How to fix Skyrim Failed to Initialize Renderer Error?

If you’re going to spend your time outside Skyrim using the online steam service, there’s a chance you’ll run into a “Skyrim Failed To Initialize Renderer” error. To begin with, make sure that your PC’s characteristics fit the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7.10/Windows Vista.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz.
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT.
  • RAM: 3 (GB).

Causes of Skyrim Error

A lot of users encounter a Skyrim bug called “Failed to initialize renderer.” This issue is caused by downed or incorrect graphics settings that conflict with Windows requirements. Fortunately, there are many good tips on how to solve it online and on official forums. We’ve chosen the simplest methods to help fix this error in Skyrim. “Failed to initialize renderer” launch error.

Solutions that fix the bug

The whole point of the solutions below comes down to twitching graphics settings, resetting some features, stopping mods, and updating apps. Please start with the simplest decisions, because you can always delete and demolish, but somewhere to clap, a great mind is not worth it.

  1. 1. The most common reason is the wrong resolution. In the beginning, check the Launcher settings (Detail, Display) – check what fits your graphics card and monitor, or level below.
  2. If it doesn’t help, we go to Steam, click on Skyrim with the right button and start Properties. There, in the “Local Files” tab, we select the “Check the integrity of the cache”option. Often such a simple operation helps.
  3. Install the latest DirectX in Windows (7/8/10).
  4. Check to see if WINMGMT works correctly in Windows. By her purpose and work Google and understand everything.
  5. Set the sound format – 16 Bit, 48,000 Hz (DVD Disc) – it is done in the properties of sound.
  6. Change the version of video drivers. First, update them – if necessary, but if you have already installed current updates – roll back to the previous version. All this is done traditionally, through the Device Manager.
  7. Apply a cleaning utility, such as “CCleaner.” With its help, clean the garbage and register (don’t miss this item). After the traditional way, defragment the disk. After all prevention again, we do paragraph 2 and try.
  8. Often the following solution helps: in My documents, we look for a folder /My Games /Skyrim, from there we fold three files SkyrimPrefs.ini, Skyrim.INI, and RendererInfo.txt on the desktop. After removing the Skyrim folder itself and re-launching the game – it should start with a small window. All again close, check the folder, it should appear again – there throw from the desktop three above files.
  9. Checking the fashions. Start the game – the Option Files – take turns ticking off the installed mods and try to start. Maybe one of them is crooked and breaks the game.
  10. If it doesn’t help, try removing the tick from reading only in these files’ properties.


We’ve picked up all the most effective and simple failure solutions for “Failed to initialize renderer,” one of them is sure to help you—a great request to specify in the comments – which paragraph was effective. If you won’t find happiness here, then in a traditional way – all demolish, clean Windows, update all the wood, and re-install.

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