Learn Why WordPress Is So Popular?

When you think about why WordPress is so popular, you must know that it is the best content management system that we have. Today for website building, 90% of businesses only depend on WordPress Development Company. Most importantly, people with no technical knowledge can even use it. Its flexible nature makes it possible to create a wide array of websites. WordPress is worth giving a try, and we can prove it in this informative blog post.

Why WordPress Only?

Why WordPress?
Why WordPress?

Amidst so many names such as Shopify, Webley, and Magento, you must be thinking, why WordPress? WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet. The biggest reason is the freedom it offers to its users. This free CMS benefits people by enabling them to download, establish, utilize and modify at no cost. But you might wonder why it comes for free? While WP is itself complimentary for users, they will need to buy a domain name and hosting for installing it. Domain name reflects the website address on the web while hosting is the storehouse for all the website files. Any WordPress Development Company can help you establish a high-end WordPress website.

Learn Why WordPress is Popular Amongst the All CMS

1. Adaptability: Many people think WordPress to be suitable for only building blogs. But this is a misconception. It is true initially, WordPress was developed to be used as a blogging platform, but now the new releases showcase some other scenarios. However, if you ask why to use WordPress for a blog, it is vital to know that it is the quickest and cleanest way of writing and publishing blog posts. With WordPress, the emphasis is first on the blogging interface so that you can build a gorgeous eCommerce website. A blog is the most crucial portion of any development process. The variety of websites possible to create with WordPress are:

  • Elearning modules
  • Job boards
  • Blogs
  • Galleries
  • Business websites
  • Business directories
  • Portfolios
  • Chatrooms
  • Forums
  • Rating websites
  • Auction websites
  • Ecommerce websites

The functionality of aspects like eCommerce websites and platforms are achievable with themes and plugins. It is possible to pair eCommerce themes with WooCommerce plugins as well. To convert your usual WordPress website into a fully functioning online shop, you will need to use WooCommerce. With this, you get hands-on functions like product galleries, processing, and shopping carts. Few eCommerce plugins such as WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are sought-after ones.

2. Learning is Easy Along With a Massive Community: It is a fact that there is no answer to why not to use WordPress. It is open-source, and anyone, even a beginner, can use it ideally. There is no restriction for the user base regarding skill level, pricing, or customer support. Although there are great things that one can learn regarding WP, you can grasp how the CMS system works by browsing the dashboard for 5 minutes.

WordPress is so popular that it is the number of forums, seminars, books, blogs, and online courses presented by users. You can gain an idea of the various aspects of the WP platform with these things. The resources that are present for learning WP are massive. For example, you can go through a blog like this to receive a steadfast flow of WP tips in the email inbox.

The WP community can assist you in the learning process in two ways:

  • Fast solutions to the WP problems
  • Organized training for long-standing knowledge

Either you can pay a charge or avail of WordPress training for free, but you can quickly get hands-on an information-packed and well-organized course online. There are even video courses available on Yoast SEO plugin, WordPress 101, and WooCommerce 101.

WordPress Development

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3. Supporting Several Media Types: The media types that receive competitive support from WordPress are Audio, Images, Video, and Documents. One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is that it will never tell you that it cannot support a file. Uploading usual files like .pdf, .pptx, .mov, .png, .mp4 is hassle-free with WordPress.

Also, you will face no issues with file types like .3gp, .odt, and .ogg. But as a user, you must follow some protocol and only utilize media that is available for free downloads or the one you own. Pexels and Visual Hunt are some spaces that can present you with traditional media.

4. Scalability and Website Expansion with Plugins and Themes – By now, we already know how to use WordPress with the best themes and plugins. But it is also vital to understand how these themes and plugins can help with scalability. Themes actually function as the foundation for any website built using WordPress. It takes very little to arrange the design work that includes adding a logo, blog posts, color changes, new pages, and a lot more.

However, it is crucial to add something new to the website from time to time. For instance, arranging monthly quizzes to enable customers to connect more with the brand or when customers seek a membership section of the website demands something new. In these situations, everything can be appropriately done with a plugin. There is a wide array of membership plugins available that help your website convert into a full community.

If you want to add functionality to a WordPress website, it is mandatory to use SEO friendly plugins. But while you launch your WordPress website after learning about the benefits of WordPress, you will need a theme. With the website’s growth, there will be different requirements arising and the growing changes in the current industry. It is advisable to implement new themes for reasons like:

  • You require different tools that are challenging for the plugins to deliver
  • Requisite for a new look
  • You require the theme developer to offer improved customer support.
  • The business is offering something new online.
  • Need for a robust premium theme from that of a free one

Getting hands-on WordPress themes is not a very intimidating task. There is a wide array of lists available that cover the various categories of WP themes. But it is crucial to rely on a renowned WP developer or theme shop. By this, you can attain quality support, properly optimized, and quick codes.

Some of the most reputable theme hotspots are:

  • Templatic
  • StudioPress
  • The WordPress theme directory
  • MH Themes
  • MyThemeShop
  • Themify

5. Manage WordPress Easily: You might need to invest in ongoing monthly payments and upfront down payment while you avail of maintenance services. But you can easily cut down on these costs as proper training is adequate for using WordPress like a professional even when you are a beginner. Website management incorporates things like:

  • Managing spam
  • Ensuring the proper functioning of the server
  • Testing for broken links and functionality
  • Keeping security issues at bay
  • Making enhancements in SEO and speed
  • Running backups

There is no need to check the server as you can always appoint a professional host for that. This is enough to make sure that the website functions correctly. It is possible to manage backups and security with plugins or via a managed WP hosting plan. Coming to speed, you can fix a caching plugin for that. It is the same for SEO.

One of the tasks that require regular maintenance is updating WordPress itself, plugins, and themes. When the question is, why is WordPress so popular, the answer lies in the fact that it alerts the users on the release of updates. So whenever you witness the warnings, you must know that there is a need to update WordPress. It will just take a minute for the update to attain completion.

6. Search Engine Optimization: The building of SEO into the WordPress platform will answer why to use WordPress for the blog. WP is well known for the automatic generation of Meta descriptions and tags for all the website posts and pages. Search engines come across your content and carry out indexing that will help your website with high ranks. Some of the best SEO favorites that you must consider are:

  • Rel Nofollow Checkbox
  • Schema
  • Broken Link Checker

When you have a WordPress site, installing a Yoast SEO plugin is a must. You can indeed benefit from the default search engine optimization tools in WP, but Yoast offers a worthwhile experience altogether. As you put out a focus keyword for a blog post or page to Yoast, the plugin will evaluate the current page or post and show you whether the keyword you are targeting is useful or not. You can then go through the keyword locations, keyword density, suggestions on a page title, SEO title, etc. The checklist is humungous for ensuring that SEO is correctly implemented on every page.

7. Gaining Control Over the Website: As you search for website builders in Google, several names will include Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, and Magento. However, nothing can match WordPress. This is because this website platform never poses limitations like:

Stuck with the hosting that is provided to you is a significant issue. Restrictions like no liberty of testing hosts to pick the best performing one are entire of a challenge.

Non-open source platforms also put limitations like not having ownership of the complete content and website. WordPress, on the other hand, lets you own every file, and again you can move the files from one host to another.

Some website platforms also have a built-in eCommerce functionality. This means you cannot expand if you want, even with the help of plugins.

These platforms also pose limitations in context to code adjustment. So when you are stuck with an unknown coding language, it will not do you any good. To handle all the changes, you will then have to appoint a specialized developer. This will again incur costs and hassles.

The benefits of WordPress inevitably display why WordPress is so popular. Be it any customization, and you can easily do it with the appearance tab. This is the space where you get hands-on free rein over fonts, widgets, themes, colors, logos, code, menus, etc. Any adjustments that you want to make, you can make it here. Some themes come with their modules of customization. However, you can even install a drop and drag editor to remove any requirement for coding. If you want advanced edits, you can access website files via the WP dashboard, a local environment, or a hosting account. WordPress can help you with everything from refurbishing the landing pages or insertion of a code snippet for Google Analytics.

8. Blogging Like Never Before: The WP blogging engine is all about robustness, sophistication, and advanced tools. The media and formatting tools that are available within WordPress are merely superb. This will enable anyone to run a one-author and straightforward blog. You can even choose to develop a complete online magazine by setting up posts from prior and many user types for editors and contributors. WordPress covers everything, whether it’s editing or options for previewing and keeping codes out of the equation. So there is no valid reason for why not to use WordPress for businesses of the present era.

User roles or permissions are one of the enormous benefits of WordPress as a blogging platform. For instance, when you operate a website as a manager, you will have access to plugins, security tools, files, SEO, and a lot more. Also, you are hiring writers and editors for crafting content for your blog. However, these experts must only focus on blog posts and nothing else. You can ensure this by setting one individual as the editor and other people as contributors. It will be the editor’s duty to modify and publish the posts.

The blogging interface of WordPress is a forceful and well-organized one. By just tapping on a button, it is possible to change media and also change the formatting. It is even possible to change the permalink and the title at the very top. You will come across several options for tags, readability, and categories. WordPress showcases revisions for returning to recover previous versions. Till the very end, you will also find the preview and the publish buttons.

Final Say

The following that WordPress has in today’s time is truly massive. The user-friendliness justifies the question, why is WordPress so popular. Not only do you hold complete control over the WP website, but benefits like free tools, media support, and plugins are also advantageous. WordPress is the best choice for building an e-learning portal, real estate management system, and new portal. A WordPress Development Company can help convert your visualization into realism. Connect with us today.

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