How To Get Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World?

Majestic horn mhw is used to craft and farm high-quality weapons and armors for players. To have a majestic horn, you have to fight with great diablos(black and high ranked).

The minute Monster Hunter World sticks the claws of its in you, you realize you are in for a rewarding and long experience of monsters to hunt, armor and weapons to craft, as well as ranks to achieve.

Crafting mainly is an enormous part of growing up through the ranks. And taking on tougher as well as tougher monsters, but to be able to have several of the greatest weapons and also armor the game has hidden away, you will have for getting the hands-on a few distinct, and unusual, materials.

The Majestic Horn is only one of those supplies which may seem way too challenging being worthy, though we have performed all of the legwork to teach you exactly how you can hunt lots of down yourself.

For this purpose, you must know the movements of diablos, e.g. when and how it opens and close horns, which is the weak point of diablos and the best time to attack.

Why do we need a majestic horn quest reward?

  • It will give a 6% chance of RRRRRumble waste.
  • 5% chance of white winds of the new world.
  • Breaking of both horns gives an 8% chance of majestic horn craves.
  • Investigation reward (silver,gold) gives 18% and 14% respectively.

Which diablos must you hunt for getting Magistic?

Hunt for Getting Magistic
Hunt for Getting Magistic

You must use the investigation for hunting black and highly rank diablos as they give you rewards for successfully capturing which can be more than majestic horns.

The variation of diablos depends upon their unique materials.

Keep in mind majestic horns can get from only high-rank diablos (black and high ranked) Not from low-rank diablos.

How can the farming process speed up/complete?

Speed up Farming Process
Speed up Farming Process
  • To avoid damage, you must stay behind the back of diablos because they don’t use their tail.
  • The use of ice and paralysis weapons will affect monsters favorably.
  • Keep on moving and dodge when diablos move underground as it will come out and attempt to attack you.
  • When the diablo is digging, you have space to attack and use any weapon as the diablo cannot do both digging and defense at the same time.
  • Always try to stay aside from its horns as it is the most powerful weapon it has.
  • When it is preparing itself for a charge move, it moves its horns two or four times before taking a pause.
  • Note the movements of the diablo and become safe and secure from its attacks.

Video Guide to get Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World


Because the Majestic Horn is compensated for breaking the horns on the Diablos, it is advisable to create specifically around breaking equipment as well as collecting rewards. When you can pay for it, equip yourself with gear that’s got the Partbreaker skill like the Uragaan chest and waist pieces, & the Breaker Charm.

It is not likely you are going to receive a Majestic Horn for every horn you break, and odds are you will have to farm Majestic Horns for quite some time before you find the amount you need. Preferably, you ought to attempt to make use of Investigations to hunt the Black Diablos, because this will even net you several incentives for successfully capturing it, which may correctly be a little more Majestic Horns.

If you are facing difficulty in getting the Majestic horn mhw, you can ask in the comment section.

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