How to Protect Your Loved Ones from Being Infected By COVID-19?

Deadly Coronavirus has infected almost the entire world within the last few weeks. You can protect your loved ones from the infection of COVID-19 by following the recommendations of CDC in routine like:

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer to disinfect your hands if soap or water is not available.
  • Avoid using your unwashed hands to touch your nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Avoid contact sick people closely
  • If sick stay home
  • Use tissue while sneezing or coughing to cover your nose or mouth
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently touched by many people

Why avoid contact with strangers during the Coronavirus?

During the outbreak of Coronavirus, it is necessary to avoid contact with strangers because you do not know about their health conditions as they can be infected from Coronavirus. You have to maintain social distancing to reduce the chances of getting infected with this fatal virus. Coronavirus infects hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe due to contact with strangers.

How to avoid getting infected by COVID-19 from the phone?

You can avoid getting infected by COVID-19 from the phone in many ways like:

Medical Advice

If you are experiencing any problem in your physical health and suspect to be infected by Coronavirus, then you can avoid the situation by using your phone to contact your healthcare advisor to get medical advice in this regard. You can explain your health condition to your doctor to get his information about the medication you can use to avoid the worsening of the situation.

Sensor Care

The data collected by the sensors installed n your phone can help you in avoiding being infected by COVID-19 by analyzing the stored data on them. The data collected by the sensors of the mobile phone can be transferred to the central cloud server to decide between preventing exposure to the breakdown after analyzing it.

Using Voice Assistants

If older people find it challenging to use android phones to get exact information about the outbreak of COVID-19, then they can use voice assistants like Siri or Alexa to know how they can protect themselves from this infectious disease.

How to control the phones of your loved ones with the android spy app Snoopza?

The android spy app Snoopza is a free phone tracker that allows you to record and track the call history as well as messages received and sent from the phone of your loved ones. You can use various functions of this spy app, discussed hereunder, to control the phones of your loved ones while remaining utterly invisible to them.

Snoopza App
Snoopza App

Record calls and messages:

This android spy app will allow you to record all the incoming and outgoing calls and letters from the phone of your loved ones. Along with tracking audio messages, you can also record the videos and photos shared by them.

Track activities on social media:

You can use your Snoopza account to track the actions of your young ones on various social media platforms like Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp, etc. through their phones. You can also follow all the files, including audio, video, and images shared on these platforms.

Track Geolocation:

You can use the GPS mobile tracker feature of Snoopza to track the location of the monitored devices even if their GPS is closed as it uses nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi signals for this purpose.

Track Geolocation
Track Geolocation

Photos from the front camera:

This android spy app also maintains the record of the pictures clicked by the front camera of the targeted phone. You can unlock the screen of the tracked phone to use its front camera to take the photo of SMSs and call lists.

Replacement of SIM Card:

It also informs you if your loved ones have replaced the SIM card of the targeted phone.

Track Internet History of the phone:

You can also know about the usage of internets through the targeted phone by using this phone tracker. You can know the websites visited and the duration of visiting through that phone.

To do list:

Snoopza also allows you to track the To-Do List on the mobile phone of your children. It has become more necessary to know about the activities of your children to protect them from the infection of Coronavirus. It will allow you to know to whom they are going to meet shortly. You can stop them if the person they are going to achieve is not trustworthy.


This android spy app also allows you to see the entries in the phone book of the user. You can get detailed information about their contacts, including their names, addresses, and email addresses, etc.

Screenshots of the android phone:

This feature of Snoopza allows you to know who is using the targeted device and for what purpose. This app takes screenshots of the tools from time to time to see whether it is used for chatting, surfing online, or checking their social media accounts.

Spying Snapchat:

The flow of data on the Snapchat account of the phone can be tracked easily with the help of Snoopza. You can know precisely when any file has been shared on this multimedia platform.

How to install the Snoopza program?

It is effortless to install the application of Snoopza on the android phone you want to track in a few steps.

  • Step 1: First of all, you will have to sign up on the website of Snoopza to open an account for free by providing your personal information.

    Install the Snoopza Program
    Install the Snoopza Program
  • Step 2: Prepare the device to be spied by downloading and installing the Snoopza program on the targeted device by using your account.
  • Step 3: You can start tracking the targeted phone just after installing this android spy app.

Conclusions and Results

Thus, the android spy app Snoopza can help in protecting your loved ones from being infected by COVID-19 by tracking their mobile devices without being noticed by them.

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