Simple Guide to Understand Outreach Marketing

Outreach (outreach) is one of the methods for extracting external links, which involves communicating with site owners, webmasters, journalists, bloggers to post links, articles, logo (banner), advertising, video content, infographics, press on their website -release or mention of a promoted company/brand.

The goal of outreach is to increase the quality link mass of the site from donor sites that host the link by agreement. Each such link brings:

  • Increased organic traffic;
  • Attracting part of the audience of the donor site;
  • Increase referral traffic;
  • Increased confidence in the website from search engines (if the link is on a trusted donor);
  • Expanding brand or resource recognition among user audiences;
  • Creating trust links using white SEO methods.

Is outreach relevant for SEO?

Backlinks are still one of the most influential factors affecting the ranking of a site in the Google and Yandex search algorithm. Without a diverse and trustful profile of backlinks, the company’s website loses much in competition for organic traffic and clicks from other resources. As a result, the site is inferior in issuance and loses sales and visitors, giving them to their competitors.

Types of Outreach

Paid: Payment is made for posting a link, logo, advertisement, video on a donor site. The link can be placed on a separate page, on the main page, on all pages of the website (through a link), in an article, logo, video, advertisement, in different blocks of the site: header, footer, in the site menu. The possibilities of paid outreach are endless – it all depends on communication skills and the amount of budget per link.

Free: High-quality and valuable content is created, which is posted on the donor site without a rental fee. The donor is interested in high-quality content and trust/recognition of the acceptor site, which is the payment for the placement.

Outreach Main Approach

Algorithms Google and Yandex have improved the metrics for evaluating the link profile of sites participating in the race for the TOP. If the search engine detects a poor-quality link, it ignores it and can lower the position of the search results. If the donor site is trusted, and the connection is high-quality, then the promoted site will be rewarded with a search engine. Therefore, the basis of a competent approach to outreach is the loyal establishment of communication and agreements with the owners of the donor site. This is the key to creating quality content and building high-quality link mass.

Outreach Main Tasks

Outreach specialists should use all available communication skills and methods to identify strategically valuable and trust donors for the acceptor site. The next stage of work is to convince donors to accept the most favorable conditions for the price and placement of links (for this, special offers are being developed for the type of commercial). The outreach must monitor the placement of links and compliance with agreements with the donor. The goal of the outreach is not only to place the link but also to create a favorable background of business relations and trust with donors, which will subsequently positively affect the brand and reputation of the promoted resource. You will learn more about outreach work from the article “Outreach Methods in SEO.”

How much does outreach cost?

The cost of outreach SEO promotion is the sum of the cost of linking and paying specialist services.

Payment for outreach services

Payment for the work of this specialist is formed from the amount of experience, as well as the level of the English language and the complexity of the task. For example, hiring a full-time linguistic student in an office and setting him the task of conducting an outreach campaign promoting a young (up to six months) English-language site will cost around $ 300-400 per month (prices in Kyiv).

Payment of the rental site on the donor site

About the prices for placing links, content, banner worth talking in more detail. So, the cost depends on such factors:

Site positions in search results: Logically, the higher the site is located on Google or Yandex, the more expensive the placement of the link. It is also worth examining the level of request (LF, MF, HF) and competition in a particular issue.

Organic website traffic: The most significant indicator of a site’s value is the number of clicks to it from a search engine. Therefore, you should always ask for a screen with Google Analytics with confirmation of the statistics of transitions to the site. The link placement on the site. Depending on the location of the link, the cost is formed. For example, a link from the landing page (home page) of a donor site will transfer the most weight to the acceptor site. Accordingly, it will cost more. Posting time. The outreach may agree to purchase a persistent link or rent a place monthly by posting a temporary link.

Type and type of link: The outreach agrees with the donor on the kind of link (dofollow or nofollow), as well as its appearance (link in the article, footer, pop-up window, logo, etc.).

The number of external links from the pages of the donor site. The more external links from the page on which your link is placed, the more other links take the weight. This means that the weight from the page of the donor site is divided into all acceptors. The number of pages indexed by the donor. If there are a lot of non-indexed pages on the donor resource, then the search engine negatively evaluates this resource.

PR indicator: The higher the donor’s figure, the higher the cost.

You can also place the link conditionally for free – some donors are ready to put high-quality content created by the acceptor. Thus, the donor receives free content that brings value to users, and the acceptor gets a free link. The following is an example of the cost of posting one outreach article per month on a resource with donor characteristics:

How long does an outreach campaign take?

The duration of the outreach campaign depends on the budget, goals, and the chosen strategy for promoting the site as a whole. Therefore, there is no clear answer to this question. If you have a budget and an unattained promotion goal, outreach should be used as one of the tools of online marketing.

Types of Outreach Donors

Information resources: blogs, news sites, non-commercial community sites, forums, information, and thematic portals. Financial resources: e-commerce resources, related sites/blogs, trust business announcement sites, trust business directories, social networks, promotional sites.

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