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Mass Post Editor

The Tumblr Mass Post Editor enables you to alter many articles concurrently with or even taking away post tags. Because Tumblr indexes post tags for searching, using tags to summarize the information of the blog posts of yours might help brand new visitors discover the blog of yours. If you’ve produced numerous articles in regards to a very similar matter, add words or phrases associated with the subject to those posts simultaneously with the Mass Post Editor.

Tumblr creates blogging super easy. The many post types offered, combined with the capability to reblog virtually anything, translates into an adventure like none other. Nevertheless, when you have got a load of posts accumulated through the years, it is not so simple to manage them. And that is precisely where Tumblr’s lesser unknown Mass Post Editor enters the photo.

The Mass Post Editor, or maybe the Mega Editor as it is usually referred to, provides you with the capability to delete several articles all at the same time. Not only that, though, you can also change the tags of several posts in a single go. Sounds quite helpful, right? Nevertheless, it is not without its limitations and failings, as you will soon find out.

Therefore, we need to proceed through the fundamentals of utilizing the Tumblr Mass Post Editor and also learn the way it works. Nevertheless, do not let its blandness reach you, for you’re too planning to find out about a great New XKit mini extension. This brand new extension improves the performance of the Mega Editor drastically.

How to use Mass post editor?

Loading the Mass Post Editor is rather harsh in case you do not understand how to. It is claimed to remain on the dash panel, but just where exactly? Begin by opening the Account menu – under your main website, select Posts.

And then you see-the Mass Post Editor option in small print on the best side of the Dashboard – it is nearly like Tumblr does not need you to locate it. Click it, and you’re used straight to the Mega Editor.

But hang on. How can you get it to start a secondary blog? Right now, there that seems is not a blog selector anyplace within the Mega Editor, correct? But look at the address bar on the internet browser of yours. Just change the username of your main blog with that of a second blog, after which hit Enter to stuff it immediately.

But hang on. How can you get it to start a secondary blog? Right now, there that seems is not a blog selector anyplace within the Mega Editor, correct? But look at the address bar on the internet browser of yours. Just change the username of your main blog with that of a second blog, after which hit Enter to stuff it immediately.

Some Extensions used with Mass post editor

Mass+ New XKit Mini-Extension

Tumblr’s Mass Post Editor is very barebones. But fortunately, the New XKit because of its Mass+ mini extension is here to the rescue. In case you didn’t know, New XKit is your own Tumblr add on with many mini extensions that massively improves the center Tumblr experience.

What about this particular situation, Mass+ adds numerous filtering choices which make selecting certain post types very simple. Not to point out, you can additionally filter posts by tags. Looks amazing!

When you do not currently have the add on set up, begin by adding it to either Firefox or Chrome.

New XKit for Chrome

XKit Extension
XKit Extension

New XKit for Firefox

Afterward, renew the Tumblr dashboard, as well as go from the New XKit pop-ups, which appear on-screen to incorporate it with Tumblr – nothing complicated there. After you’re through the pop-ups, click on the New XKit icon over the dash panel.

On the New XKit management board, which shows up, click Get Extensions. Hunt for and click Install under Mass+, and you’re all set.

Stuff up the Mass Post Editor, and you’re sure to see a big difference right away. The top right corner of the screen has become chock full of filtering options. Beginning with the capability to pick as much as a hundred posts instantly by clicking Select First hundred, this means no additional clicking through a lot of thumbnails. That is cute. The Deselect All option also allows you to immediately deselect all selected articles in a jiffy, even in case they were people that you chose manually.

And then come additional goodies – you can remove posts by type, for example, text, as well, etc., link, video, image, and that is simply fantastic. Cool Tip: The filters get a maximum of hundred things from the most recent articles loaded onto the Mega Editor. Hence, consider reloading them by month because you see fit to lessen the chances of choosing the same items always.

Next to every month, you need also to find 2 separate options labeled First hundred in This Deselect and Month This Month. The former allows you to choose the first hundred articles for any month, while the second will enable you to uncheck any selected items within the month from the remaining with only one click.

When it relates to air filtering posts by tags, you have to activate an experimental function of the Mass+ mini extension. Again on your Tumblr dashboard, please fill-up the XKit management board, then click Mass+ under My XKit. Look at the label next to Enable Search By Tag, after which exit the panel.

Refresh the Mass Post Editor, and also you will visit a brand new alternative labeled Search By Tags.

Click it, and also, you can remove articles by any label that you insert that you can and then decide to either delete or change quickly. Also, to avoid just the most recent hundred posts from showing up, pick monthly to figure out your starting place when filtering repeatedly. Tumblr Mass Post Editor Guide eighteen.

Tumblr Mass Post Tags
Tumblr Mass Post Tags

Note: Since searching by tags is now a Mass+ experimental feature, you can look for a single label at the same time. Still mighty useful, but be on the lookout for more improvements after a while.

Well, that is about it. As you noticed, the Mass+ New XKit mini extension is quite fantastic, and so do not forget to make use of it. Tinker around with it installed, and also, you need to feel right at home in no time.

How to add tags using mass post editor on Tumblr:

  1. Get around to the login page in the internet browser of yours. Type the email address of yours and password to stick to the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the name of the website of yours at the upper part of the site, after which click “Launch Mass Post Editor” within the right.
  3. Click the posts that you would like to include tags. When you click on an article, the Tumblr Mass Post Editor highlights it as well as displays an inspection within the top right corner.
  4. Click the “Add Tags” button at the upper part of the webpage. A brand new dialog box appears.
  5. Press inside the dialog box, then kind the tags that you would like to contribute to the selected content. Place a comma in between each tag.
  6. Click the “Add Tags” button to include the tags on the selected content.
  7. Click on the name of the website of yours on top of the left corner of the page to go back to the Dashboard.


So, here is all that you need to know about Tumblr mass editor. Just follow the guidelines mentioned in this article to get to know about the Tumblr mass post editor.

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