Oribi Review 2022: Is Oribi Analytics Better than Google Analytics?

Oribi allows the user to capture, track, and generate reports of individual website visitors. The data portrays where the visitors came from, the landing pages on which they arrived, the number and locations of clicks, and the followed website funnel. Thus, it gives a deep analytical picture of your entire website for future growth.

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TechNinjaPRO does not own any of the products. We select and review the products on our own. The article contains affiliate links which means that we’ll earn a commission if you buy via our link. We use the commission to support our site.

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Advertiser disclosure

TechNinjaPRO does not own any of the products. We select and review the products on our own. The article contains affiliate links which means that we’ll earn a commission if you buy via our link. We use the commission to support our site.


Event Building & Tracking Yes
Funnels Yes
Actionable Insights Vs. Raw Data Yes
Individual Visitor Data Yes
Event Correlations Yes
Reports & Analytics Yes
24/7 Support Yes
Pageview Tracking Yes
Analytics AOI Tracking Yes

The most widely used analytics tool in the world right now is Google Analytics. The company has optimized its tool to collect user data and track millions of Android, iOS, and Desktop data points.

Every website user uses Google Analytics to generate reports, analyze, and make future business decisions. Even though it provides a deep insight for your business, still it’s not the only analytics tool out there. Several other tools are entirely worth it and deliver great value for money. Oribi Analytics tool is one of them.

Oribi Analytics Review

Oribi Analytics tool is disrupting the market of Google Analytics as per its simple business analytics solutions like easy-to-setup funnels. It provides great actionable insights and exposes millions of companies to those data fields that were otherwise hidden.

Further, Oribi does not throw data here and there like Google Analytics. With Oribi, you don’t need a proper Analytics expert to make sense of the data delivered. They have integrated their tool with their custom-made AI technology to help all businesses get an entirely data-driven insight.

Oribi Analytics tells the user how your visitors are engaging with your website’s content, travel & time spending patterns and your site’s overall actions. The tool allows you to check where are the visitors coming from, and it will show you multi-touch conversion analysis from the first touch to the final acquisition. Thus, it generates insights for the business owner about which is the best platform for conversions and where one should stress building brand awareness which will assist in the conversion of potential buyers, customers, and clients.

Also, the Oribi Analytics depicts where your website visitors are dropping off in your funnel. You can look at your smart funnel while building a funnel from your pageviews (where the amounts of clicks are also tracked).

With Oribi, you can track the visitors’ actual behaviours on your site and their conversion paths. Google Analytics does not go into that much depth and only allocates the data about how many visitors is your website getting and their geographical location.

You can also use the Email addresses (captured from fill out forms) to find potential leads and track their journey throughout the site. The funnel also tells you about the trends and the areas in which visitors are interested.

Marketing agencies usually spend a lot of manual labour, hard work, and time to go over website reporting and extract valuable insights from that data. However, with Oribi, those insights are pre-generated. You can adjust those insights in whatever manner you want and use that knowledge to make marketing decisions right away without hassle.

Moreover, you don’t need a developer to code your analytics tool concerning customization. Oribi makes this possible by offering simple solutions for your form submissions, page groups, and buttons.

Oribi provides actionable and summarized data to track changes and stay on top of your site. It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface that even non-data-savvy users can use without any form of formal training.

Some of the significant highlighted features offered by Oribi include:

  1. Codeless Events
  2. RetroActive data
  3. Funnels
  4. Individual Visitor Journey
  5. Website Flow
  6. Correlations
  7. Analyze Marketing Channels
  8. Reports
  9. Exports Codeless Events
  10. Campaign Analytics

Oribi is data-driven, saves time, generates helpful reports, and helps you run actionable campaigns for your agency or business.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Shows data history.
  • Optimization of Funnels is easy.
  • Whilte labelling.
  • Visitors Journey and Event Tracking is in depth.
  • Automated
  • Great value for money analytics software.


  • A bit costly for starters.
  • Needs a better pricing structure.


Insights & Trends Visitors Journey &Email Capturing
Marketing Attribution Reports
Automated Event Capturing & Tracking Action Management
Predictive Analysis Conversion Tracking
Campaign Analytics Data Visualization
Resource Management User Interaction Tracking
Channel Analysis Funnel Optimization
Analytics Bootcamp 1:1 Onboarding

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans



Billed monthly.



Billed monthly.



Billed monthly.

Oribi Pricing Plans Discussion

Oribi has three plans optimized for their potential users. It offers three distinct packages depending upon the needs of its customers. Their prices are pretty affordable, starting from $300/month for Business Plan to $750/month for Agency Plan. This means that you will get access to the most cost-efficient features to fulfil your data analytics requirements in this price range.

Let’s analyze the Business Plan first. If you opt for this plan, you will have to pay $350/month if you select the monthly plan; however, it will cost you $300/month if you opt for the yearly subscription. The pricing booth of Oribi suggests that this plan is ideal for websites with 0 to 10,000 visitors per month.

You will get access to features like Email with personal insights, support for customized events, and data from the previous year in Business Plan.

The Ecommerce plan costs $400/month when the subscription is monthly, and if you get the yearly plan, the cost is $350/month. Again, Oribi suggests, this plan is ideal for E-commerce sites with 0 to 10,000 visitors per month. Features like integration of revenue and personal opinions email are included in this plan.

Lastly, the Agency Plan offered by Oribi costs $750/month when billed monthly. There is no yearly plan for Agencies (at least for now). This plan is ideal for 1 – 5 clients. You can use features like tracking your clients through several domains, white labelling, and one-year data history.

Oribi Analytics Setup

The most significant comparison you can conduct of Oribi is with Google Analytics. The setup process of both of these tools is almost the same, except that setting up Oribi is much easier.

If you want to set up Google Analytics, you need to add a Google Analytics tracking ID on the header code of your site. Everyone can perform this setup by simply heading to various resources online, which guide you through setting up your Google Analytics.

When it comes to the Oribi Analytics Setup, you also have to add the Oribi tracking ID in the header code of your website. If you want Google Analytics and Oribi, you can add the code after the Google Analytics tracking ID.

The verification process of Oribi Analytics is also more straightforward. With Google Analytics, it takes 24 hours for your account to set up, however with Oribi Analytics; once you put the code in the header, the Analytics tool only confirms if the code is there or not, and once it finds the code, you can start extracting insights from the tool instantly.


Oribi Analytics is here to give massive competition to Google Analytics who has dominated the analytics software market from the start. Oribi has tried to dethrone the King by integrating and offering a robust set of features in their tool to compete for head to head with Google Analytics.

Take a look at a few of the best features offered by Oribi:

Insights & Trends: Oribi delivers their users with actionable tips to help them achieve their goals and recognize the patterns to predict trends. All of the insights and trends are generated in real-time, and you will not get outdated reports.

Moreover, Oribi eliminates the elements of needing a programmer, and your entire website is automatically monitored. You will not need developers for event monitoring.

Using the various features from insights, you can define your objectives and goals for the conversions. It carries out these functions without the help of any third-party software. Also, the incidents are continuously modified, so the need for ongoing maintenance is also eradicated.

You can optimize your conversion with funnels, comparisons, and several other features and functions offered by Oribi. The tool provides insights into what optimization tools you need to use for a more streamlined functioning model and what you can do to generate fresh/new leads. It will identify the areas which are not getting utilized and where are you losing opportunities for conversion.

All of the triggers which boost your conversion ratio are also pinpointed by Oribi.

Visitor Journey: This feature offered by Oribi allows you to monitor, investigate, and take actions on those pathways via which your visitors travel and move about on your website.

You also have the liberty to follow specific visitors by utilizing the insights about several sessions and domains. Google Analytics does not allow you to do this as it does not have smart filters options like Oribi. The intelligent filters option allows you to observe the journey of individual visitors on separate sections of the website/business.

Also, you can align your visitors’ journeys to get an insight into the best prospects by connecting email addresses.

Reports Generation: This is where the strength of every analytics tool lies. The Oribi Analytics tool provides their clients with an astounding personalized analysis of their data. One can instantly share these astonishing analysis reports with their bosses, managers, and even clients.

The user experience which you get from these Oribi Analytics reports is also great. You can find, locate, and navigate these reports without anyone giving you a briefing on them. The report makes the most significant observations pop out.

Oribi’s customization options for their Analytics Reports give the user the liberty to change appearances, add logos, and induct information as per their choices. You can also set up the automated sharing of your reports if you want to.

Marketing Attribution: When you use Google Analytics to market and advertise your campaigns, it can get tricky to execute the campaigns precisely as you are looking to do so. Oribi has solved this problem by installing the feature of Marketing Attribution, where you can analyze and run campaigns based on Single Visit Vs. Multiple Touchpoints data.

Using the information collected from the touchpoints of your visitors, you can conduct campaigns in such a manner that it will lead your business to potential conversions.

Oribi allows you to set your objectives, and it will define the best acquisition approach for your business/campaign. Also, you can use a variety of templates to assess your practices.

Event Tracking: If you want to track an event, you need Google tag manager induction with Google Analytics. For instance, you want to track a campaign, you will have to customize it by adding tags to track the activities yourself or at least hire a developer to carry out that function.

With Oribi, you can perform Event Tracking by following a few simple steps instead of jumping through hoops. If you want to perform Button Tracking, you can pin a particular button and gain a better insight into its tracking. With Oribi, you can perform button tracking in about four clicks. However, with Google Analytics, it will take more than 20 steps.

Customer Support: Oribi is designed and developed by a team of experts in sales, customer experiences, and web development. This means they can assist their customers in developing the best business practising models for growth and a better ROI.

User Interface

The user interface of Oribi is highly effective and offers remarkable consistency in all aspects of data visualization parameters. Also, it has a clean design where everything is organized in the best way possible.

It is very clear from looking at the interface. They have kept the user intent in mind before finalizing their designs. Some experts in the field claim that it has a better user interface in comparison to Google Analytics.

The funnels are simple, and the dashboards make it very easy for the user to measure their ROI. People who do not have any analytics knowledge can roam about on Oribi, and it will deliver you the reports in the most straightforward manner possible. In comparison to Google Analytics, Oribi is way easier to navigate upon.

Google Analytics only provides you with raw data, and it is up to you to make some sense out of it. In contrast, Oribi is data-driven and generates actionable insights right on your Oribi dashboard.

Is Oribi Better than Google Analytics?

It’s not about which analytics tool is better; it’s all about how you want your analysis to be conducted or carried out. Oribi simplifies the concept of analytics altogether as Oribi starts to track everything from the moment you connect your site with this tool.

You have the liberty to look back in time for any event that took place during your entire journey with Oribi. At the same time, Google Analytics Events can only be tracked if you create them manually.

Google Analytics does not give you any information to identify any particular user, and also it does not store anything. Oribi is a better solution as you do not need developers or hire other people to translate the analysis for you; they deliver you direct, actionable data which helps you make business decisions quickly and efficiently.

It’s not that easy to convince anyone to give Oribi a try and move away from such a massive brand like Google Analytics; however, Oribi is one of the best market analyzing tools out there for a complete beginner. A few of the features which makes Oribi an excellent value for money analytics software are:

  • The algorithm used by Oribi gives ‘Score’ to their users by identifying the users as:
    • Incredibly active
    • Pretty active
    • Not that active
  • You can click on the specific journey button. You will be displayed with information about how long the individual spent on each screen, the type of activities they performed, and several other helpful information.
  • Conversion funnels are made more straightforward in comparison to other traditional funnels.
  • Data findings are also displayed in a much simpler manner.
  • The user interface offers unique visualization to gain a better perspective on your business performance.

Even though Google Analytics is more detailed than Oribi, it still does not offer organized data like Oribi. The latter is data-driven, tracks automatically offer unlimited data, and all of this happens without any formal knowledge relating to analytics.

Oribi diverts your full attention and focuses on understanding visitors’ behaviour and optimizing your business practices to gain more conversions. Oribi automatically determines:

  • Peaks & drops in key metrics.
  • Identification of which days convert better.
  • Generates alerts about changes without having to read countless reports.

Oribi Vs. Google Analytics

Here are some of the major differences between Google Analytics and Oribi.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Google Analytics is great, but it can confuse some people and does not provide actionable data. If you are one of those users getting frustrated with Google Analytics and want something confined, streamlined, and easy to use, don’t look anywhere else and go for Oribi.

Oribi is easier to set up and offers rich data for better decision making. It will extract the trends and insights from your website in real-time, thus offering great value with its action-oriented items/features

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Oribi?

Oribi’s main purpose is to track your website’s activity and generate statistics in an organized fashion which can help a webmaster to analyze, comprehend, and develop strategies accordingly. Users can utilize Oribi to track goals by using an easy-to-use dashboard.

Is Oribi Analytics really better than Google Analytics?

To be perfectly honest, Oribi does not generate as detailed of a report as Google Analytics, however, it gives the user precise & relevant information regarding their website instead of filling out their dashboard with irrelevant data. It is a great behavioral analytics software and offers good value for money.

Is Oribi free?

Oribi is not available for free, however, they do offer a 14-day trial which you can opt for to check whether the software will meet your needs.

What are the disadvantages of Google Analytics?

Google cannot gather or track everything accurately, so all the data should be taken as approximation. Also, the Google Analytics software will show you a lot of unwanted information along with some missing data which can be valuable. You need to set up tracking manually, which can be a really difficult task to execute for an average user.

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Pricing Plans



Billed monthly.



Billed monthly.



Billed monthly.

TechNinjaPRO does not own any of the products. We select and review the products on our own. The article contains affiliate links which means that we’ll earn a commission if you buy via our link. We use the commission to support our site.

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