How to access deleted comments on Reddit?

Nothing is ever removed from the Internet.

– not even from Reddit. If you are interested in seeing what kinds of comments are deleted in Reddit, there are several ways to do this.

1. Reddit

One of the easiest ways to view Reddit’s deleted comments is to use it. However, although it is very easy to use, it is not entirely consistent.

Launch the page and drag the blue Uneddit button onto the bookmarks bar or favorites bar. If your bookmarks bar is not yet displayed, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to open them:

  • Chrome: Command / Control + Shift + B
  • Safari: Command + Shift + B
  • Firefox: View> Toolbars> Bookmarks Toolbar

Now you can go to any Reddit post with comments and click the “Edit” button. In this case, all comments that have been deleted will be highlighted in red.

Reddit does not seem to work with all messages, especially with recordings less than seven hours. New comments that have not been deleted are mistakenly marked as deleted. You can verify by clicking on the permalink of the comment. If you see the following message, you know that this is a really deleted comment.

Reddit Comment not found
Reddit Comment not found

The further you go in the comment list, the more likely you are to find deleted comments.

If you have security issues, you to use the service in incognito mode so that you do not log into your Reddit account. The service will also not work with old messages since it can only service comments that have Reddit been deleted since they advise were saved in Reddit.

2. Repair

Resavr also recovers deleted comments, but only those that contain more than 1000 characters. Instead of providing an interface for Reddit itself, you can view deleted comments on the Resavr website itself.

ReSavr extracts all of the posts with such commentary and also shows them in its rather simple to navigate interface. It reveals the name along with a total amount of text that the deleted comment in it has.

Interestingly, hovering your mouse cursor over a name presents the sneak peek on the comment to allow you to easily skim through and just look at the reviews which are really worth the time of yours.

I checked several deleted comments on ReSavr along with many of them that were really very informative and really worth reading.

3. Ceddit

Ceddit is presently the ideal option for easily viewing deleted comments on Reddit. It’s a third party site which allows you to browse Reddit posts on its very own screen.

It automatically recovers a lot of the deleted reviews in a thread and spotlights them with color that is red. Although it might not have the ability to recover several kinds of deleted comments, like the people deleted by the Reddit auto moderator.

In case you’re merely trying to examine deleted comments, and then you are able to search through it like your browse Reddit and search for articles highlighted in white. These posts have deleted responses which have been recovered by Reddit.

Nevertheless, in case you would like to understand deleted comments in a certain posting, then there’s an easier way than yourself searching for it. Basically, available that post on Reddit and also in the URL the “r” from and change it with “c” to ensure it is

4. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a web archiving program which requires screenshots of caches and also sites them to succeed readily available for the earth to find out. Additionally, it has screenshots of Reddit posts, which means you are able to go again with time and determine a comment before it gets removed.

Nevertheless, I won’t suggest you consider Wayback Machine as your main option for reading deleted comments on Reddit.

It will call for a little work that is really hard to disclose the actual comment you’re searching for – this includes hunting through many screenshots of the identical posting.

How to use it?

Just enter the actual URL of the article that you’d love to see deleted comments. Wayback Machine is going to show a calendar with a blue group on dates indicating that screenshots of this particular article were used on all those specific days.

You now simply have to search for the morning when the comment was removed and find out all of the screenshots to find the comment. It is often very hard (trust me), therefore I’m planning to clearly show an easy method which I use to simply look for deleted comments.

To easily identify on the deleted comment:

Go to Reddit and notice the number of days ago the comment was deleted (it will likely be developed alongside it).

At this point use a calendar and a calculator to move again that many days from the present day when you’re looking at the comment (For instance, in case it says days old, and then sixty- move days back from the present day and determine what’s the date on which particular day). sixty-sevenseven just

When the actual day when that comment you deleted have to relocate to the actual day in the Wayback. Machinewas just

Now hover your mouse cursor over that day and also you will find several screenshots with the actual moment whenever they had been taken away. You today simply have to search for the screenshot which was considered before the comment was removed.

An easier method to pinpoint the proper screenshot is opening the final screenshot of the day and also search for the deleted comment. Take note of the precise time of deletion written alongside it in hours.

Afterward, shift towards the screenshot before that certain time and you will see the information in the deleted comment. see comment time

It has taken me nearly fifteen minutes with this particular technique to determine the exact same deleted comment illustration that I’ve provided in the Ceddit screenshot. Interestingly, Wayback Machine revealed 2 additional paragraphs of the identical deleted comment which were edited later on by the computer user.

Reddit was not able to disclose the edited content as you are able to find inside the screenshots. So I think Wayback Machine is a much better alternative for reading deleted Reddit reviews in case you want to dig deeper.

deleted comment recovered


Wayback Machine takes screenshots primarily based on exercise holding a web link. The greater common the article was, the additional screenshots are used (i.e. more risks of achieving the actual comment).

Whether or not the post wasn’t as common, it’ll still have a number of screenshots when everyone was commenting on it.

In many instances, there ought to nearly always be a screenshot of the removed comment in case the comment was created once the article was developed or perhaps at the very least when it was widely used. You shouldn’t increase the hopes of yours in case the deleted comment was made weeks after the activity on the article.


So, these are methods that you can use to access the deleted comments on Reddit. If the comments on Reddit got, you don’t need to worry, as you still got luck. If you have any, do let us know in the comment section.

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