Tech and Gadgets That Are a Must-Have for Students!

Tech Gadgets

Not only in professional lives, but as students also we need to stay up to date, so we can keep track of the new ways of education. The pandemic has perhaps had the biggest impact of how we conduct our daily lives. It has made technology a need for all students and even teachers. Some students who came to study internationally or from different states and cities are also struggling with online classes due to lower coverage of rural internet.

However, there are always solutions to this. You can keep up with your online education if you have the right equipment with you. Here is a list of must-haves that include both high-end and budgeted products. These will assist you in keeping up with live or recorded lectures or even enjoy a seamless experience on-campus.

Best Tech And Gadgets For Students

  1. A Budgeted Smartphone
  2. 2-in-1 Laptop
  3. Portable Internet Devices
  4. Charging Stations

1. A Budgeted Smartphone

Even if you are taking classes from campus, you will still be in dire need of a smartphone. Before, it was only a “trend”, but now a smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. From keeping up with friends and family back at home to putting reminders for your homework, a smartphone will help you a lot in your student days. However, as a student, it can be difficult to find good quality technology that fits well in your budget.

Luckily, there are options you can explore. Firstly, Apple has launched the iPhone SE as a budgeted phone with excellent features such as a top-tier processor and good storage capacity as well. It also has a decent enough camera, but it may not be as competent compared to the advanced triple-camera phones that we see nowadays. It has a sleek and slim body available in various colors, making it ideal for student’s use.

You can also try checking out Samsung’s A-series, or some older models from their Note and S series. Other than that, the Google Pixel 4a is also a good, budgeted option. It is an older version of the latest, and more expensive Google Pixel 5, but has impressive features. With a 5.8 inch display and 6GB RAM, this phone can be a great pick in terms of longevity. As a student, don’t waste money on high products, as budgeted smartphones are also worth the purchase.

2. 2-in-1 Laptop

A laptop can be essential, especially if you have classes online. Some important features you must look for in a laptop is its webcam quality, processor specifications and resolution. However, one advanced feature that new technology has blessed us with is the 2-in-1 or hybrid design. These type of laptops have a touch screen and a regular keypad, but you can fold or detach them and use the screen as a tablet. This feature can be really fruitful for digital art students and for those who have to make presentations very frequently, such as in business studies.

Some of the best hybrid laptops you can get include the Microsoft surface pro. If budget is an issue, there are many older versions of the Surface pro that you can get your hands on. These laptops let you either detach the screen from the keyboard or just fold it into a tablet-like shape. With high speed processors and durable body, these laptops will be worth your money. Undoubtedly, the Microsoft Surface Pro range is worth buying.

Another brand with an excellent range of hybrid laptops is Dell. The later models in its Inspiron series is great, along with the XP3 13 2-in-1 Laptop. It features a 13-inch display, battery life of up to 14 hours, full HD resolution and a Face ID security system as well!

3. Portable Internet Devices

If you are travelling for leisure, or even for your college projects such as for shooting a documentary, you are going to be in places where internet connectivity is going to be an issue. Remote or rural areas don’t have sufficient infrastructure to provide you with consistent internet supply. However, providers like AT&T and Verizon have a huge coverage and do provide rural internet. To use this facility provided by them, you can get yourself a portable mobile wi-fi hotspot. These hotspots are not only good for travelling, but also for use on campus, as sometimes college internet is packed with users and becomes unreliable.

Verizon itself offers some excellent quality devices. An example of this is the Inseego MiFi M1000, which has the latest 5G technology along with 4G and prior standards. Other brands like HTC and Huawei also have manufactured some top notch devices.

4. Charging Stations

Now that we have already discussed smartphones and laptops, let’s not forget the one most important thing that these gadgets rely on, charging stations. If you are on the go, moving from one campus to another or have a job to juggle with studies, then you need a portable charger with you. These chargers are compact and easy to carry, and some of these also come with fast charge technology.

The BESTEK Power Strip Tower 8-outlet is perhaps the best thing you can buy for this purpose. It would be your best companion in your dorm room, or even in your college library where power sockets are usually all occupied. The charging dock has a tower-like structure with green LED light indicators and USB-A power output as well. It can accommodate most of your devices, including laptop chargers, phone chargers, TV or any other such units.

The Winner

Keeping in mind the current situation with the pandemic and the education system, we think that having an internet device is a must.  Rural internet issues can come in the way of a student’s learning experience, but since the issue is fixable with a portable hotspot, why take the risks? All the devices like laptops and smartphones will only be of good use if you have the right internet device.

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