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Food truck businesses need a point of sale (POS) system to be successful. But not all POS systems are suitable for this business. It requires a POS system that is fast, easy to use with reliable uptime and excellent selling features. A POS system with such an all-in-one feature is the Square POS system.

However, there are many other reasons why this POS system is suitable for food truck businesses. This guide will review what Square POS system is and why Square’s credit card reader is ideal for food truck application.

Top Food Truck POS Systems of 2020

There are several POS systems for food truck businesses, and they all have features that make them stand out. But the best should be the one that contains all the elements required for a food truck business. And that is the Square POS system. Let us take a look at the top food truck POS systems out there.

  • Square: This is an excellent POS system. The Square credit card reader is the overall best for food trucks. It is very economical. This means that you get to save a lot of money.
  • ShopKeep: This POS system is excellent when it comes to food truck POS Reporting.
  • TouchBistro: If you need a food truck POS solution for rapid service, you should consider TouchBistro.
  • Toast: This most scalable food truck POS system.
  • Talech: This food truck POS is very customer-centric.
  • Revel Systems: When it comes to customer support, Revel Systems is the way to go.
  • Lavu: When it comes to uninterrupted operation, Lavu is very good.

Square POS System

Square is a free POS system that you can set up and use for your food truck business. It comes with a free card reader and is easy to set up and use. With this POS system, your customers can make offline payments. This feature makes it the best POS system for startup food trucks.

Square Pricing

You might be wondering how much it would cost to get this unique POS system. Well, Square has an affordable pricing structure, as shown below:

  • No monthly fee: Unlike other food truck P0S systems, Square has free software.
  • 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction flat-rate payment processing: Payment processing with Square is at a flat-rate, and there are no minimums. While running your food truck business, you will only pay for what you use.
  • Free magstripe card reader: Square has a free magstripe card reader, allowing businesses to start accepting payments immediately. If you need more readers, it will cost you $10.
  • Hardware requirements are minimal: You don’t need too much hardware to use the Square POS system. All you need is an Android smartphone, an iPhone, or an iPad. You can purchase any of these gadgets at less than $400.
  • Optional hardware available through Square: You can purchase chip readers for $49, receipt printers for between $300 and $400, iPad for about $119 to $129. However, you can purchase a full POS hardware kit, including an iPad mini, receipt printer, stand, and contactless card reader for about $1,055.

Is Square suitable for food trucks?

The answer is yes! You can use Square for free with no monthly fee. All you need is an iPad, which you can get for under $400. Or you can use a smartphone and add additional hardware such as food truck cash registers, chip card readers, and ticket printers.

Square Features

All the major features you need for your food truck business are available with Square. You can take payment and orders at your window, online, or in-line. You can also set taxing and tipping options, customize receipts, and create custom menu items for your food truck business. With the Square POS system, you can also take payments offline.

Square POS system also gives you access to a lot of Square features and add-on software such as email marketing, loyalty programs, and payroll.

Square Mobility and Payment Processing

Square is an entirely mobile food truck POS system. Most business owners operate the POS with an internet connection. But with Square, you can process card swipe payments without an internet connection. You can also connect receipt and ticket printers wirelessly via Bluetooth. With Square, your payment processing is at 2.75% per transaction.

Square Menu and Inventory Management

Square POS system is no restaurant or food truck-specific. It allows you to manually enter each menu item and any modifiers as individual products. Square inventory management features or menu costing is fundamental. You know how much of each item you sold from reports, unlike in other POS systems such as Lavu, Toast, and TouchBistro.

Square Reports and Insights

The analytics dashboard in Square for food trucks presents detailed sales data using graphs and charts that are easy to understand. You can see what menu items are selling well and customer insights as well as other details.

What Square Is Missing

Square an excellent all-in-one solution for startup food truck businesses. Square is suitable for small companies because the software is free. However, Square’s payment processing rates are higher than that of some other providers like Cayan. So, food truck businesses with very high sales volumes would want to consider another option with a monthly software fee but lower transaction processing rates.

Why is Square Good?

Generally, Square reviews are positive. It is a prevalent POS system for food truck businesses. It is very affordable because the software is free. You also have the option of adding additional features such as payroll and marketing, as you require.


Square POS system is very economical because the software is free. Its credit card reader is the overall best for food truck businesses. This guide has given you information about the Square POS system. And I believe that you now know why Square credit cards are suitable for food truck application.

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