Best SevenTorrents Alternatives 2021

Do not all of us like watching HD films for free within the convenience of our homes? If perhaps you’re a genuine movie enthusiast and you like downloading torrents, then you definitely are going to be conscious of the various torrent sites. There’s no denying the point that SevenTorrents is amongst the top torrent sites.

SevenTorrents has catered too much more than forty million unique users over the previous ten years. The substantial database of both the latest and classic sevenTorrents high-quality movies attracted a huge number of special users on an everyday basis. Nevertheless, we’ve just recently learned that SevenTorrent has announced its retirement.

Based on reports, the SevenTorrents has called retirement as a result of the continuing struggle with copyright issues, domain bans, limitations, along with any other legitimate problems that made significant hurdles indefinitely running the website.

SevenTorrents’ fans have been devastated because of its retirement news. Nevertheless, the representatives of 7 Torrents have just recently announced they’ve transferred the databases of its to another site referred to as “WatchSoMuch.”

What is the latest site for SevenTorrents?

For those ignorant, SevenTorrents is helping torrents for approximately ten years. The year that is last, it serviced around 6 million unique visitors and they have around 200,000 members. Although SevenTorrents has decided to push the curtains of its, it’s transferred its user database to a brand new torrent website, WatchSoMuch.

If is blocked and not opening for you without any reason you are able to check out the very best substitute torrent sites from below.



WatchSoMuch is a breath of air that is fresh for SevenTorrents fans that have been heartbroken together with the retirement news. Based on the SevenTorrents representative, “SevenTorrents users are able to proceed using the account of theirs in WatchSoMuch with same password and enjoy.”

WatchSoMuch proxy promises a much better user interface which is also mobile-friendly. The site also includes a wiser web search function which creates searches much more effective and correct. It’s also expected that WatchSoMuch requires a far more “legal route” to torrenting therefore torrent fans will face lesser downtime.

With the number of promises, it’s being expected that WatchSoMuch will be the no.1 torrent site within the future.

WatchSoMuch Website:

SevenTorrents Alternatives 2021

In this article, we will tell you about the best alternative for the Seventorrents in 2021. We have handpicked some of the best Seventorrents alternatives and I hope you will enjoy that.

1. Piratesbay

Not any listing of recent unlimited free torrent websites will be complete without a note of Pirate Bay torrents. Founded in Sweden, in the early 2000s Pirate Bay may be the biggest unrestricted torrent site of all time. Large numbers of people worldwide used Pirate Bay to download films, e-books, documentaries, music, games, TV shows, etc.

The Pirate Bay - SevenTorrents Alternatives
The Pirate Bay – SevenTorrents Alternatives

It would not be incorrect to state the site is among the best bets of yours for downloading free online information because of its huge pool of torrents.

Sadly, not everybody is able to use this particular platform because of bans in countries as Germany, Denmark, Greece, and Ireland. Nevertheless, which does not appear to affect the acceptance and growth of the site too much.

2. 1337x

Introduced in 2007, 1337X is yet another best SevenTorrents alternative. This torrenting website is simply based on the community, in which individuals share the very best torrent documents for download that is free.

1337X - SevenTorrents Alternatives
1337X – SevenTorrents Alternatives

It’s listed in a large data source from many torrent websites as torrentz, torrentdb, etc. The majority of the visitors of this particular website is produced by the UK and is just about the most popular torrent websites of UK.

1337x has usually been a community-driven torrent website but had a number of problems a season ago where a number of the admins and also moderators protested over security issues.

3. Yify

YIFY - SevenTorrents Alternatives
YIFY – SevenTorrents Alternatives

If it is HD Movie torrents that you’re after then, then YIFY Torrents has a considerable movie database to give. This torrent web site is known for not just its huge movie torrent database, though you’ll in addition be amazed by the file size of each torrent. YIFY Torrent is amongst the sole torrent websites offering HD quality films together with the smallest file size.

The site is known for its easily downloadable torrents along with a simple user interface. When you mention the perfect option of SevenTorrents with the very best quality and variety of content material, YIFY gives 7 Torrents fierce competition.


4. Seedpeer

It’s become relatively familiar for torrent sites to get a simplistic and often confusing interface, which impacts the usability of theirs. SeedPeer is a totally free torrent site that breaks this particular norm by offering a much more pleasant, functionality, and user-friendly UI.

SeedPeer - SevenTorrents Alternatives
SeedPeer – SevenTorrents Alternatives

The simple navigation and also good search engine tool are ideal for people that are brand new to torrent downloading. The information on the site is nicely categorized and also subcategorized for the comfort of the person.


5. ZeeQle

ZeeQle- SevenTorrents Alternatives
ZeeQle- SevenTorrents Alternatives

If you compare several of the other options to 7 Torrent in this particular list, Zooqle will stick out as a newbie to this industry. Nevertheless, despite its late entry to the game, Zooqle has a great deal to give in the form of a substantial data source of verified torrents.

We foresee a good future for Zooqle due to its competitive edge a unique sophisticated search engine with lots of filters for a lot more refined search results. Additionally, it caters exclusively to individuals searching for movies and premium TV series torrents.


EZTV- SevenTorrents Alternatives
EZTV- SevenTorrents Alternatives

EZTV is amongst the most widely used torrent sites today. EZTV is amongst the leading thousand sites on Alexa. This torrent location famous for its substantial series database. Users are able to create an account on EZTV which enables you to save your favorite torrents on the account.

EZTV’s site has a fundamental design with a simple format. You are going to find all of the needed info about the torrent along with the computer user experience can also be positive. In order to keep monitor of the newest uploaded series, the owners are able to stay up with EZTV’s “Countdown List.”


7. Skytorrents

SkyTorrents- SevenTorrents Alternatives
SkyTorrents- SevenTorrents Alternatives

If you like downloading movie torrents, though you’re mindful about the torrent site being private and safe, subsequently SkyTorrents won’t disappoint you. Although, its users grumble about the limited series and films database of this particular torrent site. Though you cannot complain very much because safe torrenting includes its cons.

The very best aspect of SkyTorrent that you’re not bombarded with advertisements. Thus, while downloading your preferred torrents from SkyTorrent, not just you’re worry-free about your data’s security, though you are able to also like an ad-free experience.


8. Limetorrents

LimeTorrents - SevenTorrents Alternatives
LimeTorrents – SevenTorrents Alternatives

LimeTorrents is your no, no-frills, and basic glitch-free torrent platform. effectively fills the void left behind by the shutdown of SevenTorrent. The site comes with a big data source of films, TV shows, documentaries, and many quite a bit more.

LimeTorrents won us over with the assortment of information on the site and also the easy user experience. In order to stay away from any existing hassles their owners face while accessing the website, LimeTorrent can be purchased on various Official URL extensions including, .co,.zone,


9. TorLock

TorLock - SevenTorrents Alternatives
TorLock – SevenTorrents Alternatives

TorLock sets its person apart from a vast majority of other torrent sites by providing verified torrents just, meaning whenever you download a torrent from TorLock, you can be certain that the download of yours will not come with a horrible surprise in the form of malware.

The people behind the site are very certain they’re prepared to pay you one dollar for every fake or maybe unverified torrent you come across on the website.

You may believe that selling verified torrents will restrict the repository of theirs, but that is not the situation! TorLock provides a lot of secure, reliable, fast torrents of films as well as TV shows. One more good thing about the site may be the variety of regular active users show on the website every morning, and that helps make this particular site really worth looking at.


What is better than searching for a torrent website that is entirely free of malware and adware? Imagine not having to cancel on those annoying advertisements and pop-ups. Well- Zooqle is a relatively new friendly website in the torrent world, provides us with a user-savvy interface. It offers peer-to-peer sharing and accessibility worldwide and makes it a perfect alternative to seven torrents.

If you compare some of the best alternatives to Seven Torrent, Zooqle will stand out as a newcomer to this market. However, despite its late entry to the game, Zooqle has a wide variety of offers in the form of a huge database of verified torrents. Zooqle boasts an enormous database of verified torrents and caters to people looking for TV series and movies.

Zooqle is a uniquely designed search engine composed of various filters to deliver more refined search outcomes.


If you are an average torrent user, then the chances are that you know about ISOHunt. However, if you are fresh to this industry, let us introduce you to one of the free torrents’ most extensive pioneering archives.

Sadly, in 2013, the original ISO Hunt platform was taken down as a result of legal action by MPA. However, ISO Hunt is one of the best alternatives to Seven Torrents to offer us most of the content the original ISO Hunt servers had to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPN for torrent Use?

Some government organizations block torrent websites, so if you cannot access them in your location, a virtual private network is simply to mask your IP address and appear as if you are in a different country. But even if you can access the websites with no issues, using a VPN while torrenting is strongly recommended, no matter where you are in the world.

Your private information and online activities are exposed when you torrent without a VPN, and you may face some serious risks. Your internet service provider can notice what you are doing online and report your activity to the authorities if your downloads are perfectly legal. A VPN hides your identity and encrypts all your traffic, and keeps your connection private.

What happens if I get caught torrenting?

If you are downloading or uploading non-copyrighted materials, there should be no problem. However, if your torrents include copyrighted or other legally protected content, you could face some heavy fines or other legal action.

That is why it is best to ensure you always use a reliable VPN while torrenting, in case you accidentally upload or download something you should not. A VPN will maintain your IP address hidden and stop anyone from tracing downloads back to your system.

Is there any technique to speed up torrenting?

Some virtual private networks have features to enhance torrenting speeds, especially if your internet service provider is throttling your connection. Choose a premium VPN service that has an extensive server network and provides unlimited bandwidth and speed.

Final Words

SevenTorrents was one of the best torrent websites but now it has ended. So, we have extracted the best SevenTorrents Alternatives 2021 for you. You can choose any of the above to download your favorite torrents. Please inform us in the comment section if any of the above is not working.

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