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USB C has been landed on the new MacBook, and It’s been a while now. But when Apple decided to give space to USB C to its MacBook, it didn’t start to make Magsafe for that. But now you can easily purchase a MagSafe to USB c for your MacBook. Once there was no MagSafe to USB c, some alternatives tried to fill out space.

Griffin break shielded cable was one of them. It was a good alternative, but there was a problem with that, it was unable to give the full Thunderbolt 3’s bandwidth. Moreover, it was a large unit and thus reduced efficiency.

This is where ThunderMag comes in, Innerexile develops that within the past three years, this tiny gadget is professed to be the world’s first truly Thunderbolt 3-compatible magnetic adapter. In other words, ThunderMag can pass through data at up to 40 Gbps (or movie at around 5K) while also delivering 100W of power, due to its 24 pins and fragile magnetic shaping — the latter to shield the cable’s high-frequency signal. And of course, the ThunderMag is not exclusive to MacBooks; plug it into any Thunderbolt 3 or even USB-C port, and you’re good to go.

Some of the safety tests that this Magsafe to USB c passed were heat test and the accidental grinding test. For the heat test, it was tested at 49°C that is equal to 120°F. This USB c cable has also passed the accidental grinding test, so if you pull off the wire or your precious MacBook accidentally, MagSafe is always there for you as the grinding does not damage the pins.


Best Magsafe to Usb c Adapter

Looking at the opportunity that there is finally an adopter that supports the Magsafe to USB c, you may want to know what is the best adapter in the market. In this guide, you will see our reviews about the best Magsafe to USB c adapters available on Amazon.

So, you are looking for a MagSafe to USB c adapter that should be compatible with the full power of the Thunderbolt USB, including 100W of power and 10 Gbps. Here are some Magsafe Usb c adapters.

1. Upmely Magnetic USB C Adapter, Type C Connector

The first member of our list is by Upmely; the reason to put this on the top is its quality and customer feedback. Moreover, this is also Amazon’s choice. If you want not only the best USB c adapter for your laptop but also a stylish one, then you can go for this USB adapter.

Upmely Magnetic USB C Adapter
Upmely Magnetic USB C Adapter

Upmely is a 2 in 1 adapter that also supports the video playback up to 4k, and smooth too, according to our experience.

Significant Features

The following are some of the essential functions of Upmely Magsafe to USB c adapter.

  • It comes with a robust design, which means it can survive even in harsh conditions.
  • It is not only a power adapter that supports up to 100W, but it also transfers the data at the maximum speed reported, and that is 10 Gbps.
  • Upmely is highly compatible with the USB c supported devices out there. It supports the most popular devices like MacBook Pro, Pixelbook, Matebook, Dell XPS.
  • For your convenience, Upmely made the MagSafe in right angle, so that there should be no clutter layout and winding.
  • It comes with the strongest Magnet ever in a MagSafe to USB c, if you are a lazy person, you can entirely rely on the magnetic power of this magnetic USB c adapter.
  • If you want to transfer data or to watch the video in 4k, you can easily do that using this MagSafe to USB c adapter. This is because of its 20 pin design that comes with more compatibility than ever.
MagSafe to USB c Adapter
MagSafe to USB c Adapter

Here are some quick pros and cons for this Upmely MagSafe to USB c adapter.


  • Made Durable – It does not feel cheap or that of a piece of equipment that is just going to fall apart. It is made of all metal.
  • High Quality – The magnetics stick together and line up perfectly and are not off.
  • Fast Charging speed for 85W charger – I did a speed test using this adapter, and just my Type C cable and both charged at the same rate. If anything, the type C was barely ahead by a couple of minutes. Hardly noticeable.
  • LED Light – Yes, there is an LED light that will indicate that it is connected. This is good because I noticed that I thought I joined it when I missed it. No, the LED light does not go from amber to green when the battery is dead to full. It is merely to tell you the device is connected.
  • It is Safe – This thing will pop right out if someone trips on it. Never have to worry again. Most important!
  • It does not block any other inputs on Mac and is case-friendly.


  • Color – It is not white to match the white color of the official type C cable by Apple
  • Magnet – It is a little too weak. I feel the Magnet should be a little stronger.

2. ELECT AnyWatt, MagSafe to USB C Adapter

ELECT AnyWatt, MagSafe to USB C Adapter
ELECT AnyWatt, MagSafe to USB C Adapter

Here comes one of the famous MagSafe to USB c adapter that can fulfill your need for fast charging and data transfer. The Magnet of the Elecjet is among the very best reversible online that is USB. The six-pin layout prevents short circuits also provides security. It is more efficient compared to 5 pin kinds. It is reversible, such as that of Apple chargers. The Magnet supports around 87 W charging with insertion. This cable’s forces make it easy to connect the cable into your PC or cellphone interfaces.

Gold plated connectors and the aluminum Metal design make it, and that is Lasting Strong. This magnetic cable comes with another technology that We do not provide an opinion that is nice on This as heating and temperature rely on other variables. Coming to The compatibility component, the functions nicely with all smartphones Possess the C that is USB. This magnetic C supports the MacBook Air MacBook Pro, along with other C allowed notebooks, to work as a Magsafe USB-C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a MagSafe to USB C?

Now you can easily purchase a MagSafe to USB c for your MacBook. Once there was no MagSafe to USB c, some alternatives tried to fill out space.

Why was MagSafe removed?

It is not completely clear why Apple decided to take out this security characteristic, though a few argued once the MacBook was created it was since the pc is very light that any magnetic relationship will be powerful enough to still pull the pc to the floor in case somebody tripped over the cord.

Can you charge an old MacBook with a USB?

Much love iPhones and iPads, the brand new MacBook are able to be charged out of a lightweight battery pack, so long as you have a USB C to USB-A cable, which you are able to purchase for as few as ten dollars. Unlike MagSafe, that is a proprietary Apple engineering, USB-C is universal.

Why does my new MacBook Pro not have MagSafe?

Apple’s newest MacBook as well as MacBooks Pros do not have the MagSafe power cable that prior iterations did. This implies that in case the power cable of yours becomes tripped over and pulled, the laptop of yours is most likely going with it.


Technology is advancing, and many brands are trying to compete with each other in the race of technology. But to choose the most reliable is always a tricky thing. MagSafe to USB c has been introduced, and since then, several brands have tried to make their best, but not everyone has the technology to compete with the technology. In this article, you can find the best MagSafe to USB c adapter and data transfer cable.

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