How to Fix origin error loading webpage?

Although this is a very rare error message, you can see a blank page with a ‘strong original error’ message when trying to download a web page. Here are some potential fixes that might help you. I tried a couple of things on the PC that helped me solve the problem of downloading the download bug web page, which I share with all of you.

This error does not apply to the popular Origin game, where all you have to do is reinstall the client. This can happen to any browser when you visit the site.

Fix a web page downloading error

Clear the cache with Ctrl’s F5

You can Hard Refresh clear your browser’s cache by clicking a combination of Ctrl and F5 keys. You can also manually clean Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Remove the proxy
Remove Proxy - Fix Origin Error
Remove Proxy – Fix Origin Error
  • Press the Windows and R button, then type in “inetcpl.cpl” and press the Input key to open Internet Properties.
  • Then go to the Connection tab and select your local network settings.
  • Check the proxy for your local network and make sure you check automatically to set the settings.
  • Click OK, then “Apply” and restart your computer.

If you’re using a third-party proxy service, be sure to turn it off.

DNS reset, Winsock relief, and TCP/IP relief

Sometimes websites are not allowed because the DNS on your PC still remembers the old IP. So be sure to clean up the DNS, reset Winsock, and reset the TCP/IP.

DNS reset, Winsock relief, and TCP/IP relief- Fix Origin Error
DNS reset, Winsock relief, and TCP/IP relief- Fix Origin Error

You can also use our free FixWin program to perform these three operations with one click.

Use Google’s public DNS

You can use Google Public DNS and see if it’s right for you. You need to explicitly change the DNS settings in your operating system using DNS IP addresses. This will ensure that the IP address correctly resolves the website name.

For publishers and site owners

If you own a site, check to see if your site uses multiple caching services. For example, if you use MaxCDN and Sucuri for security and Ezoic for advertising, you can check out cache plugins. Maybe you want to clear the entire CDN cache and see if it helps. If all else fails, contact CDN Support.

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