PureVPN Android: How to Protect your Android device with PureVPN?

Android is a fairly secure operating system, but it is easy to fall victim to tricks online like any device. VPNs are an easy solution to numerous threats a user can face online, and PureVPN makes it perfectly secure to your Android device for an affordable cost. If you want to secure your android device, check out the simplest way to set up PureVPN on an Android device to experience internet freedom, security, and entertainment. In this blog, TechNinjaPro will discuss how to secure your Android device with PureVPN. Here are the things to consider:

  • An Android device.
  • Working internet connection.
  • Own a premium PureVPN subscription.

What does PureVPN do?

A VPN is designed to encrypt and cover activity online, whether on a network at home or in public. VPNs protect your data, connection, and privacy online. You can download PureVPN’s app across different devices to enable privacy and protection features with one click on Android, Google Chrome, Windows, macOS, and more. 

One of the significant benefits you will get with PureVPN is security and protection. When connected through PureVPN app, your Android device is automatically connected to 256-bit encryption. This is helpful on portable Android devices, such as your phone, as a virtual private network will protect your Android device from others on a public wifi network, keeping bad actors from reaching your private information and passwords. PureVPN also covers your IP from sites and potential malicious sources, hiding your location at the same time. 

PureVPN provides a 7-day trial at a low cost of just $0.99, then has a yearly cost of $39.84. If you sign up from an Android device, you will be able to benefit from a 7-day free trial. However, you can easily save with a 2-year plan costing just $49.12. PureVPN’s every plan is backed by a 31-day money-back guarantee. 

How to set up PureVPN for Android

Setup PureVPN for Android
Setup PureVPN for Android

To get PureVPN running on your Android device, you will first need to download the PureVPN app from Google Play Store. After that, you can set up a PureVPN account within the application, complete with your billings. You can be billed through Google Play Store as well, making things easy. 

When you use PureVPN to secure your Android phone, you will need to grant permission to PureVPN to create a virtual network. From that point, you can simply open the application and click connect to secure your connection in seconds. 

PureVPN app has a unique feature to optimize your internet connection based on what you will be doing with it. There are choices for streaming videos, sharing information, and even improved security and privacy. Just click and select a mode. Once your internet connection is active, you can use the application to change your location to other countries, adding to the security and opening up geo-restricted services. For example, you can switch to another country to use the Netflix library of that other region using PureVPN. 

PureVPN's Feature for Android App

PureVPN Features for Android
PureVPN Features for Android
  • Connect with one click to be safe online.
  • Intelligent quick connect.
  • Connect to more than 78 locations. 
  • Connect to a specific city.
  • Robust security protocols.
  • Advanced auto protocol selection.
  • Dedicated servers.
  • Split tunneling.

Why do you need a VPN on an Android device

A VPN is a protected link between your Android device and a remote server. All your internet traffic is encrypted, so intermediaries cannot see what is being transmitted. Since you connect to the internet through a remote location, every site you visit will see that location’s IP instead of your true Android device’s IP.

1. Secure your Internet browsing on public wifi

The biggest reason to use a virtual private network on an Android device is that you often connect to the internet through public networks when using an Android device, which means you are joining a pool of networked devices. It is easy for malicious actors to snoop on the internet traffic you are sending back and forth. Since you are using an Android device for crucial tasks, such as shopping, banking, it is important to use a virtual private network to secure your internet browsing from prying eyes when out and about. 

Between your Android device and the sites you are visiting, intermediary servers relay the information. Using a virtual private network makes sure that none of them can see what you are doing or identify who you are. 

2. Unblock geo-restricted content

Some content on streaming websites like Netflix is only available if you connect to the service within a certain region. With a virtual private network, you can get around this by connecting through a server in the relevant country. For example, if you use a virtual private network in the US, you can connect to a VPN server in Australia and watch streaming content that is only available there. The same goes for regional streaming platforms like Hulu or BBC iPlayer. 

3. Get around firewalls

A virtual private network can be used to circumvent firewall-blocking rules. Your workplace, ISPs, or country may block certain sites but switch on your virtual private network, and the firewall would not be able to tell that you are accessing the blocked site at all.  A virtual private network can help you maintain a speedy internet connection, regardless of what you are using your internet for.


PureVPN was based in Hong Kong, the Chinese administrative region that is not a part of five eyes, nine-eyes, or fourteen-eyes organization. But PureVPN is now shifted to the British Virgin Island. However, both the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong have some privacy-friendly data retention policies. 

PureVPN allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. This means that you can connect up to ten devices to their services at any time, without any restrictions or performance limitations. There are no restrictions on the devices you need to connect utilizing your ten available connections.

If internet privacy and safety are your main concerns, PureVPN is a perfect virtual private network you can trust completely. It may not be the fastest virtual private network on the market. Still, it does not keep any logs, is based in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, and provides excellent customer support around the clock.

If you have any issue unblocking Netflix with PureVPN, the perfect way to resolve the problem is to contact their customer support, and they will promptly recommend a server you can connect to. PureVPN also provides a dedicated IP address at an additional cost. It offers you a reliable way of accessing Netflix every time.


PureVPN’s Android application makes virtual private network use a pleasure. It is simple, and you can access everything you need with just a few clicks on your screen. As far as features go, the Android application has all of the characteristics of its desktop counterparts, plus the additional benefit of a split tunneling feature. You can change the PureVPN’s Android app’s theme and personalize different settings.

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