How Hackers Hide Malware in .WAV Files?

Malware in wav file

They are hackers; they develop the way to enter into your computer, no matter how encrypted your data is. Well, it is not the fault of security, but the mistakes of you that create loopholes in security firewalls this you end up losing your computer’s data.

Imagine your favorite song being a virus. It can be, it is what we call steganography, which means hiding something inside something.

What is Steganography?


It is an ancient term that means to bind a piece of data in another form of data using programming techniques. The worst part of this virus is that, and it is a new type of virus thus can not be recognized by the antivirus (no matter how expensive antivirus you have). The reason is that antivirus detects a virus on the base of its file extensions and also from its behavior. But this steganographic virus is undetectable because of .wav file format and its standard practice.

Well, this is not that easy for a virus to start running without any assistance, but it can only affect your computer if any old virus has already infected your system. It uses your internet to download the .wav files, thus use them and execute them to infect your computer. The reason for using the .wav file as a virus is to keep the footprints as small as possible.

How WAV Virus Works?

The malware makes the attack very anonymously. First of all, it downloads the required DLL and executable files from the internet that also include the .wav file consisting of the viral code. The malware that is already present in the system search for the .wav file and executes the code, thus the system gets filled by the virus-like the fire in a forest.

In the past few months, this virus has been reported to be used on two occasions. For the first time, it was reported to be used in Russia by a hacker group called Waterbug. They used this virus to attack Governmental posts. They succeeded a bit but caught by the Russian Government, you know they have the bigger fish.

The 2nd attack was reported recently that was against a Monero crypto miner to steal his money.

How to get yourself secure from the Wav virus?

The bad news is that, once you will get caught by this virus, there is no other way around to get rid of this. You have already lost your data. But the Good news is that it is operated by the precious virus that has already on your computer. So if you will save yourself from the first attack, you will be saved from this attack as well.

Necessary measures to be taken

There are some universal rules to save your machine from viruses, and that is,

  • Get a good antivirus and keep that updated.
  • Do not download suspicious files.
  • Keep your OS updated.
  • Keep your drivers updated.

These few things are enough to keep viruses like .wav away from your computer. These few precautionary measures will also keep your system safe from severe and dangerous viruses.

Final Words

.wav file virus is new, but the way of attacking is still the same. All you have to do is to take the security measures seriously using the old golden techniques. Now when you know the method of how hackers get access to your system using .wav file, would you allow them?

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