Secure File Sync And Sharing – Why Should Your Business Opt For One?

File Sharing and Sync

You can’t overstate the value of mission-critical business files. But, know your sensitive data is at risk by trading partners or renegade employees. There is always a threat of data exposure during sharing practices or reckless storage. You’d want to say that your data is entirely safe and secure. But, the real question is— Until when?

Well, it will stay the same when you consider the implementation of secure File Sync and Share solutions. You have a plethora of such options, which help to store documents and enjoy file sharing and collaboration.

Users have the ease of sharing files, photos, videos, or documents with employees, customers, or partners across multiple devices. Thus, with cloud storage, businesses can meet their explicit compliance and security needs. The usage of detailed technology has become the need of the hour, and organizations are adopting them faster. Tech giants exclaim upon the restriction of consumer-based file sharing apps as possible reasons for this switch.

Another surprising advantage is that the users can edit files, make comments and track different document versions. Security capabilities like data encryption, authentication, and containerization are also built-in, making the process even more desirable. Now that you know some benefits- turning a blind eye to its use makes no sense. Let’s get started with reading these benefits in detail so that you don’t have to give second thoughts about using this technology.

Better Protection

Cloud-based file-sharing services like Google Drive, DropBox, and Box help protect your sensitive documents and information in a limited way. Your data is under constant threat by hackers and malicious attacks. Security threats and data breaches have become a part of news headlines now and then. It thus becomes vital to look for a solution for secure file sharing that helps in the storage and protection of your sensitive documents on your chosen server. The top-notch service providers give your business local security for the effective management of sensitive documents.

Easy Accessibility

People no longer have limits to a single corporate-owned device or office location for getting the work done. Today’s workforce has the expectations of having the accessibility of their data anywhere and anytime- independent of their location or device. Employees sight at consumer-like experiences. With file-sharing sync, you enable mobile workstyles for the enterprise by allowing file syncs across many devices for easy accessibility at any time and from anywhere.

Increased Efficiency

It can be extremely challenging to send too many files as email attachments. Some of the most popular ones come down to file size attachment restrictions and transmission interceptions. With a reliable central storage solution- you get the ability to share a document and have updates- all at once when shared users are accessing the current information.

The ease of file sharing efficiency sync means that employees will no longer come across grave file sharing excuses. The file-sharing will be easy and size-independent. IT’s data sharing workflows, and exposure of proprietary information to the world will be bypassed.

Document collaborations and workflows

The file-sharing sync solutions enable capabilities for content and workflow collaboration. Some of the most popular ones include:

  1. Document management for ensuring the safe exchange of internal as well as external documents. Contracts, training tools, paperwork, proposals, marketing collaterals, product information, and performance reviews, to name a few.
  2. Legal binding e-signatures
  3. Workflow automation that has a built-in approval process for feedback and co-authoring.
  4. Version control, so the employees can track changes in documents across multiple devices and data sources.

Ease in Sharing

Nearly all the offices have network drivers for easy sharing of files within a department. Yet, this method doesn’t work too well with sharing files between remote office locations or offsite locations. Thus, you can connect and transfer files with file sync without much hindrance. All you’ve to do is:

  1. Drag the files and drop them between your solutions and desktop folders.
  2. Create public links for sharing files outside your enterprise.
  3. An email notification will appear that shows changes between the shared files.

An apt solution helps with easy file sharing and helps the employees invite authorized users to shared files and folders. The conflict resolution and binary differential sync features are not to mention!

Let’s Get Started with File Share Sync

Some other desirable benefits of such a solution are top-notch security, convenience, data loss prevention, and disaster recovery. The best solution will have a simple interface for trading partners and employees while creating room for advancements and quick activity monitoring. That way, you can get on with your work without worrying about losing data or data breaches anymore.

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