How to Know Who Called Me for Free?

Who Called Me

It often happens that we get a call from an unknown number and wonder who is the person calling us. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out who is calling you just by using the phone number? There is an easy way to find out for free who is the person that is calling you from an unknown number.
The process by which you can find out who is calling you is called reverse lookup. It is absolutely legal to do so and you can do it easily. It is also a good idea to check before picking up the phone or giving a callback.

Part 1: Why is it important to know who the caller is?

There are several reasons to know who is calling you before you receive the call. It can save you from facing unnecessary troubles. You can also know if the call is important to you before giving a call back if you can identify the caller. Also, you can do an email reverse lookup online.

1.1 It might be a friend from the past

You might have deleted the contacts of an old friend or lost the phone and years later when they are calling, you can’t recognize them. By doing a reverse lookup you can find who is calling you and easily recognize that the call is from an old friend. You can catch up with them and don’t have to be embarrassed for not knowing that it was a friend calling you.

1.2 It can be an urgent call

The call can be from a doctor’s office that you visited recently or from a job that you applied recently to. It can also be from the school of your children which makes the call very important. If you can find that out, you would know that you should call them back urgently.

1.3 It can be an annoying sales call

One of the most common reasons why we don’t want to pick up a call from an unknown number is that it can be a sales call. It is in most cases a complete waste of time and also it is annoying. Most people have to suffer through a long conversation as they are too polite to abruptly cut the call.

If you find out that the call is from a company that you are not familiar with, then it is most probably a telemarketer. In some cases, you might have asked for information about a particular product and the company might be trying to get back to you. After knowing you can decide whether to ignore their calls or call them back.

1.4 Prank Calls

It can be a friend who is trying to pull a prank on you or someone completely random just giving your blank calls. Knowing who the number belongs to would put your mind at ease. You can choose to ignore the calls or block them.

Part 2: How can you know who called you?

There are many websites available on the internet where you can do a reverse phone lookup. After a lot of research and using most of them myself, the best one that I found is CocoFinder. It is absolutely free and the process of using it is very easy.

Cocofinder Address Lookup
Cocofinder Address Lookup

CocoFinder is a very reputed website and millions of people are visiting it regularly. The number of people visiting the website says how much people trust the data provided by CocoFinder. The best thing about this website is that you won’t need to register to know the identity of your caller which is annoying.

You can know a lot of other useful information other than the name of your caller. You can know their address, email, alternate phone number, if they have any criminal records, and much more. All this information helps you decide your next move carefully.

Part 3: What makes CocoFinder the best?

There are a number of reasons that make CocoFinder the best website and the obvious choice. Because of the amazing features of CocoFinder. The popularity of this website is growing day by day.

3.1 Use without registering

You don’t need to fill up any form to use the CocoFinder reverse lookup feature. Most other websites require you to do so which can be annoying. The process of doing a lookup is very easy which even a child can do.

You can also find other essential data using the website. It is also very easy to navigate around the website. The user interface is very friendly and you can find all the options you are looking for without any difficulty.

3.2 Huge Amount of Data

One of the key elements of a good reverse lookup directory is the amount of data that it has. It is common to not find any results most of the time when you are using other websites. On the other hand, you would get a result 9 out of 10 times when you are using CocoFinder.

3.3 Accurate Data

The quality of the data is also a very important determining factor when it comes to a reverse phone lookup website. CocoFinder not only has vast databases but also provides fully authentic and accurate information. It is linked up to various state and federal databases which enables them to provide accurate information to the public.

Part 4: What should you do after finding who is calling you?

There are three things you can do after finding out who is calling you.

4.1 Give a callback

If you find out that the call is coming from someone you know or expecting to hear from, then you should call them back immediately.

4.2 Ignore the call

If the call is from a company that you have never heard of, then you can decide to ignore it. It is most probably a sales call which in most cases can be annoying.

4.3 Report the call

If the call is threatening you or sending you messages that indicate violence, you should report it using FTC Complaint Assistant Page. You can report the number and also list the reason for reporting them.


You can take action when you know who is calling you. For your own safety, it is a good idea to first verify that you know the person and then return a call. CocoFinder makes it really easy to know who is calling you and there is no reason to not use it.

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