How to Buy Ripple XRP with Bitcoin BTC?

Ripple XRP with Bitcoin

XRP cryptocurrency is powered by an instant payment platform RippleNet. The platform is built on top of the XRP Ledger distributed ledger database. XRP is currently trading in a relatively narrow price range. Among the possible options for the further development of events, analysts are considering a possible breakdown upward with further rapid growth. If you share this opinion – now is the time to partially exchange BTC to XRP.

How to Do It?

To swap a cryptocurrency pair, you can use the services of a traditional service or an instant exchange service. And in many cases the second option is preferable.

First of all, deals are done very quickly and at the best rate. It is not necessary to have exchange trading skills to swap cryptocurrencies. The services of the platform can be used with equal success by experienced traders and beginners. To convert Bitcoin to Ripple, you need to go to the service homepage. In a universal widget, perform several steps in the sequence:

  • Choose the type of course, floating or fixed;
  • In the upper window, indicate the name of the cryptocurrency and the amount to be sold;
  • In the lower window, indicate the name of the cryptocurrency to buy;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Enter the address of your crypto wallet;
  • Press the “exchange” button.

Once you’ve done that, the search tool gets to work. SmartRate technology will look at all available offers, compare them with your injections and among themselves. The program will make a deal automatically as soon as it finds the best offer. Basically, it does the same thing that you would do when you pick the best deal. But unlike a person, the program operates without any emotions and many times faster. After completing the transaction, the proceeds will go to your wallet. If you need all the details of the transaction, you can download the receipt. To do this, the system will ask you to specify the email address. Actually, that’s all, and now, without wasting time, you can repeat everything all over again and convert TRX to BTC or another cryptocurrency pair.

Why Is Instant Exchange Better?

The extreme simplicity of swap is the most obvious advantage of the platform. In addition, the client receives:

  • Fast exchange. The program finds and analyzes current offers many times faster than a person can do. The platform does not have its own liquidity, and acts as a client, taking liquidity from large trading floors. That is, the delay due to the lack of funds for the swap is excluded. The conversion is performed at a rate equal to the rate at which a transaction is registered in the blockchain.
  • Best rates. The program analyzes the compliance of the proposed conditions with the given input and always selects the most advantageous current offer.
  • Anonymity. You do not risk your personal data. Registration and confirmation of identity on the platform is not required. All you need is a wallet address to send and receive money and email if you need a receipt.
  • Validated coins. The platform only works with reliable services. All coins are verified, which guarantees the success of each transaction.
  • Non-custodial services. The platform does not store your coins. They remain your property and you are solely to dispose of them.
  • Attentive customer support. If you have any problems, the technical support guys will do their best to fix them.

Bottom Line

Now you know how and where to quickly convert any coins. The final choice is yours.

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