How to Buy Bitcoin Safely?


In connection with the popularization of cryptocurrencies, many people who do not understand this issue want to buy bitcoin with a visa card, not understanding what it is and how it looks. Consequently, many scammers have appeared who are not opposed to breed inexperienced and naive people. In this article, we will tell you about the three best ways to purchase cryptocurrency for Euro and USD instantly, and we will talk about the risks that may arise when you buy BTC with debit cards.

Bitcoin Exchange Platform Switchere

Consider these three options:

  1. P2P site and exchangers;
  2. Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  3. With hands

P2P Online Website and Exchangers

This method is straightforward and relatively safe since, at the moment, a lot of business is built on the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Consider several sites that we use:

A lot of offers on the site both in the choice of exchange direction and in the selection of sites. On the left, you can see what you give and receive during the exchange; there are many variations to buy bitcoin with a credit card. After choosing what you need, a list of sites with exchange rates, ratings, and fees will appear on the right. To buy bitcoin with Visa card, choose to get the lowest price, the secure registration, and quick bank ID verification.

Carefully study the site on which you will buy BTC with credit card anonymously and read reviews. Remember that you are the first to drop your money or bitcoins, and only then you will be credited with funds or cryptocurrency.

Convert Exchanges

This type is somewhat complicated since almost all exchanges do not work with real money. However, small exchanges allow you to make money from a card, for example, We must say right away that you can recharge from the MasterCard or Visa debit and credit card only after passing verification on the converter exchange. At all other exchanges, you can get real money only after providing your passport data. If this is not the case, one hundred, most likely, you got into a scam project. In general, the most comfortable and most convenient way is to bring Bitcoins to the exchange and use them to buy other cryptocurrencies.

With Hands

The third method is mostly provided by the same people who own P2P exchangers, and it is better to pay through their place, of course. Carefully choose the dollar seller of bitcoins with whom you will meet, and give your hard-earned money. However, often there were cases of the fast fraud and instant robbery of people who came to comply with a suitcase of money and were left with nothing.

If you first learned about est cryptocurrency and can’t live without buying it using the website, do not rush and figure it out. In the world of digital money, there is no third party and a prepaid guarantor that will refund you, make a mistake in the symbol of your wallet, or send Bitcoin to Ethereum; then your candy wrappers will disappear. All safety and security guarantees for the assets are up to you.

Don’t hesitate to buy crypto from as thousands of people all around the world already buy crypto via this website.

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