Instagram Followers hack- How to get more followers for free?

When you’re just starting out, it’s exciting to imagine how many followers you might have. But now it is very important not to give up and persistently go to the goal because to attract the first 10,000 subscribers – the most difficult task.

No one knows who you are. You have to convince Instagram users that they have a successful and influential brand page in front of them.

How do you do that?
Follow the tips from this guide, and the number of your followers will reach the cherished mark of 10,000 in less than six months.

Join Mutual PR Groups

Are you just learning to attract subscribers? Then try this tactic. To quickly recruit the first thousand followers, join groups of mutual PR. Plus, this method – you can find a group close to you on the subject.

Reciprocate everyone who will like you or sign; then, you will quickly be able to collect the initial base of followers. But it will not be your target audience, the maximum – interested in the subject.

Then why would you do that?

To build the trust of users who will get to your page for the first time. Agree, a half-empty profile with 30 subscribers does not motivate you to make a purchase. However, remember, this strategy should be used with caution, and only in the first few weeks of promotion. It makes no sense to use it in the long run.

Note: In addition to social media groups, there are also plenty of convenient third-party services to help you increase your subscriber numbers quickly and for free.

Ask Customers to Share Photos

If you’re promoting your Instagram business, it’s important to build users’ trust from the start and offer them proof of your honesty and decency.

If you don’t have customers yet, ask friends and acquaintances to take photos with your product or contact bloggers with fewer than 5,000 followers. Cooperation with them will not cost a penny, but at the same time will help to win such valuable trust of potential buyers. Offer users as a reward for your product or partnership, under which they will receive a certain % for each sale attracted.

If you’ve already bought it before, contact your customers and offer them a gift/coupon/cash reward for posting a quality photo with your product on Instagram. For the first reviews, it is quite justified, but do not use this approach all the time; you can easily go bankrupt. When new users see other shoppers sharing their photos, they will do it for granted, and for free.

Attract Attention with Content

Attract Attention with Content - Instagram Followers Hack
Attract Attention with Content – Instagram Followers Hack

You know, of course, that even the most expensive promotion methods won’t save a profile with bad content. On Instagram, the picture decides everything.

You’ve heard more than once about the quality of the photo, it’s obvious. But there is another important point that motivates most people to subscribe. It’s uniformity and consistency of style.

When a new visitor visits your site, they want to know what content they’ll see in their feed if they sign up.

Don’t mislead him. All your photos and videos should fit into a single theme, vision, image. The same goes for texts. If your promise to be consistent is “sounding” confident enough, you can get to the coveted figure of 10,000 followers faster.

Why is it much more profitable to buy a set of ready-made templates for social networks?

If you pay attention to any successful Internet entrepreneur, you will notice that both the Internet site and the social media page have consistency in all their branding. This is, first of all, a corporate style and a “single” graphics! It is on these key parameters that well-known brands are recognizable even before you read their post. This consistency is key in creating a brand. So when you buy a set of templates for social networks, they tend to have a uniform and appropriate style. This makes it easier to maintain the integrity and consistency of all graphics on social media.

If you develop your social media graphics from scratch every time you develop your graphics, you won’t be able to get such a holistic, professional look on your platforms. A ready-made set of social media templates, ready to be used for any platform graphics, will help you do that. If you develop your graphics on social networks every time from scratch, you will not be able to get such a holistic and professional appearance. A ready-made set of social media templates, ready to be used for any platform graphics, will help you do that.

Even though social media templates cost money, in fact, you save a lot – on time! Time is money, after all, so it’s worth it.

Moreover, if you compare the cost of templates with the employment of a professional designer to develop your social networks, you will feel a HUGE difference.

Because social media templates make it easy and quick to design yourself, why would you spend money hiring someone? Also, working with them is extremely simple: download designs, type text, branded colors, and images. Upload to your social media. Boom! Solved! No need to worry about whether they look organic and how to place a particular object – all these complex design things are already made for you.

Ignore the Rules for Publishing Hashtags

Many experts and researchers will tell you that it is worth using no more than 5-11 hashtags. Yes, they’re right. But it’s none of your business to be a rookie like that.

Use the power of hashtags to the full, because it is free and effective. Don’t be afraid to add all 30 valid hashtags to one post. Make a list of current keymen, save it on your phone, and copy it to save time.

And, of course, experiment. Try different hashtags, leave the most effective combinations. The only expert recommendation you need to follow is not to use common hashtags. You will simply drown in a sea of other posts and are unlikely to be able to use them to attract potential customers.

Subscribe to Competitors’ Followers

Subscribe to Competitors' Followers - Instagram Followers Hack
Subscribe to Competitors’ Followers – Instagram Followers Hack

If a person is already subscribed to the brand, then he is more likely to sign up for another one. Look for your competitors in the social network, give preference to the same small brands as you.

Explore their posts, see who leaves comments, who regularly likes. Subscribe to these users and start communicating with them through likes, comments, directing. But don’t turn into a spammer! Don’t flood users with promotional messages. They won’t appreciate it.

Collaborate with Influenza

There are two options: ask the opinion leader to tell you about you on his page or invite him to visit. If your chosen influencer has loyal fans, his recommendation will encourage them to go to your page, which may well lead to a couple of sales.

But approach the choice of partner wisely. All its followers must be real (not bots or spammers). Otherwise, you are seriously at risk of losing your account.

Another strategy: invite the infections to tell about something very interesting in your stories and be sure to notify its subscribers in advance. Then at the appointed time, they will come to your profile to see the story with your favorite blogger.


Draws effectively help to attract subscribers, especially if one of the conditions is a subscription to the organizer’s account. To get as many people as possible to know about your initiative, talk about it in specialized groups.

However, it should be taken into account that such promotion does not always attract the target audience. Some people just love freebies.

Run SFS and Liketime

Run SFS and Liketime - Instagram Followers HAck
Run SFS and Liketime – Instagram Followers HAck

When you gain a few thousand subscribers, you can start conducting SFS.

What’s it?

Ask your followers to share a profile in their feed by copying one of your posts. In return, invite you to post the content of multiple contributors to your account. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #sfs. That’s it.

This rather popular strategy will allow you to expand your reach and attract more customers. Also, encourage subscribers to like your posts or participate in liketime groups. This will increase your chances of getting into the fun.

Collaborate with Other Brands

You probably have to work with different companies. For example, you order a photo of goods from the studio or buy packaging materials from a small shop. Many of them are on Instagram; it is only worth looking for.

Remind these companies of yourself and offer to share content. They may want to use your posts as reviews. Such cooperation (especially if the brand has a large number of followers) will definitely benefit you.

Advice from Influencers

The founder of the popular site, The Ladypreneur, believes that the most important thing on Instagram is engagement. Her secret is mass-barking and commentary. At the beginning of the journey, she used special tools to draw attention to her account but then moved on to collaborating with inflation.

Juanita Dildy Tip: Publish, Publish, and Publish Again. The more users see your content, the faster they get used to you, and the more they interact.

The founder of work week lunch advises listening to your audience and giving her what she wants. Every day she shares useful content with subscribers and keeps a close eye on all updates on the platform.

Talia Koren has never used special promotion tools. She recommends not to dwell on the numbers; they will change, but very slowly. It’s better to focus on what you can be useful at.

Most of the time, the blogger spends on communication with his followers on Instagram and other social networks. Her secret to success is to work with other players. Also, it advertises only those brands that are tested by her personally.

Tip from Gracie Parish: don’t lose confidence and always stay true to your style, views, and beliefs.

As you can see, everyone has different paths to the cherished millions of subscribers. Choose the strategies that best fit your brand and meet your goals.

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