s health, and it continues to give fear to people. Staying at home is the last thing that everyone can do to help stop the spread of the virus. Make sure to download the mobile apps discussed above or other exciting apps that might interest you to significantly help you fight against the virus and your boredom at the same time.

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