This is Pappy Van Poodle, the Nintendo character no one knows

Pappy Van Poddle

We get some pretty curious news from Nick Robinson’sYouTube channel. In the last video he shared, he details the existence of a Nintendo character that no one knew until recently.

This character belongs to the title Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, a game released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in 2014 for free. However, the app allowed users to pay to unlock baseball minigames.

The most curious thing about this game is that when it comes to paying, you could haggle with the game seller, Rusty Slugger. This way, you could get hold of the minigames at a price of less than the $4 you were asking for at the beginning.

With this option, many players never paid for the games at full price, as the game gave you the option to haggle. This is why no one knows Pappy Van Poodle, a character who only appears if we pay the full price of un haggling games.


If we do, we will be able to learn more about Rusty and his family, and about Pappy Van Poodle, an obese dog with a cane that mentored Rusty. If you pay the full price, the app shows us some scenes of this curious character.

Pappy Van Poodle in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball.

  • Series: Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball
  • For starters appearance: Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball
  • Species: Poodle
  • Season created: 2013
  • Developed by: Nintendo

Pappy Van Poodle is a character out of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball on the Nintendo 3DS. He just appears if the player doesn’t make a deal with Rusty Slugger. He’s Rusty’s old mentor that has been recognized to help the shop owner during rough times.


Pappy Van Poodle made his very first and just appearance in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. In the game, Pappy Van Poodle served as a mentor to Rusty, giving him objects and advice to assist him out there. If most games are purchased for $4.00 (the total price), and also you don’t offer Rusty the products which he must advance the story (which would usually be accomplished by haggling with Rusty), Pappy Van Poodle will show up towards the conclusion of the game and also give Rusty the product that you are meant to provide him in the haggling operation. Pappy Van Poodle is pointed out a couple of times by Rusty throughout the game, but hardly ever appears except under these exact instances.

In among the later scenes of his, Pappy finds among Rusty’s pups sleeping in an alleyway, giving the pup to Rusty.


Pappy Van Poodle is Rusty’s good friend and mentor for over twenty human years. He’s described to function as the largest supporter and fan of the’ Rusty’s Sluggers’ baseball team, plus once tossed away his back cheering. Rusty talks about him as being an unofficial team mascot. He describes Rusty being as a son to him and also provides him flowers showing the kindness of his

Japanese version: The Japanese version of “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball” comes with a Pappy Van Poodle with the title Inuz Toip, which has a unique outfit and backstory.


Inuz Toip

Pappy Van Poodle, as observed in the Japanese version.

Pappy Van Poodle was mostly unknown online because of the really unlikely technique had even to encounter him in the game. He was first referenced over a Japanese blog site referred to as (Pozukago) in 2013 only six days after Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was launched in Japan, next he was talked about in several places now and then across the online world, however, not mentioned again until YouTuber Nick Robinson made a video describing exactly how he discovered Pappy Van Poodle by accident. You can see the video in this case.

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Due to just how improbable encountering Pappy is, before Nick Robinson’s video was uploaded, the phrase “Pappy van Poodle” had zero listings on Google.

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