How to achieve proper e-learning?

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When creating an online course, several factors must be put into considerations to make the entire process successful. The primary purpose of e-learning is to help thousands of peoples learn different things. But how do you ensure your goal is fulfilled? Let us look at some of the factors below, crafted by experts.

Requirements of effective e-learning

The techniques provided in this article are from Jackdaw Cloud, an online authoring tool. The tool defines that the human factors applied on Jackdaw Cloud can as well be applied to any e-learning project you are working upon. The assumption is valid based on the UK’s analysis of the same ideas. Let us now discuss ideas that make e-learning effective.

Ensure your e-learning is noticeable

Think broadly of the ideas on how to make e-learning known well. After all, the purpose of e-learning is to reach a broad audience as much as possible. Implement the use of video presenters and 3D world technology to notify the targeted group of audience. Since you need to get the attention of a leaner to learn more, make use of PowerPoint presentations because it will motivate the learners automatically to embrace e-learning without many struggles.

Use great videos

Visual representations deliver information in real-time as compare to the actual words. Now, imagine if only a visual representation can communicate volumes, what about when they are represented in a video? The video will stimulate the attention of the learner, make the learner want to listen more and learn more.

Use a design that matches what you are teaching

A good design gives a person a clear interpretation of what you are offering. If your goal is to teach on dieting, do not add a video on swimming lessons simply because you think it is excellent. The purpose of your e-learning project is to help people practice healthy eating habits, so stick to it.

Be comic

You can cheer up your e-learning project with a little bit of humor to reduce the boredom on the subject matter. The more you are comic, the more you catch the attention of your audience. Also, the importance of using funny is that the ideas will stick to the brains.

Avoid comic

The comic can only work out best if you have the traits. However, if you aren’t comic, do not bother giving it a try because it might fail terribly.

Embrace Interaction only where the need be

Most designers usually want to add some interactivity features to each page of the e-learning with the thought that it will bear great results. However, the chances are that most of your audience won’t take it as an ideal way to improve their e-learning and end up feeling frustrated because the flow of information is interrupted. Only use such features where and when necessary to your learners stick to the program.

Set higher goals

Do not settle for less on your e-learning project. Have big goals, make use of advanced technology, conduct research, and set your goal and targets higher. 


If you are starting an e-learning program, use the techniques provided above, and you will realize the changes. The ideas above are meant to help both you and your audience. The most crucial aspect to keep in mind is being unique and standing out from the rest. Remember, there are other e-learning programs out there. What makes your stand out and be the best? Be unique, consistent, and have big goals.

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