Surfshark One Bundle – The Ultimate Suite of Essential Cybersecurity Tools

Surfshark was built back in 2018, and it was born with one goal of contributing to the cybersecurity niche the digital world requires in this day and age. The number of features it offers in its VPN product proves that they are serious and here to stay.

A few days ago, Surfshark VPN expanded its reach from providing online security & privacy to entirely securing people’s devices. For this reason, they have introduced “Surfshark One Bundle – The Ultimate Suite of Essential Cybersecurity Tools.”

The package of Surfshark One will include the following:

    • VPN (complete list of online security features);
    • Antivirus for Android & Windows (NEW);
    • Alert (Data-Leak Detection Tool);
    • Search (Ad-Free Private Search Tool).

If you are an existing subscriber of Surfshark VPN, you can use Surfshark One as an add-on to your VPN subscription. However, the current users of their VPN service will have to pay an additional charge of $1.49/month, and the Surfshark One Bundle will be activated on your VPN product.

Based on modern research, people in the market to buy a VPN are primarily looking for a product that is integrated with an antivirus to cover both online privacy and their device’s security.

Surfshark VPN - Comprehensive Security

Comprehensive Security

Surfshark VPN is moving towards the goal of making its product comprehensive and secure with every passing day. We already know that it is fast, cheap, and one of the best VPN services overall in every category.

When we here at TechNinjaPRO compiled lists for our Best VPNs category, Surfshark VPN could get itself listed on every list no matter what.

The new expansion made by Surfshark VPN covers on its Surfshark One Bundle are:

Surfshark One Bundle

The Surfshark Antivirus tool integrated into the Surfshark One Bundle will function to protect your device from malware, malicious files, various virus-containing documents, and other harmful applications.

The second one, called Surfshark Alert, works as an intelligent tool by tracking all types of data leaks at a global level and will inform you instantly if any of your personal information is made available on public platforms.

Lastly, the Surfshark Search is a new feature that is an entirely personal search tool; it is ad-free and works in the same way as Google does by generating organic results but eliminates the tracking factor.

Surfshark Antivirus (NEW Addition)

Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark’s Antivirus tool is a new addition to the Surfshark suite, and the main goal behind this addition is to reduce cybersecurity risk and worries.

Currently, Surfshark is offering this Surfshark One Bundle for Windows and Android They are working on macOS integration right now.

Based on the unlimited simultaneous connections of Surfshark applications, you can connect and protect all of your devices at home and business environment from viruses, privacy breaches, and malware at one given time. In addition, none of the applications, programs, or websites will be able to take unauthorized screenshots or access private information without your consent or permission.

They have optimized their Antivirus tool to work and function in real-time. This means that all of your devices will be protected during your live online activities.

You can also eliminate specific files, applications, and folders from regular antivirus scans so that the Antivirus tool does not remove or block your sensitive information.

Surfshark Antivirus for Windows

Surfshark Antivirus for windows

We all know that for Windows, Antivirus is a must-have software for the protection and scanning of all your files and folders on your PC, including all types of executable files, other files types, and documents to identify all those places which contain malware or some hidden malicious software.

The Surfshark Antivirus in the Surfshark One Bundle can only be used on Windows 10 or higher OS versions.

While performing, Surfshark Antivirus detected viruses fast and caused the minimum amount of load on your system. It is light and reliable while functioning on your Windows platform and detects:

  • Worms
  • Backdoors
  • Trojans
  • Macro Viruses

One of the state-of-the-art features called “Heuristic Detection” is also made available in the antivirus application, which looks for codes like the one found on the viruses. This feature will not help in the detection of those viruses which have a fixed code, but also it will detect and remove polymorphic viruses which can evolve.

Surfshark Antivirus for windows

We are already familiar with the CleanWeb feature of Surfshark; the new antivirus tool works in line with that feature to block all types of malware while downloading files from the internet.

How to use Surfshark Antivirus on your Windows application?

Surfshark Antivirus for windows

In our detailed review on Surfshark VPN, we already have discussed that it has a user-friendly interface, and the overall user experience is excellent for their product. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Locate the Antivirus tab on your Surfshark Windows application.
  2. You will see two scanning options:
    1. Full Scan: Scan your entire system.
    2. Quick Scan: Only scans your downloads folder, documents, and desktop folders.
  3. You can also use the Exclude from Scanning Feature to exclude some of the folders from scanning.
  4. You can use your system as you like while the Antivirus is working in the background.
  5. Let’s say that the Antivirus finds some malware, and you’ll be given the option to resolve the issue by deleting those infected files.
  6. Thus, your device will get cleaned.
Surfshark Antivirus for windows
You can also set your Surfshark Antivirus on automatic daily scanning schedules by opting for the Scheduled Scan Option.

Surfshark Antivirus for Android

Surfshark Antivirus on your Android

Most of the VPNs offer patches while they introduce new tools to the already installed application. Still, Surfshark VPN has introduced the Antivirus tool for the Android application as a new feature instead of a patch.

The Antivirus in the Surfshark Android application will protect your device and tablet from malware and trojans. You will not get affected by any viruses as the Antivirus tool will be up and running in the background and perform regular scans after every few small intervals, thus making your entire digital environment virus-free.

Surfshark Antivirus on your Android

A few malware specifically designed to attack Android devices can take control of your device and the private information within that device. Surfshark Antivirus has been built not only to detect those types of malware, but also it can defend your device from these types of harmful malware.

Moreover, the Antivirus will scan all of your installed applications, including the installed APK files. It will also generate a defensive shield against all types of virus threats like:

  • PFS (Possible Fake Software): This type of virus shows notifications that your device is infected with malware and tries to convince you to install that software to remove that malware. It is also called “ScareWare.”
  • Applications (uncertain origin): Apps that are not registered get automatically blocked by the software.
  • Adware/Spyware: Your device will be protected from disruptive advertising and all other types of pop-ups whose primary function is to feed third parties with data derived from your behavior over the web.
  • PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications): This type of attack will:
    • Blast your device with ads;
    • Slow your processor;
    • Collect data;
    • Hijack your browser.
  • SPR (Security/Privacy Risks): This type of virus attack can trigger those kinds of activities on your device, violating your right to privacy.

Similar to their Windows Antivirus application performance, the Surfshark VPN’s CleanWeb feature will work side by side with the antivirus tool to block malware downloads and protect your file transfer online also.

How to use Surfshark Antivirus on your Android application?

Surfshark Antivirus on your Android

You can use the Surfshark Antivirus feature on your Android device by:

  1. Locating the Antivirus tab on your Surfshark Android application.
  2. You will see a big Scan button; click on that button to Scan your device instantly.
  3. You can also use the option of Schedule Scan to make sure that your device is scanned constantly for viruses daily.
  4. You can also turn On the Real-Time protection feature to run a check/scan on all the newly installed applications on your Android device.
  5. The Storage Scan feature will run an Antivirus Scan on your SD card and your device’s internal storage to check if the stored files contain any type of malware or malicious software.
  6. Suppose an issue is detected. You can resolve that issue by deleting the files or applications containing malware.
Surfshark Antivirus on your Android
The current Sufshark Antivirus feature available in the Surfshark One Bundle will only protect up to five devices simultaneously. However, we hope that the unlimited number of devices feature will soon be available on the android version.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, combining a VPN product with the feature set of Antivirus is a bold move, but Surfshark has done it, and not only has it made it happen, but the results are also impressive.

Surfshark is ready to unleash all of its power in the digital cybersecurity industry and is not coming slow. Getting the Surfshark One Bundle will enhance your online defenses against viruses, armor up your device, and will make you completely relaxed while operating in the background.

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